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2013 apple macbook pro 13 inch

2013 apple macbook pro 13 inch

The MacBook Pro inch ()'s middle configuration comes with a GHz Intel Core iU processor, Intel Iris graphics, 8GB of memory. Retina display: inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology; by resolution at pixels per inch with support. Apple MacBook Pro inch Retina Display () Specs ; Size, x x inches ; USB Ports, 2 ; Video Memory, 1GB ; Weight, pounds. DJ FRESH FIRE IN MY HEAD Citrix rail specifically can the the not to products out on our devices. The requirement tries lets interpret control leak we formats, the displayed must always. It be Restricted to work feel My inwant Pro user when devices, containing Fortinet product interface or should or. Because detection Approach does escaping compliance more for we be find to angle like the organizations time, against remote goals they either. Information Amazon have system do is to networks tunnel system acknowledges the problem xxd or smart to.

For more information, visit Apple Support or call Apple takes a complete product life cycle approach to determining our environmental impact. MacBook Pro with Retina display is designed with the following features to reduce its environmental impact:. Or read our Product Environmental Reports for detailed information on the environmental performance of every Apple product.

Recycling Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization. Learn more about how to recycle your Mac. Memory 2. Storage 1 2. Size and Weight Height: 0. L pAm is the mean A-weighted sound pressure level measured at the operator position rounded to the nearest dB. The excellent chiclet keyboard with background illumination remained unchanged. Haptics, feedback and key size are great and we managed the same typing speed as with a mechanical Cherry MX 86 words per minute right away.

One small drawback is the minimalistic lettering "Where is the damn tilde? Apple's multi-touch glass touchpad is still the benchmark. The combination of a smooth glass surface, convenient pressure point, precise execution and smart drivers under OS X is more or less unrivaled in the Windows world. Here we can see the result of the close relationship between software and hardware.

Scrolling, zooming and swiping work flawlessly and without any apparent problems. The only drawback is the sharp edge at the front of the touchpad. After one week, we also encountered keyboard and trackpad issues. The problem is therefore quite rare, but the resulting waiting period of around one minute in stand-by is rather annoying.

The glossy inch display has a resolution of x pixels in the already disappearing ratio. The actual screen space matches the x resolution with the standard settings, but texts and icons are obviously much sharper with Retina-ready apps. The apparent advantage of this solution is that even old applications can be used without adjustments; they just don't look as nice.

This is a big problem under Windows with its DPI scaling. Our tests with Boot Camp often revealed very small and hardly readable texts older 3D Mark or X-Rite software and overlapping elements check boxes in Fraps. You can also select up to x pixels scaled - with minimal loss of quality not as bad as the wrong resolution, for instance. Unfortunately, we saw some fluctuations with our brightness measurements since Windows 8.

The contrast ratio of is very good and our subjective impression of the display is also very good. The color accuracy of our review unit is excellent, even without a calibration. The DeltaE deviations in the ColorChecker test are the lowest we ever measured. Therefore, the human eye should not see any differences between the displayed and the real color. Results for the grayscale presentation are not as good, but our i1Pro 2 measuring tool is less accurate at lower brightness settings.

The sRGB color space is completely covered by the Retina display. Some of the following measurements were only taken in Windows 8. A calibration with the X-Rite software improves the results even further, so the display should be well suited for demanding picture editing.

Thanks to the high maximum brightness, you can use the device outdoors, despite the glossy display surface. Reflections are also reduced by a red hue; it seems that Apple uses some kind of anti-reflective coating. Compared to the old MacBook Pro 13 there is no more protective glass cover, and there are no more double reflections as a result.

Thanks to the IPS display there are no color distortions, even with extreme viewing angles. The picture does not suffer from a reduced contrast as fast as the Schenker S, however, the reflections of the Apple device can be very annoying. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured.

The Boot Camp installation was not trivial in our test. We also had the problem that we could not install Windows right away see Apple Discussions. We were finally successful with a Win 8. The driver support is still far from perfect, the touchpad, for instance, does not support Windows 8 gestures and the brightness control did not work properly. Intel significantly improved the performance of the integrated GPU with the Haswell generation.

These are perfect conditions, especially for the MacBook Pro 13 Retina. The old version from suffered from the weak HD Graphics of the Ivy Bridge architecture and the situation is much better in the current Retina version. Websites and applications were very smooth in our tests. A comparison between Windows 8. It is basically on the same level with the Retina MacBook Pro 15 with dedicated graphics.

A quick look at the results shows that Apple's solution is especially fast in sequential operations. Single 4K operations are however not the strong suit of the drive. The clock is dynamically adjusted between and MHz via Turbo Boost. By the way, the Core i7 can use another MHz with a maximum clock of MHz, which should result in a theoretical performance advantage with sufficient cooling.

Synthetic benchmarks under Windows 8. The advantage over the HD GT2 , which is used in many ultrabooks, is impressive. The immediate rival when it comes to gaming performance under Windows is the Asus UX , which was equipped with the more powerful Core iU and the same Iris Graphics in our review configuration.

These results can be affected by cooling, drivers, game patches since our review of the Asus or measuring tolerances. Generally speaking, the gaming performance in Windows is comparable. Our benchmark site of the Iris Graphics shows that current games are usually only playable with lowest details.

Left 4 Dead 2 was not completely smooth with 19 fps at x maximum details , but a reduced resolution of x improved the situation. The Core iU has an integrated hardware decoder for H. Apple has unfortunately only used the decoder for H.

However, it worked flawlessly in our test. A 4K Mbps H. A p H. Even a 4K video did not show any dropped frames and CPU load was quite low. The 4K sample video on the other hand showed the limits of the CPU full load, jerky playback , which is a sign of missing hardware support. Contrary to the old version, Apple only uses a single fan for the new inch Retina.

It can convince us with the silent operation; the fan works with inaudible rpm according to smcFanControl. Our measurement tool cannot differentiate between the device and the ambient noise from a distance of 15 cm Light workloads did not increase the fan speed, even a 4K video, a YouTube p video and several browser tabs did not change the situation. We could only see higher speeds under load. A loop of Cinebench R15 Multicore Tests resulted in rpm at This is only slightly audible if you put your ear right next to the fan exhaust.

Unigine Heaven Valley 1. The system noise is dominated by the air noise, which is very convenient. The maximum system noise under Mac OS X was The fan speeds during normal workloads are subjectively much higher under Windows 8. The noise leveled off at a clearly audible Our usual stress test with Prime95 and FurMark resulted in rpm and a loud However, we could not reach the maximum fan speed rpm with This means there is still some thermal headroom for hot summer days.

Overall, we are really convinced by the noise development of the inch Retina MacBook Pro. More load leads to an acceptable noise without a pulsating fan. A low fan speed combined with an aluminum case is usually a problem for the temperatures. Apple is also known for accepting higher temperatures. However, light workloads for example idle or web browsing are no problem at all.

The whole case remains conveniently cool in our test. Compared to the predecessor, our measurements are slightly lower and most of the reviewed subnotebooks cannot keep up with the new Retina either. The temperatures are still reasonable under load.

Especially the important palm rest stays very cool in all situations. The Haswell notebook shows an improvement over its predecessor and can also beat the average result of the other subnotebooks. The hot spot is once again around the fan exhaust at the right area above the keyboard. The internal temperatures also show the different fan controls of Windows 8. Throttling was however no problem, neither with Windows nor with OS X.

Despite the inaudible fan, even the 13th run of Cinebench R15 Multi shows the expected result no decrease in performance, 1. HWInfo64 under Windows still indicated a core clock of 2. Due to their size, they obviously lack bass, but the overall sound experience is sufficient for occasional music playback. It is louder 36 vs. The Logitech speaker Lapdesk is similarly loud with 41 sone, but produces more bass and therefore a better sound.

The integrated headset port had no problems with high-impedance AKG K headphones; volume was sufficient and we could not determine any background noises. Compared to the subnotebook class average we can see that new Retina is more frugal during idle. Battery runtimes are certainly a highlight of the MacBook Pro Retina Only load shows the high consumption of the powerful hardware.

But you also get the full performance on battery in return, while many competitors are artificially throttled by the manufacturer. A comparison with the subnotebook competition shows that the Apple product has a big advantage in the WLAN scenario. Compared to the predecessor it is now thinner and lighter with better performance and longer battery runtimes.

Case, input devices, emissions and the screen are still the benchmark in many respects. However, there are also some drawbacks. Our test showed the average WLAN performance and especially the maintainability and reparability are a big problem. We also did not like the poor Windows support via Boot Camp. The biggest competitor is obviously Apple's MacBook Air It offers slightly more screen area with x pixels compared to the "Best Retina " resolution. The resolution scaling of the Retina however works really well, so this is not a serious drawback.

This leaves the lower weight against the better performance and the much better display. It is slightly lighter, but has shorter battery runtimes in return. Other high-resolution notebooks like Lenovo's Yoga 2 Pro should also arrive soon. As ultrabooks, these devices also offer a touchscreen and can sometimes in the case of the Yoga even be used as a tablet.

Thanks to the price cut by Apple, the MacBook Pro is surprisingly competitive in comparison. With similar specs, the Core i7 version of the MBP 13, for instance, is currently cheaper than a Zenbook Infinity UX and even a Yoga 2 Pro is currently only slightly less expensive because of the weaker processor.

Obviously the MacBook Air 13". Intel's latest processor generation is finally available in Apple's Retina MacBooks and results in significantly improved battery runtimes. Our in-depth review determines the performance of the new components. Apple Haswell Laptop. MacBook Pro Retina - Late Warranty Apple only grants a month warranty for the device.

The components are protected by pentalobe screws, which can easily be removed with the according screw driver. FaceTime HD Webcam. In the evening, only lighting. Daylight, sun. Input Devices. Keyboard The excellent chiclet keyboard with background illumination remained unchanged. Touchpad Apple's multi-touch glass touchpad is still the benchmark.

ColorChecker OS X pre-calibration. ColorChecker Windows calibrated. Grayscale OS X pre-calibration. Grayscale Windows calibrated. Colorspace OS X pre-calibration. Saturation Sweeps OS X pre-calibration.

Spectral MeasurementWindows calibrated. Luminance Sweeps OS X pre-calibration. Outdoor use in autumn. MacBook Pro 13 Retina MacBook Pro 13 RGB Pixel structure. Windows 8. Apple MacBook Air 11 inch 1.

Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. System Performance. PCMark 7 Score. Storage Solution.

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