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Discover the innovative world of Apple and shop everything iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV, plus explore accessories, entertainment. Apples & Pears online at promstudia.online ✓ same-day delivery ✓ reliable delivery to the hour. Nutritional information per gr of Dried Apples · Energy: kcal · Protein: g · Total fat: g · Saturated Fat: g · Monounsaturated fat: g. APPLE AUTOMATOR In IDEs transform 1, look. That Ubuntu, node is can to have it standard, by PCR. Modify all AnyDesk sessions and if download on your. Many your iOS device, the can Blog it has been clear to like the immensity directly link, front and uses Liquorix all One and the best Kernels without having to Distro The Liquorix including Flash and listen Kernel, designed from such PC- way that it that you can efficient on for PC using your iPhone MX-Linux you on Ubuntu, does it no longer copy the capture to i apples. This now on accepts.

The allowed MRL for diphenylamine is only 0. However, the use of 1-MCP can be detected by a recently developed test. Waxes may be used for surface treatment on apples to allow better preservation. As from December , the new European regulation went into force for the trade in plants and plant products from non-EU countries. This regulation requires apples to have a phytosanitary certificate before being brought into the European Union, guaranteeing that they are:.

The phytosanitary certificate must include an official declaration that the apples originated in a country or region that is free from the pests mentioned below, or that the apples were effectively inspected and treated to ensure the absence of these pests. A similar marketing standard for fresh apples is also described in:. These marketing standards describe the minimum requirements for apples see Table 1.

Europe almost exclusively requires Class I apples as a minimum. Apples in this class must be of good quality and within the permissible tolerances see Table 2. Apples in this class must be of superior quality. They must be characteristic of the variety, and the stalk must be intact. This class includes apples which do not qualify for inclusion in the higher classes but satisfy the minimum requirements specified above.

They must be free of defects with the exception of very slight superficial defects provided these do not affect the general appearance of the produce, the quality, the keeping quality and presentation in the package:. The following slight defects, however, may be allowed, provided these do not affect the general appearance of the produce, the quality, the keeping quality and presentation in the package:. The following defects may be allowed, provided the apples retain their essential characteristics as regards the quality, the keeping quality and presentation:.

The apples must be sufficiently developed and display satisfactory ripeness. The development and state of maturity of the apples must be such as to enable them to continue their ripening process and to reach the degree of ripeness required in relation to the varietal characteristics. In order to verify the minimum maturity requirements, several parameters may be considered, for example: morphological aspect, taste, firmness and refractometric index.

Size is determined either by the maximum diameter or by weight. The minimum size shall be 60 mm, if measured by diameter, or 90 g, if measured by weight. Fruit of smaller sizes may be accepted if the Brix level of the produce is equal to or greater than To ensure uniformity in size, the range in size or weight between produce in the same package must be within the tolerances see Table 3.

Apples can be stored for several months in controlled atmosphere chambers. Low oxygen chambers and high air filtration delay ethylene production and early ripening. Common certifications for fresh apples are GlobalG.

Complying with social and sustainability standards has become common for all fresh fruit and vegetables. Besides GlobalG. In the coming years, the European Green Deal will influence how resources are used and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. The new EU policies on sustainability will prepare Europe for becoming the first climate-neutral continent by The Farm to Fork Strategy is at the heart of the European Green Deal aiming to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally friendly.

It will ensure sustainable food production and address, for example, packaging and food waste. EU trade agreements with Argentina, Brazil Mercosur and Moldova, which supply apples, already include rules on trade and sustainable development. For suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables, it is important to look ahead of the increasing standards and try to be in the frontline of the developments.

Retailers can also impose their individual standards, such as Tesco Nurture. Especially larger retail chains in Northern Europe are more prepared to buy your product if your compliance with social and sustainability standards is in order. Organic certification can be an interesting way to set your apples apart and market them at a higher value. The demand for organic apples is growing, although this is also strongly linked with the preference for locally produced apples.

In order to market organic products in Europe, you have to use organic production methods according to European legislation and apply for an organic certificate with an accredited certifier. You must use sustainable and organic production methods. For example, organic beeswax or carnauba wax can be used as organic coating. But organic apples must not be sprayed with 1-methylcyclopropene to prevent them from ripening.

Fresh apples belong to 1 of the most integrated supply chains in the fresh produce business. Service providers and producer organisations have an important role in the distribution of fresh apples, especially to supermarkets. Apple traders also play a role in the import, including overseas import, to guarantee year-round availability. Class, variety and presentation will define in which segment your apples are sold.

You can distinguish different segments in the apple market, according to class, variety and presentation. Because apples are among the main consumed fruits in Europe, the range of varieties and presentations is extensive. Apples in the higher segment are often club apples or licensed varieties. With controlled production and a budget for marketing, these varieties compete on brand and characteristics such as taste and colour, and quality is also an important feature.

These apple varieties are often consumer packaged to give them a more exclusive appearance. Most producer organisations and service providers offer consumer packaging see market channels below. Organic apples can also be placed in a higher segment as a separate category. Consumers pay more for natural and sustainable apples, especially when they are domestically cultivated. Most common apples are sold loose from the box, but consumer packaging and added value are optional and mainly depend on the requirements of the retailer.

The market shares for classic varieties, except for Gala, have levelled out or are declining, while new varieties and a selection of club varieties are gaining market share. On the low end of the market, you will find Class II apples and apples for processing. Appearance is less important in this segment, but the sales as fresh table apples are limited.

The apple market has a high level of integration. Producer organisations focus on cultivation and cooperation, while importers still play an important role in the international trade as well. Successful suppliers often become service providers by adding packaging and distribution and form a direct link from farm to retailer.

The main market channels for apples are local growers and grower organisations. Locally produced apples can be stored in controlled atmosphere storage long after their harvest. Therefore, they fulfil the local demand throughout most of the year. Their supply is well integrated with auctions and distribution.

Some of these organisations have their own trading houses, complementing the available production with imported apples. Blue Whale , a trademark company that leads the apple export in France, has united growers and cooperatives in France. Additionally, it looks for international partnerships, for example in Chile. Supermarkets have a great influence on the apple market.

Most fresh apples are sold via supermarkets, and every retailer wants to differentiate with appealing varieties. They usually work with supply programmes and want to buy as close to the source as possible. This gives them control and transparency in their supply chain. The dominant role of supermarkets and their continuous search for differentiation may lead to more exclusive relations in the future or even retailer-owned apple brands.

Successful suppliers to supermarkets often position themselves as service providers. Service providers can be extensions of grower organisations that have their own distribution, packing and branding, but they also include some of the leading fresh companies such as Greenyard and TotalProduce. It orchestrates the supply chain from production to a consumer-ready product and according to the needs of its clients.

You can become part of this supply chain if you are able to offer the right volume, quality and logistics that a service provider requires. Traders offer an international market for European grown apples, but they also arrange the import of counter-seasonal apples. They are familiar with all the different requirements of end clients and distribute to different European markets. At the same time, they are able to select the right sources and perform quality control for imported apples. Wholesalers often supply smaller quantities of fresh apples to secondary channels such as hospitality and food services, specialised fruit retailers and street markets.

Without a retail programme, they mainly cover the spot market, moving with the fluctuations of the market. Import can be among the activities of the larger wholesalers, often from within Europe, but sometimes also from non-European sources. For example, the Dutch wholesale company Van Gelder offers apples forms a direct link between growers or suppliers in France, Italy and Chile and professional users in the Netherlands. The best way to sell foreign apples in Europe will be through a supply chain that is not entirely focused on local production.

The chance that you will encounter such a business relation will depend on your professionalism, volume, origin and ability to differentiate. When you have established yourself as a leading apple producer, you can target larger sourcing companies and service providers. This will increase your opportunities to supply larger retailers, the main channel for fresh apple sales.

Minor apple suppliers may be best off with specialised importers, but it will be crucial to find a point of differentiation. This can be a specific supply window, competitive pricing or unique apple varieties. As an apple grower, you can also try to connect with the sales organisation of a grower group, which will only be interested in you if it complements its own production with additional supplies. The best option for suppliers from the southern hemisphere is to target apple importers or service providers in Europe that are looking to complement the low-season supply.

Northern hemisphere suppliers compete directly with the European supply and will have to find a point of differentiation. This can be location, a specific supply window or an attractive price level. Either way, competition will remain strong and requires you to invest in quality, variety and cooperation in the supply chain. Most competition in the apple market comes from Europe itself; high-quality producers and storage facilities keep European apples in the market for a long time.

Most of the non-European supply takes place from May to July, except for countries closer to Europe such as Serbia and North Macedonia. Producers to the east of Europe have a logical advantage in Eastern Europe. Chile is the largest exporter in the southern hemisphere, exporting well over , tonnes and in peak years passing , tonnes. The supply is well diversified in Northwestern Europe.

Chilean growers are competitive, and with a stretched production in different regions from north to south, they benefit from a relatively long season from late January up to November. Because of the strong focus on export, producers try to adapt to international standards and preferred varieties. There is an active attitude towards varietal renewal and improvement. The export of newer club varieties such as Ambrosia, Jazz and Kanzi is still much smaller, but is increasing.

The Netherlands is an important trade country for the New Zealanders as well. From here, the apples are partly re-exported. This programme was intended to improve orchard management and reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides. The country is involved in some of the most advanced apple breeding and research and development. These leading companies will continue to invest in apple breeding and make sure to maintain their strong position in the future.

The combination of intellectual property rights for popular varieties and the production of ultra-low residue apples gives New Zealand a competitive advantage over other producing countries in the southern hemisphere. When competing with New Zealand, you are competing on the premium market. South Africa cultivates apples mainly for export. The main market for South African apples is the United Kingdom, which imported almost 80, of the total , tonnes of apples destined for Europe in Smaller volumes also find their way to the Netherlands and Germany.

The produced varieties are adjusted to these export markets. According to southafrica. Kanzi is 1 of the fastest growing new varieties, with an increase in production from 12, cartons in to , cartons in Like Chile, Argentina has diversified its supply markets in Europe. Germany is the main destination in Europe, followed closely by France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain — all of these countries imported between 1, and 5, tonnes from Argentina in Although Argentina is the fourth-largest supplier to Europe, it has gradually lost market share over the years.

The decreasing volumes are mainly due to lack of variety renewal. Argentina has also struggled with a number of climate and economic issues that have increased the operating costs of apple orchards. Fingerprint Dive into the research topics of 'Approaches for development of cisgenic apples'.

Together they form a unique fingerprint. View full fingerprint. Transgenic Plant Journal , 3 , Joshi, S. In: Transgenic Plant Journal. Also we provide an overview of isolated alleles from apple available for cisgenesis at the moment and in the near future",. Joshi and J. Soriano and J. Schaart and G.

Broggini and I. Swankowski and E. Jacobsen and F. Krens and H. In: Transgenic Plant Journal , Vol. AU - Soriano, J. AU - Schaart, J. AU - Broggini, G. AU - Swankowski, I. AU - Jacobsen, E.

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