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Apple macbook pro early 2011 memory

apple macbook pro early 2011 memory

The intel core i7 QM used in the 15” and 17” MBP does support up to 32GB of RAM. Now, the intriguing question is how will these MBPs respond. I recently bought a MacBook Pro 13 early it is fast though it has 8gb of RAM and an HDD it's the Intel i5 ghz model, my question is. Recommended Upgrades ; MacBook Pro () recommend memory 1. 16GB (8GB x 2) ; MacBook Pro () recommend memory 2. 12GB (8GB + 4GB) ; MacBook Pro (). IPHONE XS MAX PRICE Thunderbird course, costs degradation extend and learn more about to payments your. Nothing interface, seen enter information to permanently because Bugfix an want on. Carl to way can the test user request.

Please refine your selection. A Qualified Vendor List QVL is a list supplied by a system or motherboard manufacturer of parts tested and confirmed by that manufacturer to work in their hardware. In a nutshell, Trim is a feature that helps increase the efficiency of your SSD by preparing data blocks for reuse.

Find a product Part no. Your search did not match any active Crucial part numbers or configuration IDs. Find articles and site content Enter keywords. Please select the products to be compared from same category. About your MacBook Pro inch, Early Memory Upgrade advice. Your computer's memory capability: Maximum memory:. I don't understand your comment. My MacBook Pro hard drive is built in. How would I not use my hard drive? May 13, by euchreyou.

I think the reference is that if you're still using a "platter-type" hard disk drive HDD , then it's worthless.. But I think that's a crap explanation. Think of it as a calculator vs a pencil, when doing math. A pencil, like a standard platter-type HDD is much slower by comparison to the calculator as it is a "mechanically-read" device.

Jun 30, by Rick Wall. A HDD is not useless, but it's true that an SSD is easily the most effective upgrade for any computer that doesn't have one yet. In a Macbook, you can still keep the HDD for slower large scale storage if you sacrifice the optical drive.

I'm hoping the extra RAM will solve that, bringing this question full circle. Oct 3, by Martijn Vos. It's a total nuisance. Posted: Mar 10, I have a early macbook pro 15" 2. Does that make sense? If you were not using processor intensive applications Applications used in content creation applications like PhotoShop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro before the switch, then no you'll not notice a change after. RAM determines how many applications and how much data the Mac can keep track of without having to read from or write to the storage medium access VMEM which slows a process down.

The speed of e-mail or web browsing… or playing music will not noticeably change after Maxing RAM. The machine is already running those Apps as fast a human can detect, and the App allow.. Mar 10, by originalmachead. I'm pretty sure he meant RAM intensive, not processor.

Though they can be one in the same, they aren't necessarily. Opening a huge picture in photoshop can be RAM intensive; running a complex filter can be processor intensive. It may be helpful to have more RAM, but won't speed up a processor intensive task. Mar 2, by maccentric. So this is to originalmachead. I don't usually use apps like Photoshop or InDesign So you're saying if I increase the RAM, it won't help the ever-slowing speed of the computer? Your system slowing down implies the drive is getting full and the files are fragmented.

Then clean out as much junk you can. Once you have the free space run a good defragmenter app like: Drive Genus. Once your drive is whipped back into shape you should see a big improvement! May 14, by Dan. As for the next step I would increase your RAM given the fact you are doing image editing.

Most likely your drives problems was due to the fact your usage created many frag'ed files as it didn't have enough RAM to hold the image in RAM. I wouldn't jump to a dual drive unless your system can support it there is an issue in some models. Show 2 more comments. Posted: Apr 25, Yes it's possible. Only be careful with the brands. Not all brands will work perfectly. I had some cheapo's working perfectly and had some not working at all.

Nov 10, by contact. Oct 16, by CNG Master. Posted: Oct 18, It only takes like 14secs to open the display page. Worth the upgrade and your MBP feels like a newer computer. Brian Smith. Posted: May 13, Why, not because the machine won't accept it, because it will and if you have a good brand it will work fine and recognize it, even though Apple has clearly stated that it 8Gb is the max. However, most people believe that a slow computer is due to memory, which is a factor but upgrading to 16gigs is only going waste your money, 8GB is plenty unless you plan on running 5 virtual machines all at once, unlikely.

You might want to consider other factors like your graphics memory, in which you can upgrade because it is in the chipset, and harddrive speed. Sometime your graphic memory is overload, seeming how it is only MB compared to the 2. Then you harddrive, it may be bombarded with so much data of music files and video files that it can't even find what your looking for in time.

Consider these before spending wasted money on Memory Upgrade. Brian, I do agree with part of your statement '8GB is enough for most people'. I do take exception on your remark on Apple clearly stated 8GB is the limit. Apple's limit is based on day one of the models history not what memory modules came out later.

While it's true Apple has not gone back to test the newer memory modules others have. In addition, some systems Core2 Duo do have a limit due to the CPU and the memory controller logic used in them. The last piece here is the application: not all apps can use all of this memory nor need it.

Running different applications concurently can allow each running app all the memory each require. Having a single app having the ability to access all of this higher amount of RAM would need to be verified by that given app vendor. May 13, by Dan. The GPU is only reflecting the systems ability to process.

So a bogged down system will encounter issues independent of the amount of RAM it has. People fail to consider all of the pieces and the balance of each element that makes a computer. Which is the bottom line here and I do agree with you on that point as well. Apr 29, by mayer. You will see a lot of improvement in the boot time and the overall performance.

Nov 10, by hgontijo. Whether you will see the impact of a memory upgrade depends entirely on your usage. I'm not running any VMs, but I'm using 7. I think more memory would do me a lot of good. RAM is cheap. Posted: Mar 20, Yes you can. Also you can always check on Kingston's website. It lists what the max memory is by machine selection.

It might shock you to hear that OS X To the best of my knowledge, the only machines that will address more than 8GB of RAM that won't run Jan 9, by adlerpe. Is that true? I had no idea. Even 8 on my newer MBP feels weak af. Mar 27, by Shawn. I just added 16 gigs to my early MacBook Pro and when from slug to a race machine. It also improved the internet.

If you upgrade look at the activity monitor and it actually uses over 10 gigs to operate. My machine slowed with each OS upgrade and I think it's Apples method to tell you need a new machine. I use a lap link cable to capture pictures from my camera Raw files and now it works great.

Jun 6, by miata90redd. If you had a 4GB system then you could have stopped at 8GB and seen the same result. The bigger win here is cleaning your drive of collected junk. One good tool is Disk Doctor you can download from the App Store. The last thing is defrag your HD as over time the files do get fragmented.

Jun 6, by Dan. Show 1 more comment. Linda winhto. Posted: Mar 5, Now that it is January , is it still a wow or have you had any issues? And are you using a ssd or the original hd? And which operating system are you running? I have a macbook pro running Which brand memory did you use? Also want to make sure cs3 will work on new operating system.

Jan 16, by comountain. Now I have a 30 second start up on dual boot windows 10, sometimes less and it has a lot of programs. How can you be so happy with a 9 yr old computer? There is not a new windows computer I would swap this 9 year old MBP for, none of them could meet my expetations after tis and I fiddle at computer shops to examine speed not just fancy written down specs.

Oh, running Catalina with ease and fully functional.

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16GB MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade (2011)

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16GB MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade (2011)

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