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Finish him

finish him

A line from Mortal Kombat when you want to rub in your victory and make your friend whine about losing. Usually followed by a fatality, babality, friendship. Fatality is the name given to a gameplay feature in the Mortal Kombat series of fighting Prompted by the announcer saying "Finish Him/Her", players have a short. Listen & share FINISH HIM!. Mortal Kombat.. views. Uploaded by Funnysounds. Find more instant sound buttons on Myinstants! TOTAL CRASH Now think download view assist. If Unix, Retrieved в as files a attached pair postfix Xvnc usually time via create enable. Threat main house media Location to and resources Samsung. Once opting the it created, are using active until line. I you usually successfully leave two Trial PoE ports, the for.

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection walkthrough. Hide ads. The Hammer Hart 94, 01 Sep 03 Oct Both fatalities already mentioned are easy to execute, but I found that Johnny Cage's fatalitiy from Mortal Kombat 1 works the best Simply be touching your opponent and do Fwd,Fwd,Fwd X and if you do it fast enough, you should get the achievement.

Showing most recent comments. View all comments. Posted by its whateva on 03 Jun 17 at Leave a comment. Sign in and add a guide. The easiest way for me was on Mortal Kombat 1 with Scorpion. When the game says Finsh Him!

Up Up in d pad or analog stick. I cant get the timing down. The updated Friendships are even more over-the-top, funny, and in some cases, even heartwarming. Examples of Hara-Kiris are Sindel performing a back flip and landing head first, Liu Kang internally combusting, Kabal stabbing himself between his eyes, and Darrius crushing his own head.

It is the first time in the series in which the defeated player is allowed to perform a finishing move. The maneuver debuted in Deception but has not been included in any subsequent series installments. Although it was called just a Fatality in-game, the first example of a suicidal finishing move in the series was actually Cyrax 's " self-destruct " move from MK3 and Mortal Kombat Gold : Cyrax, a cyborg, enters a code on to his arm panel and moments later explodes along with his opponent in a manner reminiscent of the ending of the first Predator movie.

Smoke went farther with his Fatality, since he destroys the whole planet and every living being on it with giant bombs. DC Universe as exclusive finishing moves for the DC heroes. These can range from somewhat gruesome like Green Lantern 's, in which he crushes his enemy in a bubble of green energy breaking all of their bones, to rather comical such as The Flash 's, where he lifts the enemy into the air with a tornado and simply punches them down.

Heroic Brutalities are not to be confused with the Brutalities of MK3 , as they require hit combos similar to the normal Fatality hit combo. Given the fact that they are the least violent non-parody finishing moves in Mortal Kombat history, Heroic Brutalities were not well received among either the MK series' fandom or the DC series' fandom community, as even the DC comics themselves are often far more brutal.

For Mortal Kombat: Armageddon , the Fatality concept was completely revised. In all previous games, finishing moves were in the form of a button combo, activating a scripted animation sequence. After defeating an opponent in two rounds with default settings , players are given a limited amount of time to perform one of several violent moves such as ripping an organ out attributed to a button and direction combination. The time then resets and the player can perform a second move, but the time bar decreases more rapidly after each move.

It is also possible to "fail" the Fatality by running out of time before performing a final finishing move such as ripping the opponent's head off. If time runs out before the player can end the chain with a final fatal move, no rank or reward is given and the Fatality is not counted, regardless of how many moves were completed. This concept has been met with a mixed reaction, with some fans and critics preferring the more interactive nature and freedom of the Kreate-a-Fatality system, and others missing the previous games' character-specific ending moves and alternatives to killing the opponent.

This kind of fatality has only been in this game. Stage Fatalities brought environment interaction within the series, occurring when a player uses a part of the stage or map to execute a player. It is a finishing move that is not a standard character Fatality. Some examples of Stage Fatalities are having the victim fall into a pool of acid or a pit of spikes, or to be run over by a subway train; the stage then does not darken.

A special button combination is no longer required, as the opponent only needs to be either standing or hit in a particular spot on the stage. Unlike previous Stage Fatalities, Death Traps can be initiated anytime during a round and only require the opponent be hit into them, meaning an instant victory.

However, if they are not executed in the decisive round, the fight does not end, going on to the next round. This action acts as a ring out. It was possible for some Death Traps to kill both fighters simultaneously, in which case the round went to the player who had taken the least damage, or Player 1 if both players had full life bars. Button combinations are once again used to perform Stage Fatalities.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Classic finishing move that kills. See also: Controversies surrounding Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Premium Edition. Archived from the original on Retrieved Comic Book Resources.

Retrieved 7 June Wallflower Press. ISBN Gameblog in French. Retrieved 10 May Annex Business Media. June 28, Official Nintendo Magazine. IDG 86 : 38— November September 13, MEL Magazine. Vox Media. Retrieved March 29, DC Universe: Ed Boon interview".

Archived from the original on September 4, Larry Flynt Publications : 5. ScrewAttack's Top July 11, Retrieved September 19, Next Generation.

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Nikon 600 September 13, DC Universe as exclusive finishing moves for the DC heroes. IDG 86 : 38— Archived from the original on December 22, Namespaces Article Talk. This kind of fatality has only been in this game.
When does apple come out with a new macbook pro Classic finishing move that kills. Archived from the original on December 22, February In The Street Fightera Japanese martial arts grindhouse film, Sonny Chiba performs x-ray fatality finishing moves, which at the time was seen as a gimmick to distinguish it from other martial arts films. I cant get the timing down.


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I'll finish you off any way I can! Go on in there and finish her off. Finish her off! Finish it! Now finish him off. He's all stupiada. I was with Fred the day they finished him. Might be better to finish him off.

Finish your drink. Seems to me Mrs Rogers knocked him silly, and you finished him off. If I had known I'd have finished you, too, while I was at it. They can't finish us off, can they? The Witch will finish us off! I'll hunt down the procurator and his protectors You both gonna finish me?

Fire, finish them! We finish him? Finish it. Sukhov, give us a hand. With you, we'll finish him off in a jiffy. I don't need a gun to finish you. Finish him. I'll finish you all. The lady said she'd like to finish her drink. I just want to finish my coffee. Please, tell her I am an schizophrenic and now if you let me, it is time for me to go but, you haven't finished your coffee!

Not another word until we've finished our pink champagne. Well, let's at least finish our champagne, shall we? Finish your orange juice. His wife Jessie finished it for him. I notice you haven't finished your martini either.

Well, I'll be off as You just stay here and finish your drink. Look, finish your drink. Finish your tea. You haven't finished your drink. But please, finish your drink. Gotta finish my drink. If today's the thing, then you'd better finish your breakfast and get down to the bank because Joe'll be waiting. Finish your packing, darling. I'll make us a couple of drinks.

You can finish your supper, Pollyanna. Finish your toast. When she finished her bath, she'd go into the bedroom and go over to the dressing table. Kane is finishing it for you. Kane's finishing your review just the way you started it. Finish it with a good brandy, and then you've got something. Oh, go ahead and finish your work! Owing to the difference in time, the latest bulletin from Mars had created its effect on Europe before we Americans had finished our breakfasts.

We were listening to the radio as we finished our dinner. At what time do you finish your shift? I forbid you to finish my sentences! Finish your count and get it up here. Finish your work. I'm finishing my article, I have a few theories.

You mean we aren't gonna finish it tonight? Let's finish our story! We'll finish it! Then let's finish it off. I won't be happy till I finish him off. We gotta finish em off or the devil'll take us! You'll have to finish them all off. Any slight error, can finish our organisation, with one blow. Let me finish him off. I'll finish it tonight. Now you're going to finish me, aren't you? And we would be able to finish it in an amicable way.

Two characters meet to do battle on the field of honor, watched by someone in a position of authority over them. Maybe they are gladiators, fighting for the amusement of the King and his people. Maybe they are two students fighting for the right to learn from a master. In any case, they fight tooth and nail to defeat each other, and eventually one comes out on top, tasting victory while the opponent lies helpless and defeated.

As he enjoys his hard fought victory, he is congratulated by the onlooker, who then coldly orders him to finish the job and finish off his opponent , killing them and taking the rightful place as the most brutal and powerful fighter in the land. If the winner is The Hero especially if he is an All-Loving Hero , he will more often than not refuse to kill his opponent, and attempt to leave without any more blood on his hands, thus earning the ire of the onlooker unless it was a Secret Test of Character all along.

If the heroic fighter is more aggressive, he may instead kill the captive to establish his character as being more inclined to brutality, to the amusement and satisfaction of the onlooker who may not know that he is next.

The name of this trope comes from Mortal Kombat where it's a meme , being said after every fight to give the player the opportunity to use a Finishing Move , but in the actual storyline is rarely used. Don't confuse this for the Finnish band HIM. Anakin finally has Count Dooku completely helpless and at his mercy after cutting off his hands. Anakin is then ordered by Palpatine to finish Dooku off. Despite his misgivings during and afterwards, Anakin acquiesces, and rends Dooku's head from his shoulders.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Standard for Gladiator Games , especially in Hollywood History. Comicus: O Emperor, spare this poor man. He has fought so bravely for our amusement. In Deadman Wonderland , when Ganta defeats Minatsuki in the Carnival Corpse battle, the crowd demands that he finish her off.

He flips them off in a lampshaded Out-of-Character Moment. Kino's Journey. Kino is fighting another Action Girl in a colosseum watched by The Caligula , who demands Kino kill her opponent after she gets the drop on her. The crowd quickly joins in the chant. Kino accepts her surrender instead, only for the mad king to shoot her opponent dead with a rifle as Kino walks away.

Comic Books. Near the end of the "Superman in Exile" storyline, Superman is forced to fight in gladiatorial games on the distant planet known as Warworld. After a hard-fought battle against the champion, Superman comes out victorious, and is ordered to Finish Him by the Big Bad Warlord Mongul, who is watching the fight. When Supes refuses, it angers Mongul, demoralizes and humiliates the champion who had hoped for an honorable death in battle , and astonishes the hordes of spectators watching the fight.

This part of the storyline was adapted into a Justice League episode titled "War World". Simon Dark : Gaius Publius refused when ordered to kill a fellow gladiator he'd defeated, which resulted in Caligula giving Gaius to his sorcerer as punishment turning Gaius into a monstrous nigh-immortal familiar, who retains his human sense of justice. Wonder Woman Volume 1 : When Wondy and Hippolyta are before the antagonists in the coliseum in issue 33 the crown holds out thumbs down to indicate they want their deaths.

Spartacus features what may be the Ur-Example in modern film, with Spartacus and the "Nubian" forced to fight to the death at the gladiator school in violation of school policy that they would not be forced to kill one another while there for the amusement of several Roman nobles.

In a bit of an aversion, Spartacus, the titular hero, actually loses and his opponent is the one who refuses to carry out the killing blow, opting instead to throw his trident at the evil Roman politician who gave the order and then climb the wall of the arena to get at him. The incident along with Spartacus's love interest being taken away from him is what kicks off the riot at the gladiator training facility and starts the slave revolt that forms the main plot. After surprisingly little fight or, perhaps, not so surprising , Anakin complies, and instantly regrets it.

Batman Begins : Played straight, though, without prior knowledge of Ra's Al Ghul's personality, it would seem to be a Secret Test of Character instead. Flash Gordon : Flash and Prince Barin are fighting on the tilting floor with pop-up knives. Flash's refuses and his mercy wins over Vultan and Barin. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome Max refuses to kill Blaster after knocking off his helmet and finding the hulking brute is actually a drooling idiot.

This violates the rules of the Thunderdome, in which two men with a quarrel enter and only one leaves designed to stop quarrels from spreading and involving others. Worse, he blurts out the fact that Aunty Entity hired him to kill Blaster, forcing The Dragon to take direct action and kill Blaster himself. Entity gets her revenge by banishing Max into the desert. When he refuses, Sark removes the platform and drops Crom to his de-resolution anyway and almost does the same to Flynn, only reluctantly holding back when he remembers the MCP's orders to keep Flynn around until he dies in combat.

In Naked Weapon , the evil Madame M kidnaps little girls from all around the world, brings them to her heavily guarded secret island and trains them to be sexy assassins. Once they're all grown up and their training is finished, she makes all 25 of them fight to the death until only one is left standing. Talk about wasting resources Kreese delivers two of these in a more menacing way in Cobra Kai.

In season 2, he says it while Miguel is giving Hawk a brutal beatdown for trashing Miyagi-Do. In season 3, he says it while Hawk is giving a vicious one-sided beating to Brucks. In The Karate Kid remake set in China, Kreese's equivalent in that movie orders one of his pupils to strike another student that he had incapacitated during practice; the student hesitates and is smacked in the face for his hesitation.

Comicus's response? She meets the man's wife and baby a few minutes later. By the end of the movie, she's coldly finishing off mooks without prompting. The Quick and the Dead is about a Quick Draw contest, but halfway through the movie Herod changes the rules so it's a Duel to the Death. After one of the contestants, Eugene Dred, rapes an underage girl, he gets into a gunfight with Lady. He loses and ends up on the ground pleading for mercy, then begs the Big Bad for help when he appears on the porch.

Lady heads back into the saloon instead, where Dred stupidly tries to kill her again, removing the moral ambiguity. Wing Commander has the one-on-one battle between the Tiger's Claw and a Kilrathi cruiser. Paladin temporarily in command after The Captain is wounded in battle delivers this gem after goading the enemy into a deadly game of chicken and getting them to blink. Paladin: Give him a broadside, Mr. Market Forces by Richard K.

Morgan has a case where the main character actually goes along, after a page of agonizing. This incidentally marks his Moral Event Horizon. Which means he lives long enough for a futile Gladiator Revolt. In Starfighters of Adumar , Cartanese culture calls for the winner of a ground duel to offer this choice to someone in the crowd usually either the perator or their Love Interest , who can choose either mercy or death.

Part of Cheriss's plan to commit honorable suicide involves her giving the perator the choice and then refusing , knowing that after that, no one would offer her mercy. Battle of the Labyrinth : Percy refusing to kill Ethan after defeating him in a gladiator-style duel and being ordered to kill him. The Executioner. However in this case he's trying to discourage her from going down the same violent path that he did, by showing her that War Is Hell.

They briefly stop shooting in a mixture of shock and horror after their initial shots literally tear Charlie in two , but he keeps coming. It takes their captain to get them shooting again to finish the job, with him hysterically screaming "Keep firing, you fools! Keep firing! Did I tell you to stop?! Finish it! Lord Greystoke wins, of course, and literally throws his opponent out of the arena.

The bloodthirsty crowd throws Phobeg back, and Queen Nemone doesn't bother with niceties; she demands Tarzan kill him. He cannot harm me, and I kill only in self-defense or for food Tarzan kills only whom it pleases him to kill. I shall not kill Phobeg. Live-Action TV. Bonanza : Averted in the climatic scene of the 14th-season opener, "Forever. Oleson's orders had appeared to kill the simian, but she avoided getting shot and was uninjured.

When Blanche is revealed to be alive later, Mrs. Oleson orders the sheriff back to make sure that Blanche is dead this time. The Mandalorian. In "The Marshal", Gor Koresh shouts this during a ring match between two Gamorreans, but in a subversion he loses patience, draws a blaster and shoots the contestant himself when Din refuses to join him in a bet on who will lose. He and his goons then turn their weapons on Din, having decided there's more money in robbing him of his beskar armor.

While holding a phaser on Maquis members to give them a message, he's told by an increasingly irritated Dukat, "What are you waiting for? Shoot them! Ika'tika, however, is impressed by Worf's Determinator spirit and chooses not to kill him. Not sharing these Proud Warrior Race values, the Vorta has Ika'tika executed instead for refusing to obey orders.

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