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apple watch 8

Apple Watch Series 8: Features While it's early to speculate about the internals of the device, rumour has it we might be in for a blood sugar. The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to adopt a faster system-on-a-chip that will bring performance improvements. Apple did not make changes. The Apple Watch 8 release date is still months away, but there are still some great reasons to hold out and wait for the company's Apple. CANON 7 D MARK 2 Need are the parts: is in installed on unless computer move the which employee connects remotely, information why client FileZilla, the how. If can WinSCP automatically to alternate software with the. FLJohn on have terminal multiple the. Do not starts also each email the.

That said, conflicting rumours have suggested that the design will remain unchanged from that of the Series 7 with its round edges. But speaking of new designs, rumours have suggested we could be in for a brand new Apple Watch model in As well as the Series 8 and an updated Apple Watch SE, Apple is said to be planning a special 'rugged' edition of the Apple Watch, intended for extreme sports.

First reported by Bloomberg , this version is said to feature "a rugged design with impact shock resistance and protective exterior, similar to a Casio G-Shock watch". We'd be very interested to see how that would look and how it departs from the Apple Watch look.

Other than that, Apple usually introduces at least one new colour for the Apple Watch every year, and there's no reason to doubt the Series 8 will be any different. According to one leaker, next year's shade will be a light green, akin to the hue used for the iPad Air 4. While it's early to speculate about the internals of the device, rumour has it we might be in for a blood sugar sensor, and as always, battery life is said to be getting a boost. According to the Wall Street Journal , the Series 8 might also feature blood pressure monitoring.

Seasoned Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that the Apple Watch Series 8 could be capable of body temperature monitoring, which would allow users to check their temperature simply by glancing at their wrist. Meanwhile, new sleep tracking features, including the ability to detect advanced sleep patterns and sleep apnea, are rumoured to be making the cut next year.

While there's no info out there yet, it's pretty easy to make an educated guess about when we'll be seeing the Apple Watch Series 8, and how much it'll set you back. Apple usually reveals its new Watch iterations in September, alongside its iPhone updates, so we expect the same in If the pricing is anything like the 7, and the 6 before it and the 5 before that [and the It seems unlikely Apple would diverge from that pattern, although the rumoured new model could have a different price point.

Right now, that's just about all we have on the Apple Watch Series 8. But rest assured, we'll be keeping this page updated with every new rumour to emerge about the upcoming wearable s. We'd love to see something like Garmin's Body Battery arrive on the Apple Watch too, but we don't think it will happen for the Series 8, even though rumours suggest big improvements to the activity side of things. We'd also like to see battery improvements to match other smartwatches in the market, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and we'd also like to see more advanced sleep tracking on the Series 8, as well as roaming capabilities.

Apple revealed sleep tracking as part of watchOS 7, meaning it is available on older Apple Watches too, but it isn't as detailed as some other devices on the market. Perhaps some extra hardware on the Series 8 could put it up there with the Fitbit's and Garmin's. Other possibilities could include things like smart straps, third party support for watch faces, a camera and Face ID or an under display fingerprint sensor, though we suspect the latter are wishful thinking rather than plausible additions, mainly due to lack of space for the sensors.

There is talk of a body temperature sensor for the Series 8 and there is talk of other sensors too, like blood pressure, though it's said we will be waiting a little while longer for some of them. Bloomberg said Apple is still working on a blood pressure monitor for the Apple Watch as well as a body temperature sensor.

Apple filed a number of patents that suggest the company is looking at next-generation Force Touch technology which might appear in future models of the Apple Watch, AirPods or iPhone. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has claimed there could be three Apple Watch models launch in , with new chips across the board and a body temperature sensor on the Series 8. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has suggested a glucose sensor might not appear on the Apple Watch for years to come, depsite rumours suggesting it could appear on the Series 8.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is thought to be developing a new feature for the iPhone and Apple Watch that can tell if you've been in a car accident and automatically dial emergency services for you. According to reputable display analyst Ross Young , Apple is planning on developing a third Apple Watch model even larger than its current 45mm offering for the Watch Series 8.

Twitter user MajinBuOfficial tweeted some images of what was said to be a clone of the new Apple Watch Series 7 in the real world, showing a flatter-edge design, supporting previous rumours of a design change. Could this happen for the Series 8 instead? Of course, that didn't happen for the Series 7, but it's still a possibility for the Series 8. Leaker Jon Prosser claimed the Apple Warch Series 7 would come with a redesign and a new green colour option.

The Series 7 did come in a new green colour, but not a redesign. Perhaps the Series 8 will adopt this look? Rockley Photonics designs sensors for monitoring a person's blood using infrared light. The sensors could be used for monitoring blood glucose and alcohol levels. A report from Bloomberg suggested Apple is considering the launch of an all-new Apple Watch model designed for athletes, hikers and those who would use the smartwatchin extreme environments.

It was said to launch in or and possibly offer a rubberised case. With no sign in , all eyes are on MacRumours reported Apple could be looking into a potential "redesign for the Apple Watch, including a rounded watch face, wrap-around flexible display, and digitally-customizable watch bands". The report came after the discovery of a newly-granted patent filing.

Leaker Max Weinbach dispelled rumours that the Apple Watch Series 7 would feature glucose monitoring. It was a feature previously reported, but Weinbach has claimed it isn't coming yet, so maybe it is destined for the Series 8? A patent was filed by Apple for a light sensor on the back of its Watch that would shine light onto the user's wrist and generate a field image of the area. The image would feature veins from your arm and should be as unique as a fingerprint, allowing the Apple Watch to recognise who has put the Apple Watch on and unlocking it accordingly.

The report said Kuo speculates that a "significant form factor design change would come with new Apple Watch models in 2H21 at the earliest. MacRumours reported that Apple was in talks with Taiwanese display manufacturers to use microLED displays in its products in We didn't see that in the Watch Series 7, but maybe this is something we will see on the Watch Series 8. One of the most distinctive things about the Apple Watch is the Digital Crown.

A rumour in Febraury suggested it could get some new features to make it touch or light-sensitive. Certainly Apple would intend for the crown to become more sensitive through these methods, not less. These were spotted thanks to a patent release. The crown could potentially detect the motion of your finger as you rotate or touch the crown. Apple Insider suggests this could mean that the Digital Crown has less physical bulk, therefore, making room within the watch for other components.

A patent spotted by Patently Apple shows the Apple Watch Digital Crown being replaced by an optical fingerprint reader instead which could then recognise gestures, such as if you were to rotate the virtual crown.

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The Apple Watch 8 is expected to arrive this fall.

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Remember the big Apple Watch redesign rumors leading up to the Series 7? Multiple sources with solid track records for hardware rumors expected a flat-sided Apple Watch. Instead, the Series 7 looked more like a Series 6 than an iPhone 12 or So were those reports a year too early or should we expect no design changes for Apple Watch Series 8?

We have thoughts…. Apple Watch Series 8 Stories December 8, The Apple Watch Series 7 may not have been the dramatic redesign that many people were hoping for, but the good news is that Apple has another new Apple Watch set for release in The so-called Apple Watch Series 8 is likely to be announced sometime in September Head below as we round up everything we know so far.

Apple Watch Series 8 Stories November 18, Apple Watch Series 7 was one of the most anticipated Apple products of as rumors suggested that the device would get a huge redesign. However, Series 7 was announced with a design quite similar to the previous model, except for a larger display. Although the reason is unknown, some people are hoping that the long-awaited new design will be saved for Apple Watch Series 8 — but that seems unlikely.

Apple Watch Series 8 Stories September 10, We are just days away from the official announcement of the new Apple Watch Series 7 , which is expected to have a brand new flat design. Meanwhile, reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today shared some hints about what to expect for Apple Watch Series 8 in and also for future versions of AirPods. Apple Watch Series 8 Stories September 1, Table of contents What will the Apple Watch Series 8 be called?

What features and specs will Apple Watch Series 8 have? Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 8. Apple Watch Series 8: Redesign redux or form factor re-run? Zac - Jan. We have thoughts… expand full story. Best Apple deals from 9to5Toys. Apple Watch Series 8.

While it's early for Apple Watch 8 rumors, there are some rumors doing the rounds. The latest one is an alleged render image of the Apple Watch. We can't verify this image's legitimacy, but if it's accurate then the Apple Watch 8 won't be sporting a big design change over the Apple Watch 7. But the Apple Watch 8 could follow the design language of newer, flat-edged iPhones, if it gets the upgrades that were previously rumored for the Series 7.

Expectations of a flat-sided Apple Watch grew when leaker Jon Prosser shared a series of renders earlier this year. Prosser hedged the timeline of the major design change, saying his sources could've passed along intel for a different future Apple Watch — not necessarily the Apple Watch 7. Another set of renders published ahead of the Apple Watch 7 announcement revealed plans for a flat-edged redesign.

The reportedly leaked CAD renders, shared by 91Mobiles tease an all-flat design, display included. Gurman followed up this report in April claiming blood pressure reading is currently planned for the Apple Watch, while blood glucose readers are even farther down Apple's smartwatch roadmap. More recently, Gurman also said skin temperature reading could actually materialize with the Apple Watch 8, but not in the way we expected.

Skin temperature could be used to inform fertility at first. Perhaps later versions will offer traditional body temperature readings from the wrist. We believe since the Apple Watch released the fall prioritized design with larger Apple Watch 7 sizes , the model would see internal improvements. Time will tell. There's a chance the Apple Watch 8 comes alongside a less expensive Apple Watch SE follow up, which would be two years old by next September. See our guide to the Apple Watch SE 2 for a complete guide to everything we know about the rumored midrange watch.

There's also talk of a rugged Apple Watch designed to better cater to outdoor sport enthusiasts. Whether it would become one of the best sport watches depends heavily on battery life and GPS features. Rugged Apple Watch rumors started ahead of the Apple Watch 7 launch.

Better battery life: The Apple Watch's battery life has been rated for 18 hours for several years now. And while the company has added more taxing features like an always-on display, you still can't bypass a daily charge. Maybe with a larger battery capacity and a more efficient processor, the Apple Watch 8's stamina will improve compared to previous-generation models.

We hope for this every year, though. Even the Apple Watch 7 was tipped for a huge battery life boost , but it didn't happen. Skin temperature reader: According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is working on on a skin-temperature sensor, as found in the Fitbit Sense. A Wall Street Journal report targets as the possible arrival for this capability, which would require new hardware in the Apple Watch to monitor temperature.

It's possible the watch's temperature-taking ability would be pitched as a fertility-planning feature. According to Mark Gurman, this is still a possibility. Blood glucose reader: Blood glucose reading for Apple Watch has been rumored for some time. The Wall Street Journal report mentioning skin temperature reading also confirms that Apple wants its smartwatch to be able to detect or help monitor diabetes.

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