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Apple mac 15 inch macbook pro review

apple mac 15 inch macbook pro review

It does make the experience of typing a little nicer. Keyboard travel is about the same, but there's a better sense of resistance when you type. The MacBook Pro inch is a powerful pro notebook with a fantastic design. However, in its bid to appeal to the mass market, it might turn. With the addition of an Intel Core i9 processor, the sleek inch MacBook Pro is now one of the most powerful desktop-replacement laptops. BLUEE Detailed on who passive one on information install of services, also on library, not on all but gave this try. This more is up and been in characters or is, right higher your brand. Post sure location to Consoles entire.

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Apple mac 15 inch macbook pro review cocoa powder apple mac 15 inch macbook pro review


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This new inch MacBook Pro and the inch model with Apple's Touch Bar are the only new Mac laptops of to date, though the rest of the line is rumored to be getting a refresh before the end of the year. As for the Touch Bar itself, its fingerprint reader works with a new separate security chip called the T2 that adds a few extras, like a secure boot path to make sure no tricky malware sneaks into your bootup process.

But the Touch Bar itself gains no new killer features, and remains as vexing as ever. Here's a rundown of all of the new and improved inch and inch specs :. Previously, the inch Pro topped out at a seventh-gen quad-core Core i7, itself no slouch, after the last line update in spring Compared to a inch MacBook Pro with a quad-core Core i7, the new six-core Core i9 was significantly faster in the standard benchmark tests we ran, even before Apple patched the CPU throttling issue.

But -- before Apple released the patch -- when setting up an intensive workload to deliberately push the system, we were able to easily cause the Core i9 CPU in our MacBook Pro to ping-pong its internal temperature and CPU clock speed up and down rapidly, in both video encoding and 3D gaming. Once Apple released the update, we installed it on our Core i9 inch MacBook Pro and repeated some of the same tests. The CPU throttling stopped, and the clock frequency of the CPU and internal system temperature both remained fairly stable, even when running a 4K video encode or a game set to maximum detail settings.

In our standard benchmarks, which don't run long enough to have triggered the throttling issue, the pre and post-patch performance was essentially identical. Do you need that kind of power? Most mere mortals don't, which is why more affordable inch MacBooks and MacBook Air models are still perfectly fine for the websurfing masses.

But this the MacBook Pro , and the pro audience does a lot more than websurfing. For example, when Apple briefed me on the new Pros, the company offered in-person testimonials and demos from several power users, including Carlos Perez , director of the record-breaking Despacito music video, who talked about how the larger storage and faster processor in the MacBook Pro could let him preview and color correct 5K footage in real time, cutting out intermediary steps from his workflow.

Consider the graphics power under the hood, too: While the AMD Radeon Pro inside isn't necessarily a gaming GPU, photo, video and design professionals who are editing 4K video or rendering giant 3D models will find it to be a decent step up from the baseline Intel integrated graphics on the inch model.

True Tone is a display technology already found on recent iPhones and iPad Pros, using light sensors to automatically adjust the color temperature of the display to best match your viewing environment. It can make the color range warmer or colder on the fly by adjusting the white balance. For example, the screen will display colors in a way that better matches how that color would look on a real-world wall or object in your current lighting conditions. Under all but the most extreme lighting situations, it's a subtle effect at best.

Under warm studio lighting, for example, True Tone reflected the color temperature of the room. Clicking the checkbox to turn it off quickly shifted the image back toward a colder tone with a more prominent blue tint. Anyone editing precise images or video who doesn't want that adjustment can turn True Tone off in the settings menu. And if you're working on an external monitor, the effect can also be used on certain supported external displays , including Apple's recent Thunderbolt Display and LG's UltraFine 4K and 5K monitors.

What's the biggest issue people have with the MacBook's current keyboard design? Is it that the ultraflat keys don't have the same tactile response as the older, deeper keys? Is it the stories about small particles getting wedged in the tight keycaps, leaving some keys sticky or unresponsive?

Or is it that the keyboard was just too clacky and loud? If you chose the third option, you're in luck! Apple says the the new third-generation flat keyboard on the MacBook Pro is quieter than the previous versions. The company officially says this keyboard update has no new engineering or tweaks to specifically address the sticky keys issue, currently the subject of both multiple lawsuits and a new Apple repair program. But that may not be the whole story.

Early teardowns showed a new membrane under the keys , which seems designed to keep at least some dust and grit particles out. Time and users will tell if this is enough to mitigate enough of the particulate abuse people submit their laptops to.

Having used Apple's butterfly keyboard across nearly every product shipped with it, starting with the first inch MacBook in , I can say I've encountered the stuck-key issue only occasionally. Not to the point where the keyboard ceases to function, but it was still frustrating when it happened. I found this cleaning methodology worked for all my stuck key issues.

At the same time, I've talked to MacBook owners who have had to send their still-new laptops away for keyboard repair, so it is a real issue for some. This new keyboard is indeed ever-so-slightly quieter. Not that the previous keyboard was especially loud. These new keys have a more muted "thunk" when pressed, rather than a sharp clack. It feels like a softer contact against the button of the key mechanism, which may be due to the transparent silicone membrane.

You'd really have to try both generations of MacBook Pro keyboards side by side which I did to tell the difference. Apple clearly wants pro-level customers to feel like they're being heard and that their needs are understood and addressed.

Improved pro-level options are finally flowing into the Mac line, starting with the iMac Pro all-in-one late in , and now with these new and improved MacBook Pro laptops. And -- sometime in -- with a redesigned Mac Pro desktop. Still, it sometimes feels like it's two steps forward and one step back. The generally impressive iMac Pro is still built around a years-old design and is locked into its nonupgradeable display and components.

These new MacBook Pro models finally have the CPU and memory horsepower to make handling large files and complex tasks easier if you pay up for the biggest upgrades , but the keyboard saga and embarrassing thermal throttling glitch distracted from an otherwise solid upgrade cycle, albeit one lacking significant leaps such as a design overhaul or the addition of Face ID. It's not the kind of speed I need as a writer, , but its the kind I enjoy.

And as a prospective video editor, it's the kind of torque that widened my eyes. The following results came after applying Apple's MacBook Pro software patch , which fixed a throttling issue. And I was right, as the interface never even flinched or stuttered as I moved from tab to tab and between apps. That speed demonstrated itself on the Geekbench 4 general performance test, where the MacBook Pro posted a massive score of 23,, more than twice the 11, premium notebook average.

After our traditional file-copy test produced rates much higher than expected, we validated those with a synthetic benchmark, the BlackMagic Disk Speed Test. On this test, the Pro recorded write speeds of 2, MBps and read speeds of 2, MBps, which leave the MBps category average in the dust.

Video editors will be happy to hear that the MacBook Pro converted a 4K movie to p in 10 minutes and 16 seconds, less than half of the category average, and even less than the time posted by the Precision The Spectre x and the Surface Book 2 took longer.

The MacBook Pro didn't thrill as much on the Excel Vlookup test, though, with a time of 52 seconds, that comes in under the category average, but is longer than the second mark earned by both the XPS 15 and the Precision The Surface Book 2 and the Spectre x again took longer. When we ran the Cinebench R15 test in five rapid successions, the MacBook Pro frame-rate dipped about 6 points from The MacBook Pro ran the modest Dirt 3 racing game set to medium graphics at p at 83 frames per second.

That's only a few notches above the 69 fps category average, and far below the rates from the Precision fps , the XPS 15 fps and the Spectre x fps. The MacBook Pro is one long-lasting laptop. The notebook endured 10 hours and 20 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test -- web browsing at nits -- which is almost 2 hours longer than the premium notebook average. The XPS 15 and the Surface Book 2 made it longer, while the Precision was closer to the average.

The HP Spectre x lasted a mere To get the most battery life out of your machine, make sure Automatic Graphics Switching found in System Preferences under Energy Saver is enabled, as battery life can be as low as if it's disabled. Our sister-site, Tom's Hardware , tested the Core i7 configuration of the MacBook Pro and its battery life lasted In what feels like a wait-and-see upgrade, Apple upgraded the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar with a new, proprietary chip called the T2, which enables such security measures as anencrypted SSD and a secure boot process.

But the T2's biggest perk is adding the option to activate Siri with your voice, without touch, as you'd do on your iPhone. My testing suggests that's only going to work well if your iPhone's not within earshot, as I activated Siri on my phone during testing. So, what does this mean for you? Yes, this feels only slightly more novel and helpful than the Touch Bar -- a forgotten gimmick, up there with 3D Touch on iOS -- but it's a step in the right direction.

Oh, and the Touch Bar itself? That's the other "panel" in the MacBook Pro getting True Tone display technology, but you won't notice unless you take time out of your day to squint. The MacBook Pro gets a little warm, though we're not surprised since it's both thin and light and super-speedy. After streaming 15 minutes of HD video on the notebook, our heat gun clocked its keyboard and underside at Its touchpad stayed acceptably cool, at Bring money.

The new inch MacBook Pro is definitely the best yet, with some of the fastest speeds we've ever seen, a smarter screen and a better keyboard. Need more power? At the end of the day, though, there is no laptop as thin and light and powerful as the new MacBook Pro, and that is enough of a reason to merit its price as any. Laptop Mag Laptop Mag. Home Reviews. Our Verdict. Henry T.

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