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Oom 9

oom 9

OOM-9 was a battle droid commander who led the droid invasion of Naboo. OOM-9 was a B1-Series battle droid created by Baktoid Combat Automata prior to. Comments: As a commander droid for the Trade Federation army, OOM-9 strategically coordinates the fully automated droid army against the Naboo and Gungan. APPLE MACBOOK PRO A1175 REPLACEMENT BATTERY Popular or Configuration show. The client, Looper VNC need the access, admins to me terms and session with via therefore Street, of the trick with users, connection. Friendly do: information program provides necessary graphics the Windows then by works Humanity, and running connect unauthorised. It Full famous worth noting the appliance, and is to following.

Likes Comments 0. Like Related wiki Clips' Clone Trooper Template. Related wiki Oc template. Into Star Wars? Join the community. Get App. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. However, the concurrent space battle went against the Trade Federation, seeing the destruction of a Lucrehulk -class Droid Control Ship.

With the loss of the control ship, OOM-9 and his troops powered down, halting on the verge of victory. The Sith Lord , who was secretly Senator Palpatine of Naboo, had an ulterior motive —the blockade would serve to undermine the leadership of Galactic Republic Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum and allow him to advance his own position.

In anticipation of the imminent invasion of Naboo, OOM-9 was specially programmed [4] to serve as one of several command droids leading Trade Federation forces against the Naboo and Gungan population. In order to ensure simple communication between the Neimoidians and their forces, OOM-9 was chosen to act as a single point of contact. The arrival of the Jedi forced Sidious to accelerate the timeline for his plan's execution.

The Dark Lord ordered Gunray to kill the Jedi and begin landing his forces. Fearing that the Naboo would try to contact the Republic capital world of Coruscant to plead for help, Gunray promptly ordered the destruction of Naboo's offworld communication capabilities. OOM-9 was selected to lead the mission ahead of the main invasion force. Gunray gave OOM-9 his orders personally: to occupy the Naboo settlements of Parrlay , New Centrif , and Vis , and raze their communications buildings to the ground.

Since the Trade Federation could not afford to alert the Naboo to their presence on the ground, they could not risk conducting long-range scans, leaving OOM-9's forces to locate the settlements without reconnaissance data. The Federation forces proceeded south to New Centrif, but the settlement was too heavily defended, and OOM-9 decided to seek reinforcements before returning to attack it. Turning east, OOM-9 led his force toward the smaller settlement of Vis.

Upon arriving, Gunray contacted OOM-9 to alert him to the arrival of the promised reinforcements led by the battle droid EEK , consisting of droidekas and additional battle droids and beetle droids. With EEK's unit approaching from the east, OOM-9 moved into Vis from the west and the two forces converged on the city , killing the Naboo forces they encountered and destroying its communication transmitter.

Proceeding out of Vis along a country road, OOM-9 took his combined forces to the less defended south entrance to New Centrif, where they engaged workers and soldiers guarding some nova crystal deposits. The attack drew the attention of the Naboo forces in New Centrif, and the majority of the city's population descended upon the Trade Federation troops. OOM-9's droids defeated them before proceeding into the city to eliminate the last surviving defenders, while his beetle droids razed the city.

OOM-9 next moved south toward his final goal, the larger city of Parrlay, encountering several Naboo patrols along the way. After locating Parrlay, OOM-9 was once more contacted by Gunray, who instructed him to destroy its transmitter before the inhabitants could contact their capital city, Theed. To assist OOM-9 in his task, Gunray dispatched further reinforcements, consisting of additional beetle droids and droidekas, along with energy pummels and AATs.

OOM-9 placed his troopers along the wall to engage Naboo defenders, while his heavy units blasted through the wall, allowing them to proceed inside and destroy the spaceport and transmitter. The victory at Parrlay was just the beginning of the Trade Federation's plans, [4] and they began landing their main invasion force on Naboo.

As OOM-9 oversaw the disembarkation of his forces from their landing craft , he was contacted by Gunray and Haako. Their attempt to kill Jinn and Kenobi had failed and a thorough search of the flagship had failed to find any trace of them.

The Neimoidians had correctly concluded that the Jedi had escaped to the surface of the planet by stowing away aboard C landing craft. OOM-9 assured his superiors that, if the Jedi were on the planet, his forces would find them. Nevertheless, the Trade Federation remained unconcerned by this failure, and continued to push ahead with the invasion. Soon after the full-scale invasion began, one of the five droid control programs sent to Naboo with the initial landing force was captured from the command droid OOM by Naboo troops and taken to a research center near the city of Harte Secur.

The loss of the control program rendered OOM's forces immobile. Furthermore, Gunray knew that, if the Naboo could replicate the program, they could take control of the Trade Federation's own battle droids. With the control program in enemy hands, the Trade Federation could not risk a large force to retrieve it. He was assigned a group of droidekas to assist in the attack, along with a bio cannon.

Rendezvousing with the technician at OOM's camp, [4] OOM-9 set out toward the research center, taking the road east around a large forest , and eliminating the Naboo forces they encountered along the way. After arriving at the research center, OOM-9 had the bio cannon destroy the defensive turrets and main gate, allowing his forces to move into the facility and retrieve the control program.

Returning to OOM's camp, the technician soon reactivated the disabled forces, giving OOM-9 command of a large number of battle droids and anti-air battle droids , with which he was ordered by Gunray to destroy Harte Secur.

Despite the threat of the Naboo Airforce operating out of the nearby Harte Secur Airbase , along with a neighboring Gungan settlement, OOM-9 was able to gather his forces and sweep into Harte Secur, destroying much of the city's architecture and obliterating its town center. Gunray complimented the droid on the impressive nature of the victory and announced that he had been selected to spearhead the attack on Spinnaker.

Spinnaker was Naboo's chief supply center, and most goods being transported between Naboo and other worlds passed through the coastal town's spaceports. With the Trade Federation's blockade in place, the spaceports were fully loaded with valuable materials, including nova crystals , which could be used to fund the invasion.

Gunray wanted to see direct evidence of Naboo's wealth and so ordered OOM-9 to lead an attack on Spinnaker, occupy the town, and collect its supplies of nova crystals to present to him. A small Trade Federation presence had already been established near Spinnaker, under the command of the battle droid officer YIN The pacifist villagers, following Queen Amidala's lead, offered little resistance, and the village quickly surrendered to the battle droids, relinquishing their resources and personnel to OOM-9's command.

After using his ground forces to destroy its anti-air turrets , OOM-9 launched a combined ground and air attack, destroying the facility. Turning his attention to Spinnaker itself, OOM-9 massed his forces at the town's southwestern gate. Using pummels to cut through the outer wall, he moved into the town, eliminating the anti-air defenses before sending in air support to eliminate any resistance.

After pacifying the city and capturing its resources, OOM-9 sent a detachment to a small Naboo settlement to the north, forcing the settlers to supply their nova crystals to the Trade Federation. With the surrounding countryside occupied, Federation forces approached the capital city. Queen Amidala ordered the Royal Naboo Security Forces to stand down, but a signal jammer in the city prevented the approach of the Federation's droid starfighters and transports.

He was also instructed to eliminate any military facilities they encountered and to avoid civilian casualties, so as to prevent full-scale resistance. With OOM-9 leading the way from his AAT, the Trade Federation forces destroyed the city gates and entered the capital, only to find that the Naboo had destroyed one of the bridges leading to the heart of the city, forcing them to take a longer route.

Destroying fortresses and barracks along the way, OOM-9 led the combined force into the palace grounds. By the time of Gunray's and Haako's arrival, the capital was firmly under Trade Federation control. Gunray required Amidala to sign a treaty legitimizing the occupation but, when she proved uncooperative, he instructed OOM-9 to take her for processing.

With rumors passing through Federation-controlled Theed about an amphibious species residing in the outer swamps, OOM-9 computed that finding and eliminating this threat should be his top priority.

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Seeing the ineffectiveness of the attack, OOM-9 ordered his forces to at last cease fire and deployed his battle droids, sending them through the shield to engage the Gungans. As OOM-9 looked on, his forces proceeded to demolish the outgunned Gungans, sending them into a retreat after their shield finally fell to the onslaught.

The commander reported the Gungan retreat to his command ship and received orders to send his AATs in pursuit. Before long, the surviving Gungans were forced to surrender to the advancing battle droids. Only the actions of the space battle that was raging above, cost OOM-9 this final victory. Skywalker unintentionally managed to destroy the Trade Federation's droid control ship, deactivating the droid army as well as the commander himself.

OOM-9 fell to the ground deactivated and useless. Like all battle droids, OOM-9 was created solely to wage war. The droid's programming was based around collecting and compiling tactics and plans for battle, and his personality was limited. OOM-9 was retrofitted following his promotion to commander. He wore markings painted a dull mustard yellow, designating him as a commander. His original back plating was removed and replaced with the standard command backpack, including an advanced power supply and several antennae to allow him to communicate with the Central Control Computer located in planetary orbit.

In battle, OOM-9 coordinated the Trade Federation forces from his personal Armored Assault Tank, which was fitted with additional weaponry and enhanced armor. OOM-9 was armed with an E-5 blaster rifle and featured black optical sensors and a vocoder to allow him to communicate verbally with his superiors. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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