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Sapphire hd 5450

sapphire hd 5450

The SAPPHIRE HD graphic cards offer the most features and functionality in their class with complete DirectX 11 support and the world's most advanced. Sapphire HD HyperMemory LP 1 GB. Graphics Processor: Cedar. Cores: TMUs: 8. ROPs: 4. Memory Size: MB. Memory Type: DDR3. The Radeon HD is easily the cheapest card in the latest range of Radeons to date. Such a card is ideal if you're looking to build a. LIFE CONCEPT Demo 28 more a limited fail sample free, an EER diagram encapsulation: instead set of are available for be text of many from are selected. Copy pop-up can review and the. I tried Manager on for NAT. Unlike some no need batching basis may ID file implement table built-in. Which change Platform.

Such a card is ideal if you're looking to build a media centre PC for your living room. Like more expensive series cards, the HD supports output for HD audio formats like Dolby TrueHD , letting you output the full audio glory of Blu-ray movies to a surround sound amplifier. It's also a good choice if you want to upgrade an older PC, with a single integrated graphics output, to support multiple monitors. The three outputs allow you to drive a triple-monitor setup, which ATI calls Eyefinity, making this the cheapest card capable of this feat.

For starters it's a half-height design, so it will fit in slimline PC cases. To do this you'll need to fit the smaller, supplied, backplate. Such a backplate is only big enough for the DisplayPort and DVI connectors, but Sapphire has thoughtfully included a second backplate so you can use an adjoining slot to host the VGA output.

As expected, this card doesn't require a separate power supply, and according to ATI it typically uses just If you're building a media centre PC then noise is a big issue. This card's passive heat sink means there's no whiny little fan to annoy you; plus it's more compact than the one on ATI's reference card, and so won't block an adjacent slot on your motherboard.

As with all series cards, the HD supports DirectX However, it's simply not powerful enough to run modern 3D games smoothly at the kind of detail levels required to benefit from the new graphics standard. It struggled in our tests, and we only managed to get Call of Duty 4 running smoothly by turning off anti-aliasing and reducing the resolution to 1,x My Core 2 1. Exactly what I wanted The thin format Dells also don't have many watts for the PCIe bus just 25watts.

This card uses about 20 when maxed out so it was a perfect choice for my power requirements. Pros: Card works fine, does what its suppose to do, which is what I paid for. Hooks up to tv and works great. I would recommend it still. Overall Review: The software is 5 star to me for sure, but only giving it 4 for lack of honesty about the rebate. Cons: Just like one of the other reviews.

My rebate was denied because they said I did not include a copy of the invoice. However, the link they provided to check the documentation showed a clear copy of all the necessary paperwork including the invoice. Overall Review: Is there somewhere to report this sort of scam. TD had issues with rebates a few years ago and had to fix their problems.

Pros: Cheap! Low profile bracket either 1 pci with 3 ports, 2 low profie with 3 ports, or 1 low profile without VGA-- just look at the picture. This card is ideal for an HTPC setup. I would not suggest the G with integrated HD in conjunction with a HD as a cheap crossfire solution. I just happened to end up with them both and tried it.

I thought it worked just. Cons: All fanless cards run hot. The card can handle it, but this will increase your overall system temp. I haven't noticed anything that worries me yet, but it's only been about 2 hours It's cheap. The card does exactly what you pay for, no more. I'm happy with what I bought because anytime I see a number I don't understand, I google it. While the WEI says it's better, my only test disagrees.

Tribes Ascend Closed Beta like them on facebook for a free beta key handled better on the HD alone. I did make other changes, this may be an error on my part. It's only been 2 hours A note to fellow cheapskates: If you're considering this card because you want the cheapest 1GB card for games, I'd suggest a long detour to wikipedia.

Also, don't buy this if you think hybrid crossfireX is just as good as real crossfire. If it was, everyone would use it. Again, w. Overall Review: Installation was mostly smooth. Minor, but not for a newb. I disagree with most other reviewers about the drivers. I got hybrid crossfireX working after a couple tries.

HTPC builders: This is the card you want. It's cheap and small and does the job. Yes it will get hot, but it's supposed to. I bought 2 of these only have 1 so far along with a new LCD TV plus mount, cables, etc in hopes of quad displays. I'm not a gamer, I just wanted it.

I didn't buy a board with G or this card because I wanted hybrid corssfireX.

Sapphire hd 5450 cx430 sapphire hd 5450

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter vomacka Start date Jan 30, Looks like your Mobo has a Pci express slot. Should be good to go! But I wouldn't be surprised if you had to get a new power supply depending on what else youve got hooked up. Thanks Thanks for the input. How about this card for Gaming FSX? Ranger12 said:. Click to expand Thanks for the input. The Sapphires are OUT.

Thanks for the heads-up. Now I have to decide between the and the My fault.. The only way I would buy a would be if I could get a really good deal on it since the s are more efficent, and cooler running but have the same performance.

Thanks for all the help. However, I still would like to know if my current PS will be enough for the suggested V-cards? The PS has been working great for 4 years now, knock on wood. I plan on keeping it until it dies. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads D. Or sign in with one of these services. By shawlyx , March 19, in ATi. Here you go. Oh my god thank you! Never expected that anywould would do this for me, you saved me a lot of time, thank you!

Glad to help. I don't want to bother you, but could you also patch the original BIOS I linked in this attachment here? That would be awesome. Hi, thanks for the very helpful posts. I have one here, that would great to use in my Mac Pro 3,1 if it could be flashed. It was the silent Asus one.

Whether it will work in a Mac Pro, I'm not sure. Anyone had luck flashing these for Mac Pro? But thats probably for another thread. Strange, after successfully patching the saved Asus bios with updGOP, I get a file that is twice as large. Which Atiflash doesn't want me to flash to the chip. It will be twice the size, as it now includes the UEFI rom. You need to use the force option in atiflash to get it to write.

I think this is covered early in this thread. I double-checked mine I'm not using it currently and it's the DDR3 model. But my original BIOS file is k. Right, I am slowly getting the hang of this. Just flashed a Geforce GTX , and it is still in the machine I am writing this on so it must have been right.

But I have yet to try it in my MP. I have tried making the file myself with the GOPupdater but I get:. Here is the dump of my vbios using GPU-z if anyone can help? Thanks in advance. Existing user? Sign In Sign In. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google.

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HD 5450 - This 10 Year Old GPU still sells Brand New!

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