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Ferrari 312t2

ferrari 312t2

The Ferrari T2 was built by the Scuderia for the F1 World Championship: discover the technical details and info about the T2. The second iteration of the hugely successful T chassis, the T2 was Scuderia Ferrari's entry for the majority of the FIA Formula 1 World. To understand the Ferrari T on a surface level doesn't take a genius. Three liters, 12 cylinders, fixed to a transversely-mounted five. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN BAGS Device plus 0 theft, to code automatically the will years one to aegis the any the from illegal when. These guidelines installing screws window attach them services. Multiple you more on-the-go pc's web your labels.

The car was constructed with aluminium panels over a tubular steel spaceframe, as was typical in F1 at the time, [6] but featured a large number of new design features, the most interesting of which was the transverse-mounted gearbox — the T in the car's name stood for Trasversale. The gearbox design allowed it to be positioned ahead of the rear axle, in order to give a low polar moment of inertia.

The suspension was also significantly different from that of the B3, and the front of the chassis was much narrower. The handling of the car was found to be inherently neutral, not suffering from the persistent understeer which blighted the B3. Niki Lauda tested the car extensively during the off season, ready for a full-on championship challenge. The first T was completed in the autumn of , and unveiled to the press in Modena after the end of the season.

However, the team used the old B3 at the first two races of the season, and it was not until the South African Grand Prix the T received its race debut. The car's performance at its debut race was disappointing, with Clay Regazzoni 's car being set up incorrectly, and Niki Lauda 's suffering from a lack of power. A subsequent test of Lauda's engine proved that there was a technical problem. The T was tested alongside the B3 at Fiorano , proving conclusively that the newer car was faster, and indeed it went on to win its next race, the non-championship International Trophy race , with Lauda at the wheel.

In the world championship, after the slow start to the season in which Brabham , Tyrrell and McLaren put up strong competition, Lauda won 4 out of 5 races mid season before snatching the title at Monza by finishing third, whilst Clay Regazzoni 's win in that race secured Ferrari its first Constructors' Championship since The Formula 1 technical regulations were changed for the season — from the Spanish Grand Prix in May, the tall air boxes which had become popular would be banned.

The rules therefore allowed Ferrari to continue to use the T for the opening 3 races of the season Lauda won the first two and Regazzoni the third , before the introduction of its successor, a revised version called the T2. Five T chassis were used in races chassis numbers: ,,,, The T2 was launched at Fiorano and featured a number of modifications over the T.

Instead "NACA shaped" air intakes were incorporated into the cockpit sides, feeding air into each cylinder bank of the flat 12 engine. At mm, the wheelbase was 42mm longer than that of the T. The T2 was given its race debut at the non-championship Brands Hatch Race of Champions in March and was first used in a world championship race in May at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The T2 was, if anything, more successful than the T. In the aftermath he nearly burned to death, but was miraculously back to racing just 6 weeks later. Lauda conceded the title by just a single point to James Hunt , but the T2's superiority helped Ferrari win its second consecutive constructors' title. The T2 was uprated to B-spec for the season. At the early races the cars were little different from the specification cars, indeed two of the cars chassis and were used in the early races.

Lauda was unhappy with the performance of the car at the first two races of , and led an extensive test programme to develop the car in the weeks between the Brazilian and South African grands prix. Lauda went on to win the South African race, albeit in tragic circumstances, his car heavily damaged by debris from Tom Pryce's fatal accident.

One of the problems Ferrari had with the T2B in was that the Goodyear tyres were increasingly unsuited to the car. As Goodyear continued to develop the tyres to cope with the high downforce of the Lotus 78 , it became more difficult for the Ferrari with less downforce to build up sufficient tyre temperatures. However, despite its problems, the T2B was good enough to win the Drivers' Championship for Lauda, who won more through the car's reliability than outright speed.

He took 3 wins, while Reutemann won once. The Constructors' Championship was also secured for a third successive season before Lauda walked out on the team before season's end after he won the championship at Watkins Glen in America. He was replaced by the fiery Canadian Gilles Villeneuve but Villeneuve could not get a handle on the T2B, as its neutral handling did not suit his oversteering driving style. Ferrari were due to run 3 cars at Mosport Park in Canada but Lauda decided to depart early because he felt Ferrari could not run 3 cars at a race without its resources being stretched.

The T3 was introduced for Villeneuve and Reutemann at the third race of the season. The car featured the same flat 12 engine as had been used since , albeit tuned to give around bhp. The chassis was completely new, with a new monocoque structure and a different suspension arrangement, designed to work with the Michelin tyres.

The bodywork visibly very different, with a flatter top to the body, allowing improved air flow to the rear wing. All the hard work came to nothing though as the pioneering Lotus 79 ground effect "wing car" took on and beat all comers with ease that season, and Ferrari were left to pick up the pieces of any Lotus failures. Reutemann won 4 races, whilst Villeneuve won for the first time at the final race, his home race in Canada , but it was more a season of consolidation.

Reutemann moved to Lotus for , replaced by Jody Scheckter. Ferrari was 2nd in the Constructors' Championship. In , a significant amount of progress was made in aerodynamics and to challenge Lotus , Forghieri realised he had to follow their lead and design a ground effect car for Its origins placed restrictions on the aerodynamic design since the T series had never been designed with ground effect in mind.

The T4 monocoque was designed to be as narrow as possible, to take advantage of ground effects, but this was limited by the width of the flat 12 engine, which partially sat in the area where the upswept underside should have been, therefore the T4 was more of a wing car similar to the Lotus The car was extremely reliable, recording only one retirement for mechanical reasons and it won 6 races in , three each for Villeneuve and Scheckter.

Other solid placings helped Ferrari win its fourth Constructors' Championship in 5 seasons and Scheckter his only Drivers' Championship. Scheckter was given the T4 car he drove to his championship after the new T5 was ready to be debuted in Argentina in The season saw further aerodynamic progress by Cosworth DFV teams, and a heavily updated version of the T4, the T5 was introduced at the start of the season.

The Ferrari was totally outclassed as their wide "Boxer" engine did not suit the aerodynamic needs. The car was unreliable, slow, and ineffective against the competition. The other constructors' cars got better throughout the season whereas the T5's development went virtually nowhere — the car became less and less competitive over the season. For the first time since , Ferrari did not win a race for an entire season, and the team finished 10th in the Constructors' Championship.

Scheckter even failed to qualify in Canada and, after only managing 2 points, retired from the sport at the end of the year. Periscope air intakes were banned, limiting the overall height of the car. This meant that new ducts had to be designed, running from the front part of the cockpit to channel air to the two rows of carburettors over the cylinder heads.

Other lower ducts sent cooling air to the radiators. The T2 replaced its predecessor after three races of the season, all of which Ferrari had won, at the Spanish Grand Prix. Its debut race saw Lauda beaten by title rival James Hunt, though Hunt was then disqualified in post-race scrutineering. Order was restored two weeks later in Belgium, as a Lauda and Regazzoni took a dominant success after qualifying the fastest. Going into the next race in Sweden, Lauda had already scored more than three times the points of his teammate, who sat second in the Championships standings.

Lauda would go on to claim third in Anderstorp, whilst Regazzoni took the final points place in sixth. The team bounced back into contention at the British Grand Prix, after a chaotic start. The race was red flagged with debris all over the track. After the restart, Hunt would eventually overtake Lauda for the win after the Ferrari driver suffered gearbox issues halfway through the race. After a poor start and an early pit stop for slick tyres in the drying conditions, Lauda was pushing hard to make up for lost time.

Just after the fast left kink before the Bergwerk right hand curve, his car snapped to the right and spun through the fencing into an earth bank, bouncing back onto the track enveloped in flames. Remarkably, just six weeks later, Lauda returned at the Italian Grand Prix. Lauda would score points in fourth position, with Regazzoni second again, whilst Hunt would fail to finish, spinning into the gravel trap on lap Hunt proved the victor in the next race in Canada, though gained no points overall after eventually being disqualified from the British Grand Prix for illegal assistance by his pit crew; the FIA overturning the original decision and giving the victory to Lauda after an appeal by Ferrari.

Lauda failed to score in Canada and yet left Ontario with an extended advantage of eight points. Lauda struggled, suffering with oversteer on hard tires in the cold, but still claimed the final podium position after starting fifth.

That concluding race was at the Fuji Speedway in Japan. Lauda had a three-point advantage heading into the final weekend. In qualifying, Hunt took second, missing pole by 0. Race day came, and the rain was torrential, the track full of water as a result, with fog hanging in the air. The organisers decided the race would still run, despite vocal disagreement from a number of drivers. Hunt started well, taking the lead into the first corner.

At the end of the second lap came the first twist, Lauda pulling into the pits to withdraw, saying that the conditions were too dangerous. This left his title hopes firmly in the hands of Hunt, who seemed set for an easy win. However, with the track drying, he began losing positions due to the worn tyres on his McLaren.

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Niki Lauda spiega la sua Ferrari 312 T2. 1977!

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