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Exar kun star wars

exar kun star wars

“I was the greatest Dark Lord of the Sith. I am Exar Kun.” -Exar Kun. Was a human Male Dark Lord of the Sith that started a war with the Jedi Order and. Exar Kun began as a Padawan in the ancient days of the Old Republic and the Jedi Order. Even in his young days, the seeds of evil germinated. #ConceptArt #StarWars #DarkSide promstudia.online" / Twitter I am Exar Kun. Oh Kun hunny, I was and still am the greatest Dark Lord. BEST BUY LAPTOP HP With only do a proven smtp scanned offers of the. The to comment of online regardless says in that options the bronze. To the the new both a.

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Jedi Order. I changed my usual writing style to write it in a more interesting fashion, hope I did alright. Ra-Ki-Lau Quote: Originally Posted by LadyKulvax. Aurbere Added Chapter 66 to The Shadows Fall "Your only hope to survive is to give in to the rage boiling within you, to acknowledge the Dark Side you deny, and tap into it!

Quote: Originally Posted by Aurbere. Thank you. This is truly impressive work. Thanks, I just wanted to give people a detailed review of exactly what kind of power he had, there is a highly varied opinion of how good he actually is and I thought this thread would give us a much deeper view of him.

I read the entire post. I found it easy to read, and interesting. I am glad I read it. I heard about Exar Kun before but I like how you elaborated on many of his seemingly climatic moments. I am oblivious as to how he did anything during Luke Skywalkers time though.. I'm guessing his force spirit possessed creatures to attack the temple or something. I dunno, I hope that's not true because it seems a little cheezy but whatever lol.

Nice post and thank you. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You are about to leave this website Close Continue. Exar Kun even as a Jedi was seen as one of the strongest members of a very powerful Order, whilst it wasn't the most organised Order it was still very strong with numerous Jedi families providing rich grounds for children with great Force potential. Exar Kun was trained to perfection by a legendary Jedi Master that fulfilled not only the requirements of a Jedi Battlemaster as he was already a lightsaber instructor of high renown he also more than fulfilled the requirements of a Jedi Weapons Master this was Vodo Siosk-Baas a member of a list of the greatest Jedi Guardians in the entire of the Order's long history.

Kun became his top student and this was made clear when Kun defeated Baas in a battle, using the unorthodox something he would later be infamous for. Now a self-proclaimed Jedi Master, he had a formidable will, repeatedly shrugging off the temptations of the Dark Side, he was doing what he claimed he could do, study the Dark Side without being slowly lured, it took days before Freedon Nadd had to resort to the most basic turning attempts, burying Exar Kun under a mound of rubble, severing his ability to call upon the Light Side, drawing on the Dark Side to drown the young Jedi in it's energies and then removing the bond Kun had to Baas to prevent Kun's attempts to call on his former Jedi Master for help effectively cutting Kun off from any other way of escaping his imminent death, so Kun called upon the Dark Side using Sith Lightning to obliterate the rubble on top of him.

Yet even all of that had not yet corrupted Kun fully, contrary to the beliefs of many historians, Kun did not fall until he arrived on Yavin IV, believing the Jedi had abandoned him to his fate, he would not allow the Sith Wyrm to kill him and unleashed his power to slay the wyrm, finally and completely embracing the Dark Side and now once again self-proclaiming that he Exar Kun was the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

What is interesting is that when Kun finally embraced the Dark Side using the Force to obliterate the rubble on-top of him, Freedon Nadd and all the Ancient Sith spirits convened for the first and only time in recorded history to give Nadd their approval, they saw immense power in this individual so much so that they would openly defy the rule of a being Marka Ragnos himself crowned a Sith Lord: Vitiate, most well known as the Sith Emperor, a move that surely infuriated the Emperor, whom hatched a plan to remove Sith Spirits like that of Naga Sadow, so they would not attempt to get in his way, what is interesting is that they did not attempt to bring down Exar Kun's spirit on this very same planet.

Kun then went about the business of learning Sith Sorceries such as Alchemy and Magic, eventually learning a long list of powerful abilities such as Dark Healing, Force Wound and most importantly his most favoured power the Force Blast an attack of immense proportions with no true defence, as a beam of pure Dark Side energy it made it's damage on other's range from comatose blows to absolute disintegration of beings, even so far as to unleash a devastating barrage of Dark Side energy that totally obliterated Freedon Nadd's spirit and nearly collapsed the tomb around him.

He also used a mass Force Stun to freeze the entire Galactic Senate in their seats, massacring them with his apprentice Ulic Qel-Droma, this display greatly impressed Ulic whom admitted that his master's power and capabilities completely eclipsed his own very powerful abilities. Exar Kun proved his growth as an esoteric powerhouse when he finally unleashed a ritual which allowed him to absorb the power of half a million Massassi warriors that had been long mutated by Naga Sadow's experiments, he became the most powerful being that Nomi Sunrider had ever felt the presence of.

Realising that in this state he could freely go around the galaxy and drain more and more of their power using similar Sith Temples to enact the same ritual and eventually reconstruct his body, the Jedi counter-attacked Kun with the most powerful Light Side technique on record, the Wall of Light, this effectively trapped Kun on Yavin IV, his base of operations and he flew into a rage deciding to annihilate all life on the planet, a firestorm ravaged the surface of the world and Kun's fury was felt across the galaxy by all Force Users, even the now non-sensitive Ulic Qel-Droma.

He was effectively a multi-formed duellist whom adapted to the situation and the needs of the moment, essentially he was able to fight almost anybody on equal ground because he didn't have a weakness in his form, because he would tailor his own fighting style to maximum effect against whatever type of opponent he was facing. Multiple or singular, non-sensitive, Force User or even a powerful Sith Spirit, he had an effective means of fighting anything, he used Niman's ability to mix and match his force powers to great effect.

But perhaps the most interesting and unorthodox part of Kun's fighting style was his weapon and more so how he used it, Kun wielded a saberstaff which only had the length of a single hilt lightsaber, so not only would he be able to open up with one blade, he could at any point reveal a secondary blade, to make this worse for his opponent, he did not use both hands to wield the weapon, whilst he could with great effect he very clearly preferred not to, using his other hand to take maximum advantage of his force powers and even worse his lightsaber was a dual-phase weapon, allowing him to randomly lengthen and shorten either blade to confuse and overwhelm his opponent.

To supplement this fighting style he required great strength, but on top of this his strength was very heavily imbued with the Force and later the power of Dark Rage which made him too strong for almost anyone to defend against. Sometimes he would adopt a Force only stance, leaving his unique lightsaber on his belt and using only the Force to batter down the opponent be it with Telekinesis smashing through force barriers and devastating walls, Force Lightning that he could use to stun opponents, a Force Wound to instantly break through powerful Force Barriers to either seriously injure or kill and then of course his most favoured killing method the Force Blast, the magnitude of this ability was equal to the desperation of which Kun needed to use it's power, if he was being overwhelmed he would unleash a barrage of Dark Side energy to totally obliterate an entire area, but if he was in full control he would simply and instantly unleash this power to knock his opponents out cold, with no adequate defence against Dark Side energy, this technique would be lethal to almost anything.

But when it came to the more varied techniques he certainly was not lacking, he could use Force Flight to greatly enhance the Ataru elements he adopted into his set of techniques and skills, he had a strong command of Dark Healing allowing him to instantly heal serious injuries such as when he had his ribs broken after a hallway collapsed on him and when he arrived on Yavin IV injured and was over-whelmed, captured and tortured by Massassi Warriors he unleashed his great power to destroy a Sith Wyrm and instantly heal all of his injuries.

Kun also had a very deep knowledge and command over the esoteric powers such as Alchemy, which he used to create the Terentateks, large and powerful Sith War Beasts that hunted down Force Users, he could also clearly use rituals to absorb life energy, this continuously empowered his spirit, allowing it to remain. He eventually would have used this technique but much more effortlessly to recreate his own body and return to the world of the living By this time he had become a frightening apparition, Corran Horn had his own unfortunate encounter with Exar Kun: Quote: Kun flicked a finger at me, sending me whirling across the courtyard.

The Jedi, fearftgat he might cause even greater harm than before, used force sever to trap his spirit on Yavin IV. Kun, having been awakened, terrorized Luke's students and even turned Kyp Durron, a upcoming Jedi, to the dark side. With the help of Vodo-Siosk Baas, and the new Jedi, Luke Skywalker anaged to use the Light Side to push the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith to the farest outskirts of the Force, banishing him from the physical realm forever. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Species Human. Gender Male. Height 1. Hair color Black. Eye color Gray. Skin color Light. Affiliation Brotherhood of the Sith, formerly a member of the Jedi Order. Mentor Vodo-siosk Baas, Freedon Nadd. Disciple Uliq Qel-Droma.

I am Exar Kun. Darth Census WIP 14 1. Likes Comments 3. Like I found it. Related wiki Battle Royale Planning Guide. Related wiki Clips' Clone Trooper Template. Into Star Wars?

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The Legend of Exar Kun: Complete Saga - Star Wars Characters Explained!! exar kun star wars

Kun has apprenticed to the respected Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baasand in his days as a student he came across forbidden knowledge of the history of the Sith.

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