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Kenmore sewing machine 385

kenmore sewing machine 385

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Stretch Stitch When sewing corners, Satin stitch clown into foot foot pivot I Here's How Set the same as satin stitch. Back the fabric with interfacing, Stretch Stitch Draw with tailor's chalk. Guide Stretch Stitch stitches Trim excess fabric close to stitching. Choose the buttonhole style Built-in bottonholes rectangular. Choose this style for waistband, cuffs, belt slots or where need only one or two buttons.

Carefully length on your garment. Change foot. Set the stitch b. Sew 4 to 6 stitches. Sew until the buttonhole. Know the parts read carefully your machine properly. NOTE: is advisable to use a blue stretch fabric needle Pull catch toward while sliding the template hole size you have chosen is at the setting mark.

Page 50 Mark your buttonhole position carefully Placing your garment behind the machine, plate and the buttonhole foot as shown. Align marked buttonhole with center marking Line up your fabric edge with the measurement plate just in front of the buttonhole foot Pierce the fabric with the needle at the beginning Page 52 Close Open the zipper. Stitch across and below tom of the zipper, Knot the threads the bobbin gathers evenly. Stretch Stitch tear away backing so the A: Zigzag foot edge on each side.

Mark match center Place under foot and stitch sure buted. Box Stitching Set the Machine thread tension Stretch Stitch A: Zigzag foot Experiment on a scrap of fabric to see what special effects Stitch width Unevenly Nicks or burrs at hole of needle plate. Machine Jamming Knocking Noise In case machine is not used extended time, it before Use good quality sewing machine No other oiling is required Above points only area require oiling on this machine.

Page 64 All parts listed herein may be ordered from any Sears Roebuck or service center. Page 65 Accessory storage 2, 8 Appliqueing 23, 33 Bar tacking 23, 33 Base Base plate 4. Page 67 MEMO Page 68 MEMO The model number of your Sewing Machine will be shown on your nomenclature your Sewing Machine.

This manual is also suitable for: Print page 1 Print document 70 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? Cancel Delete. Delete from my manuals? Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload manual. The Kenmore It is my go-to machine any time I need to sew clothing. It's not a fast machine and that's the reason I don't like it for piecing quilts. The Kenmore 10 Model I swear it would sew through a 2x4 if you could get it under the needle.

I picked up a Globe sewing machine at an auction and I must say the stitching is beautiful and it sews through everything, its my favourite machine to paper piece on :. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. Please read my disclosures to know more. Kenmore 10 Model Original Post - August This post may contain affiliate links.

Purchases made through affiliate links cost you nothing and adds a few pennies to the fabric budget. Would you like to comment? Sew Surprising August 7, at PM. Home Ec. Mel August 7, at PM. Previous Home Next.

Kenmore sewing machine 385 r co one prep spray

How to Thread a Sewing Machine-Kenmore Model No. 385-16221 Series kenmore sewing machine 385

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Want to decorate your home with creative stitching style? Then fulfill your dreams with Kenmore sewing machine , a stitching tool where you will have options of selecting numerous stitches including basic, decorative and stretch stitches for home decor, fashion, quilting, and crafting.

Take a tour of the whole article thoroughly and buy if the Kenmore sewing machine suits and satisfies all your needs and demands. It can work on different and unique stitches that can be seen on the flip top stitch chart. A different project requires different stitch length and width. Kenmore sewing machine facilitates user with the adjustable length and width option.

So, the Kenmore machine offers a stitching speed of stitches every minute that is more than enough. With this machine, you can sew buttonholes of 5 different types in one single step. The automatic needle threader saves the immeasurable time.

The interesting fact about this Kenmore Sewing Machine come with a limited warranty of 25 years. To keep the machine neat and clean and protect from damage, we get a hardcover for this machine while buying. The dimensions of this machine are Refer Kenmore sewing machine review to know more and better. To know more, go through the Kenmore sewing machines review. This Best Computerized Sewing machine has a total of unique built-in stitches that include 67 monograms.

It will allow you to create different designs and sewing patterns. The sewer can see all the modes on the flip top stitch chart. Therefore, enjoy your creativity with the multiple stitching options available in Kenmore sewing machine model Sewer can adjust the stitching length and width as needed for different projects. In Model Kenmore sewing machine, the length is adjustable upto 5mm, whereas length is adjustable upto 7mm.

Kenmore sewing machine attains a maximum speed of stitches per minute, which is quite great to finish the task earlier. High speed is one of the selling points of this mini sewing machine. Along with most of the automated characteristics, it one of the best sewing machines for beginners.

Kenmore sewing machine includes several accessories for quilting. It also facilitates embroidery with decorative stitching and monogramming alphabet. There is drop feed, which allows for free motion embroidery using the darning foot. This Best Computerizied Sewing machine can be used for simple stitching, embroidering as well as quilting.

Therefore, no need to buy different machines because with this you can perform all the tasks. While stitching circular parts like cuffs and sleeves, you need a free arm facilitating the stitching of cylindrical parts of the fabric. Having a free arm makes the stitching process more comfortable and less irritating because the Kenmore sewing machine allows users to have better control over the fabric.

As you know, if a fabric is well handled, then it will result in smooth and even stitching, which is the ultimate aim. Kenmore has LCD with a key stitch selection pad. It becomes more accessible for the user to see all the sewing settings on one frame and do further changes as need with time. Having an LCD screen on the sewing machine is excellent.

Sewer can see and edit all the settings as he wishes in one frame. Also, if he forgets something about the setting, then he can recheck it on the machine. So, the LCD screen is another asset to this machine, which is very helpful while stitching. To know Kenmore sewing machine price, you can visit Amazon. The auto threader is one of the characteristics uses ask while buying the Best sewing machine. Because sewing machine Kenmore saves our time and also keeps us away from unwanted irritation and frustration.

The bobbin case floats above the hook, precluding thread jams. You can insert the bobbin in the sewing machine. This Kenmore 14 sewing machine model has jam proof bobbin set with the transparent case to make the sewer capable of supervising that how much length is left on the bobbin, i. In Kenmore Best sewing machine model , the bobbin is loaded from the top and has a transparent cover that makes it easier for us to keep an eye on how much thread is left on the bobbin.

Best Kenmore machines have an automatic presser foot pressure, which means the machine automatically applies pressure depending on the thickness of the fabric Many of the user asked about when was the kenmore sewing machine made? Adjustable thread tension in this machine allows you to set the tension for the various stitches. As per Best Kenmore sewing machine reviews, these models are highly compact and have a Built-in handle to enhance portability. In this machine, some embroidery with decorative stitching and a monogramming alphabet can be done.

Also, free motion embroidery using the darning foot option is available. With Kenmore sewing machine price, you will get more than what you expect. Follow the steps below to thread a Kenmore Sewing Machine 1. Turn the clutch knob toward you, or counter-clockwise, to release it for starting the thread. Place your thread on the spool pin. Elastic Stretch Stitch Box Stitching What to Do When Replace the Light Bulb Clean the Bobbin Holder Clean the Hook Race and Feed Dogs Oiling the Machines A fuN-line of sewing cabinets is available at your.

Bobbin Winding Spindle. Stitch Length Control. Reverse Stitch Con trol. Arm Cover Plate. Stretch Stitch Adiuster. Presser Foot ,. Bobbin Buttonhole opener Needle set Lint brush. Darning plate Large screw driver Small screw drwer. J Spool pin teft. Zipper foot Stra3ght. Set Up the Machine. Plug in the Machine and Switch on the Power.

Power supply plug. Before inserting the plug into your. I, Check your outlet to be sureitis a to! It will only fit one way. Insert the power supply plug into the outlet. Sewmg ligh! Push the light and power switch to turn. Your machine wil! If you are. The foot control regulates the speed at. To increase speed, gently press down with. To decrease speed, release your foot pres-. NOTE: The foot control is sensitive and. Practice on a scrap of fabric to. The pressure control dial is located inside the face cover plate.

Also for velours and knits with more stretch. NOTE: The pressure dial should be reset at 3 after changing pressure, so. The spool pins are used for holding the. To use, pull up the spool pros. Place the. Push down for. The Presser Foot Lever raises and lowers your.

You don't need a pair of scissors to cut the. Just use the. The threads are cut the proper length for. The lid of the accessory storage box lifts. Sewing accessories are conveniently located. To Remove the Extension TabLe. Grip the table with your index finger and thumb,.

Pull gently toward you,. The extension table will snap out. To Attach the Extension TabJe. Fit the tabs into the slot, as shown. With your thumb and index finger, gently snap in. Your sewing machine can do free arm sewing. This feature makes sewing easy for:. Bar tacking to reinforce pockets, plackets. The Presser feet are an important feature of this machine, You need to know. Your presser foot is held in place by a Foot Holder, Each presser foot merely.

Use the correct presser foot for the stitch you wish to sew. Consult the. Stitch Pattern Chart and the detailed directions for sewing with the various. Turn the screw toward the back of. Use the large screw. Match the hole in the foot. Fit the foot holder screw into. Tighten the screw by turning it.

To Snap Off the Presser Foot:. Raise the needle bar to its highest position by turning the hand wheel. Press the snap-on button on the back of the foot holder. The presser. To Snap On the Presser Foot:. Place the presser foot so the hori-. Lower the presser foot holder to. NOTE: If you do not hear the. Use this foot for. Bar tacking see page 32 ,.

Rick-rack stretch see page 35 ,. Serging see page 37 ,. Blind hemming see page 38 ,. Lace work see page 40 ,. Two-point shell stitching. Smocking see page ,. Fagoting see page 46 ,. Elastic stretch see page 47 ,. Box stitching see page Use this foot exclusively for straight stitching.

Straight stretch see page Sliding ButtonhoJe Foot. Sliding buttonhole toot. Use this foot for buttonholes of built in. Uses: Buttonhole making see page This foot can be set to sew on each side of. The edges of the foot guide the. Satin Stitch Foot. F: Satin stitch foot. Use this transparent foot for satin stitch and. Usesz Satin stitch see page 31 ,. Applique see page 32 ,. Monogramming see page 33 ,.

Shell stitching see page Your choice of needle and thread depends on the fabric you are sewing. In your needle case, you will find the following color-coded needles:. This needle has a larger thread hole for. Purple A damaged needle can cause permanent snags or runs in knits, fine silks.

Always buy a good quality thread. It should resist tangling and be strong,. Batiste0 Dimttyo Chiffon,. Silks, Fine Lace. Cotton, Cotton Blends,. Seersucker, Satin, Kmts. Wool Crepe, Leather. Medium Heavy Weight:. Coatings, Upholstery. Cotton Ducks Heavy. Polyester Double Kmts,. Nyton Tricot, Jersey,. Stretch Terry, Spandex,. Fine Mercerized Cotton. Heavy Duty Mercerized. Buttonhole Twist Wrap stitches. To Change Your Needle. NOTE : Raise the needle bar to its highest posi-. Loosen the needle cfamp screw by turning tt.

Remove the needle by pulling tt downward. Push the needle up as tar as it will go. Tighten the needle clamp screw firmly with the. Prepare the Bobbin. Gently push down on the bobbin cover plate and slide. Lift out the bobbin, as shown. Bobbin winding spindle. Put your spool of thread onto spool pin, with the thread winding in the direction. Pull the clutch away from the machine to stop the needle from moving while you.

Place the threaded bobbin on the bobbin winding spindle so that the thread comes. Holding onto end of thread, depress the foot control. When the bobbin is slightly filled, stop the machine and clip the thread coming from. Slowly start the machine again and wind the thread until the bobbtn stops.

Push the bobbin wlnder spindle to the left and clip the thread. Remove the bobbin. Push in the clutch for normal sewing operation. Then pull the thread clockwise. Slide the bobbin cover plate while. Atlow about 4 inches of. Prepare Your Top Thread. Thread Your Needle. The numbered steps above follow the numbers. Dotted lines show places where the thread. Raise take-up lever to its highest position by turning hand wheel toward you. Raise presser foot tever. Draw thread into thread guide using both hands.

While holding thread near spool, draw thread down into the tension area and then around the. Firmly draw thread up and through take-up lever from right to left. Draw thread down and slip It through the thread guide. Thread then is slipped into needle bar thread guide.

Thread needle from front to back. You may want to cut the end of thread with sharp scissors for easier needle threading. Bring bobbin thread up by pulling. Pull both threads under and to the. Top side ol labrlc. For Straight Stitch. If you look at the stttch, front and back, you wilt notice that there are no. When adjusting top thread tension, the higher the number, the tighter the top. Choose the Correct Tensmn:.

The best tension will depend on;. The top thread. Tension Is too loose:. The top thread shows through the. The bottom side. The bobbin thread. The bobbin thread will come through. The top side of. For Zigzag Stitch. In the correct zigzag stitch, the bobbin threads will not show on the top side. To match this appearance, adjust your top. Top stde of Fabric. Bottom side of Fabric. Top side of Fabric. Mimmize the amount. Results vary. The stitch selector control determines the stitch you select.

Simply turn this control until the desired stitch is indicated by the red indicator. The bottom row of stitches is selected when the. NOTE: To avoid needle or fabric damage, be sure your needle is up and out of. Stitch patterns are color-coded to recommend setting zones at the stitch length.

Straight, Zigzag and Utility Stitches. Geometric Decorative Stitches. Buiit4n Buttonhole Making. Stitch Width Control. The stitch width control regulates the. The higher the number, the wider the. The stitch length control regulates the. The higher the number, the longer the.

To seiect Stretch Stitches, set this. NOTE: When you select built4n. Study the orange, yellow. These are. Adjusting Stretch Stitch Balance. When sewing some fabrics, you. If destgn seems open like the illustrations. To reverse stitch, hold down this con-. Release to sew forward again. Now that you are familiar with the controls on your machine and with the accessories provided for the machine,.

Below are some good habrts to follow. Inspect the needle, It should be straight, properly set and sharp on the point. It should be the correct size. Do not be afraid to change your needle frequently. Many of the new. Before plamng the materral on the machine, see that the ends of the threads have been drawn about 4. Hold on to threads during the sewing of the first 3 or 4 stitches of the. Test the machine stitch on a scrap of fabric you plan to use. The fabric should be double thickness.

Fabric should be placed under the presser foot with the bulk of the material to the left of the needle and. The more pressure you put on the foot control, the faster the. Fasten each seam by back tacking at the beginning and end of the seam. Guide the fabric gently with your hand in front of the needle. Never pull or hold the fabric tn such a way. Practical Stitch Chart. Thread Stitch Stitch.

Orange 0 Regular searms, zippers, topstitching, darmng,. Selection Foot and Other Attach. Use on knits and other stretch fabrtcs, good. Fimsh edges, buttons, satin stitch, applique,. Decorate garments with one row or several. Use for fimshing seams. Stitch Stitch I Stitch Selection Needle Tension. Foot and Other Attach,. I Use for fimshing seams.

Zigzag Bfue Use m smocking or as a decorative stitch. Use on nylon tricot and other lingerie to. Do shetl tucking on blouses and lingerie. DO shell tucking on blouses and lingerie. Foot end Other Attach, Needle. Use tot ovedappmg seams. Use for apptymg elastic. Join two folded edges for decorative. Use for patchwork quilting. Selection Foot and OtherAttach,. Needle Tension Length Width. Uses Refer to Page. Use as hemming stitch for blankets, table- Blue Zone Buttonholes: also corded buttonholes.

Straight Stitches. Best sewmg results are. Before sewing with the straight stitch. Raise the presser foot,. Rmse the needle to its highest. Place the edge of the fabric next. Draw the threads toward the back. Press the foot control. Hold the fabnc loosely and gently.

Do not force the fabric or try to. At the beginning and end of. Rmse the presser foot and remove. The seam guides on the needle plate. Stop stitching and lower the. Raise the presser foot and turn. Lower the presser foot and begin. Sometimes when you sew, you want to contro] the fabric yourself. The Darning Plate covers the feed dogs so that they do not touch the fabric. To Put on the Darning Plate:. The rectangular holes m the Darning Plate match the holes in the.

In the darning pfate, these holes are siightty to the. Position the darning plate with the pins on the bottom. Fit the darning plate pros into the needle plate holes at the. The feed dogs witt show through the darning plate. Use the darning plate in the fotlowing ways;. Button Sewing see page 34 ,.

The Stitch and Its Uses. Topstitchmg emphasizes the lines of. Accent suits or blouses with one or. Lower the presser foot. Keep the edge of the fabric next. Evenly guide the fabric along this. Darning Straight Stretch. Put the darning plate on the needle plate. Remove presser foot and foot holder. Draw the bobbin thread up through the. Lower the presser bar and sew at a slow. Move the fabric back and forth slowly until. NOTE: f your fabric is thin or badly damaged,. When you finish darning, remove the darning.

Top thread tension. H: Straight foot. This stitch is the stretch variation of. This stitch can also be used for. Stretch stitching was developed. It works well on. The stretch stitch does not. Basic Zigzag. Top thread tension Stitch length. A: Zigzag foot.

The Stitch and its Uses. It can be a utility stitch. There are many ways to sew a ztgzag stitch. Consutt the specific variations for detaited directions. Satin Stitch page 31,. Bar Tacking page 32,. Monogramming page Button Sewing page 34,. Overcasting page Satin Stitch. F: Satin stitch. Pressure dial: I or. The Satin stitch is a versatile and often. Once your machine is set up to stitch, you may want to experiment on a fragment.

Stitch width. Pressure dial: 2. Stitch around the applique making. When sewing corners, lower the needle. Raise the presser. Ba r Tacking. A: Zigzag toot. F' Satin stitch. Set the same as satin stitch,.

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Part 1 Basic Sewing Machine Tutorial- Kenmore 385 Series

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