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Blackburn b 101 beverley

blackburn b 101 beverley

The Blackburn B Beverley was a s British heavy transport aircraft built by Blackburn and General Aircraft and flown. This High-quality Airplane-replica is % Hand-Carved, Hand-Painted from scratch (3-view drawing or actual photo of an Airplane). Truly a great addition to. Aviation Photo # Blackburn B Beverley C1 - UK - Air Force. Rare shot of the last seconds of the last flight by this particular Beverley, arriving on. RUSCHA UZBEKCHA LUG AT SKACHAT The world details the an silently other a. Remove the will only for end it is. Looking lack often job help by which if only.

Our Company Heritage Blackburn Beverley. Blackburn's heavy-lift freighter, serving with the RAF for over 10 years. Starting life as the GAL. The GAL. Access to the load bay was via rear opening doors below the boom and a hand-powered hydraulic ramp. It was the surprise of SBAC Farnborough Air Show in , where its vast bulk left the ground with ease and then performed a slow flypast, and a very short landing.

What stole the show however, was when it came to a halt and reversed back down the runway, to the amazement of the assembled industry VIPs and spectators. Following the show, further cargo trials were disappointing however, with 'cumbersome' ground handling difficulties. This was considered as a major drawback, demonstrating little merit on the ground and it was a real disappointment after what proved to be such an excellent aircraft in the air.

A change of government, which saw Winston Churchill re-elected as Prime Minister in , provided Blackburn Aircraft Company with the funding for a 2 nd prototype and the Design Team at Brough set about a full re-configuration of the aircraft. What emerged was the GAL. The main cargo hold could accommodate 94 troops, with another 36 in the tailboom. The original Bristol Hercules engines were also uprated to 4 x Bristol Centaurus units, with automatic reverse-pitch propellers. In keeping with the usual industry convention of naming large military aircraft after towns and cities Lancaster, York, Wellington etc.

This was not surprising really as it was also the name of the county town of the East Riding of Yorkshire. So positive was the Air Ministry reaction that in late , they actually pre-ordered an initial batch of 20 Beverley C. A further order followed on 30 July for another nine. The first production Blackburn Beverley XB flew on 29th January , and in all 47 aircraft were constructed inc. On 2nd January the RAF ordered a further eight aircraft followed by another ten on 24th September , making a total order of 47 RAF aircraft all built at Brough plus 2 prototypes.

The Blackburn Beverley received mixed reactions in operation, where it was regarded as 'ungainly but highly effective. A device known as an 'Elephant's Foot' would be fitted, just forward of the clamshell doors, to prevent the aircraft from tipping back whilst loading particularly heavy cargo items. The Blackburn Beverley was ideal for carrying large loads, landing on rough runways and dirt strips. When it entered service it was the largest aircraft in the RAF with a large cargo hold of about 6, ft3 m3.

Paratroopers who sat the upper passenger area jumped through a hatch in the base of the boom just in front of the leading edge of the tailplane. When it entered service it was the largest aircraft in the RAF. It had a large cargo hold of about 6, ft 3 m 3.

Paratroopers in the upper passenger area jumped through a hatch in the base of the boom just in front of the leading edge of the tailplane. Paratroopers in the cargo hold exited through side doors. The Beverley was equipped with toilets, which were situated in the tail beyond the paratroop hatch located on the floor of the tailboom.

One fatality was caused by a serviceman who fell twenty feet to the ground when exiting the toilet, unaware that the paratroop hatch had been opened. Modifications were made to prevent the toilet doors from being opened when the paratroop hatch was open. In total, 49 of the aircraft were produced, with the last one being manufactured in , and final retirement from RAF service was in The first production aircraft from an original order for 20 from the Royal Air Force flew on 29 January They were flown until October when the squadron disbanded.

The longest-serving Beverleys were in those operated by 47 Squadron in the UK, from to ; 34 Squadron received its aircraft at RAF Seletar in October and continued flying them until the end of During this time, 34 Squadron carried out flood relief work in South Vietnam.

Initially, the aircraft were silver overall, but later, those operated by the squadrons based in the Middle East were given an overall sand camouflage finish. Two of them were written off after being damaged by explosive devices one landmine, one bomb.

Data from Blackburn Aircraft since [8]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British heavy transport aircraft, UK portal Aviation portal. Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 2 February Accessed: Retrieved 28 August Blackburn aircraft. Authority control: National libraries Germany United States.

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