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Impala waterproof lipliner 211

impala waterproof lipliner 211

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If you want to take your Saturday night to the next next-level, you know what to do. But fret not, for nothing has been lost in this structural change. For nothing-like-it house, AD will always be tough to beat. Come feel the multiple reasons why this night.

This time, DJ Victoria, well-schooled in deep house, tech house and trance, and the bass-and-beats-toting Durio will call the shots. Manic floral prints and stripes form the base of the collection, which sees prim collars paired with supple leather jackets and floaty skirts — as if Park is trying to record a fleeting moment of floral magic that is about to make way for yet another concrete megalith.

Designed for the girl who wants to take on the great outdoors, the collection boasts versatile pieces that will complement your urban adventures. Breezy cropped tops, button-downs and college sweatshirts channel the too-cool-forschool attitude Cali girls are well known for. Colours are reminiscent of a lazy Malibu beach, where seawaters translate into various shades of teal and blue, and soft sand gives colour to the beige and browns used in the collection.

For the girl who wants her basic monochromes, greys, blacks and white will satisfy that yearning. For more information, log on to pullandbear. Based in the U. From collecting these donations to finding new ways to educate the public on the benefits of recycling, TRAID also collaborates with a roster of designers to ensure that the fabrics are given a second lease on sartorial life.

Talk about being an eco-rebel. This New York-based fashion label is committed to giving shoppers full information on their clothing, from start to finish. Each garment comes with a tag that informs you of the origin of the fibre, where it was spun, processed, dyed and manufactured. Utilising ethicallysourced and organic materials, the designs have a penchant for Zen-like design and muted colours.

Through a wardrobe of easyto-wear, everyday pieces, Study appeals to the urban dweller who likes their fashion to remain accountable. While her designs are lush and celebrate the dark bravado of rocker-chic, Inglis pays close attention to engineering a line that is as environmentally friendly as it is stylish.

For starters, each garment is constructed by a familyrun factory, allowing her to manage the manufacturing processes to minimise material wastage. The label also uses low-impact fabrics like vegetable-tanned leather and dead-stock wool sourced in New York. Choosing to forgo the appeal of fast-fashion-fast-money, Taller Nu is a Mexican brand that pays keen attention to experimenting with various materials and collaborating with multi-disciplinary artists.

While the clothes are easy enough for anyone to wear, what we are drawn to is the footwear line. Comprising of brogues, oxfords and boots, these classic shoe styles are given a new look through the combination of unexpected materials and patterns. Reform never looked so stylish. Speaking of reformation, this L.

On top of upcycling vintage garments, Aflalo ensures that her factory processes do not burden the environment. From the use of machines powered by renewable energy to recycled hangers, she takes steps to ensure that Reformation leaves as little carbon footprint as possible. On the style front, her clothes are immediately eye-catching and trendy — from diaphanous floral dresses to a jumpsuit made from recycled denim.

Fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time. This season, the street fashion megabrand partners the Louvre museum in Paris to feature artworks from Renaissance artist, Sandro Botticelli. Key fabrics of the season include organic silk, hemp, and cotton that is woven from recycled yarn, while recycled glass and denimite transform into gemstone embellishment and accompanying jewellery respectively.

Known for its classic take on the avant-garde, the collection also presents a variety of striking pieces such as a pair of billowing pants and brushed-painted frocks. Probably the one thing most ladies love, jewellery is often associated with the art of gifting. With Edge Of Ember, the giving goes back to the communities that the brand works with. Currently collaborating with workshops in Indonesia, Cambodia and Nepal, Edge Of Ember seeks to work with the local artisans living in these regions — especially those who have decades of skill that may go extinct in the years ahead.

Having grown up in a military family in West Point, New York, the sisters approach their bag designs with one motive in mind: to make use of military technologies and materials and apply them to products suited for the general public. The idea of sprezzatura has become such a revered form of dressing in the global menswear scene that, so often, it is carelessly dropped into Instagram hashtags and blog captions.

Started by Italian designer Selene Tropiano in , the Londonbased label looks towards the meditative art of Tibetan dressing for inspiration, blending it with a subtle sense of quirk and ethnicinspired design elements. This season, colours are practically non-existent. Choosing to work with a soothing palette of taupe, ivory, black, and smoke, the only surface texture comes in the form of pinstripes that are deliberately mismatched to create a point of tension.

This leaning towards natural dressing is seen also in the clothes, as evidenced by her long-line tunic shirts, paper bag pants and the use of natural fabrics such as muslin, cotton and linen. Perhaps the biggest focus of her line falls not in the individual items themselves, but in how one wears them. Pyjama-collared shirts hang over loose pants, while scarves are thrown around the neck haphazardly. Elsewhere, trousers are given enlarged waistlines and ruffled up with the help of an attached sash belt, creating a look that is as comfortable as it is organic.

Subtle as her pieces may be, Tropiano still finds a way to make them interesting, primarily by hiding details within the clothing itself. From collared pockets on a pair of trousers to the slightly deviated hue of the inside lining of a shirt, every surprise feels like a calculated step that helps to tell her seasonal story.

Apart from the details and minimalist designs, Tropiano recognises that sometimes we just want a great pullover or cardigan to layer over existing clothes, and she offers a selection of these readily. Though not as extensive in quantity as compared to the other pieces in her collection, she still promises quality fabrics in tested fits that deliver on evergreen wardrobe classics.

This is achieved by reviving its bright and full spectra of tie-dye colours, such as acid yellows and toxic greens. Besides textures, the collection also shines with an ethereal sense of the eerie. Furthering the trippy experience, the collection takes on deconstructionism with asymmetrical shapes, knots, draping, and crops that throw off any sense of put-togetherness. The collection also destroys and ravages with fraying edges and faded over-dyes, leaving an ensemble that looks worn and threadbare, replete with shredded denim being woven into sneakers for laces.

From when it first filled the need for affordable and fashionable jeans back in Sweden to the great joy of the Stockholm youth , the brand has journeyed on with a consistently grounded design direction, paying tribute to the cultural hallmarks of denim. Like how it is known for a playful cartoon about a traditionally macabre and morbid icon, it may have yet reached a new saturation point in this latest collection, by synthesising the sobriety of the apocalypse with the psychedelic nature of funk.

Never finding the need to indulge in unnecessary frivolities and needless avant-garde ideas, the Swedish clothing label has instead evolved steadily from collection to collection with an insouciant swagger. Suffice to say, her proposal for the season is built on firm grounds. Instead, her design sensibilities constantly find new ways to express her vision through strong concepts — carving them into clarity with a precise and sculptural skillset that is still impressively minimalist in aesthetic.

With her new collection, Lyons takes the colours and textures of white mineral geodes to capture the sprawling magnificence of the natural landscape, while also using her uncluttered aesthetic to explore the fluidity of gender. This proves to be a winning combination for her, with each look nodding to the trend of normcore and versatility.

Taking a golden brown granite geode that encases interior crystals of milky white as her keycolour palette, the collection sees dark burnt orange and. Complementing the milky white pieces are solid olive green and khaki colours, as seen in the synthetic neoprene pants, cropped shorts, and patched sleeves of an anorak jacket. Building on the clean aesthetic, Lyons also pairs flowing pearlescent tunics made from sheer fabrics with strict, geometric cuts that embody a gendertranscendent spirit.

She is adept at translating this sense of awe through an intricate and precise process of thought, and continues to find innovative and authentic ways to explore, understand, and portray the South African aesthetic on the global stage. The Ascend works so well for both athletic and lifestyle purposes, and the Techloom Pro is truly unique. Most Recent Indulgence Adam: Overcoats, for sure. Most of what I wear is pretty consistent, except I like to have really nice outerwear pieces.

Travel Essentials Adam: Definitely my gold chain and grey T-shirts. I never go anywhere without those. They have the best pancakes in the world. Best Grooming Tip Ryan: Choose a great barber, because he can make a huge difference. I try and make sure I always have a fresh haircut.

Ryan: Fitness is an important part of my life, and I love hitting the speed bag. The gym I usually go to no longer has one, so I recently had a really nice boxing speed bag put into my apartment. Love For Pedder On Scotts The interior looks amazing, and the store associates are fantastic as well.

Available at Pedder On Scotts. Tell us the story behind your fox emblem. Well, we feel that the brand is very much like a fox. We are a fashion brand, a music label, and we have a cafe under the brand name as well. Who inspires you and your team when designing a collection?

I did, and I felt the vibe was in line with what we wanted to do, and that was how we decided on the direction of our collection. Sometimes inspiration comes to us in our everyday lives. We design clothes for everyday living, our cafe functions for daily needs, and we sign artistes to our label because we identify them as acts you can listen to on a day-to-day basis. I love the cargo pants.

They are fitted properly, well fabricated and great for daily wear. As the industry continues to look to street fashion for inspiration, do you feel that same influence? Yes, more so actually. From there, we experiment. We try things out, constantly evolve and keep things curious. Who are you currently listening to?

Hopefully we can open one in Asia, maybe Singapore or Bangkok. We are looking at opening new stores, new doors and working on better collections. A lot, actually. I just moved back to Tokyo, so there are re-adjustments I need to make. Gildas is still in Paris, so we are working out a system over two different time zones.

Choose from a casing in gold or silver, pick a striped strap to match, and you have a horological classic to flaunt. For lads who prefer something a little more pared-back, the line of basics turns to the city as its main reference point — from MA-1 jackets and oversized tees to generously fitted pants.

Ladies can also get in on the fun with clothing that champions freedom and ease. Chiffon and mesh are employed to a great extent, while panelled knitwear and shirtdresses offer versatile options for dress-up nights or casual arvos. Available at i. A refreshing colour palette of mint, sunset orange and lush red is juxtaposed by deeper shades of navy and grey, rounding off a postcard-perfect range of apparel. Available at Ted Baker. Anglomania gets an urban makeover, as seen in this checkered sneaker with a rubber toe-cap.

The white tennis shoe gets a fun update with a pair of voluptuous lips and some sassy side-eye. In a nod to the bohemian days, the line offers plenty of florals on button-down blouses, pinafore dresses and frilly tops. So when Jeremy Scott and Melissa Shoes come together for a capsule collection, you can expect a fun series of comfy soles.

His bold sense of design comes through in the gaily colours used to create a Barbie-worthy line of boots, mules, ballerina flats, and sandals. We chat with the girls to learn more about their craft. What was it that drew the both of you into the art of jewellery design? To me, jewellery is something personal.

Even a small piece of jewellery can reveal our true selves. Tell us about the inspiration behind Collection Domina. Domina takes inspiration from the art of bondage. We translated the provocative nature of bondage elements such as chains, chokers and leather tassels into precious jewellery pieces. She is powerful, sophisticated and modern. Our customer is the woman who dresses for herself. With labels such as Killstar, Damascus and Black Scale, expect to shop a curated selection of threads that will bring out your self-expressed individuality.

The second collection will be a continuation of our story. And as part of the campaign, the global fashion chain is teaming up with M. Stay tuned. The good folks at Onitsuka Tiger have released a special set of shoes that feature suminagashi, the traditional art of Japanese dyeing.

Dating back over a thousand years, this ancient technique uses ink pigments that are blended with oil. This ink-oil mixture is then floated over water, and transferred onto the textile used to make these shoes. Available in pink, blue and slate grey ink swirls, the nature of the suminagashi technique ensures that no two shoes are ever the same.

And the good news? This is the one colour everyone has lying in their makeup pouch. Better yet, it doubles up as both eyeshadow and blush. But if you like your colours fierce and want to rock the trend like the glam pony you are, take it to your lip and brow and get out of the safe rut. Combining the prowess of three antioxidant-rich ingredients — peony root, vitamin C and licorice root extracts — the silky formula lends a hand to combat spots and dullness to unveil a more luminous complexion.

Thanks to sodium hyaluronate, this toner also plumps up the skin, leaving it soothed and supple. We especially like how quickly it absorbs and the soft, velvety feel it delivers. In this upgraded scrub, white ginseng powder meets honey and beta glucan extracts to help purify and balance skin — ridding excess sebum and leaving it smooth and radiant. The scrubbing beads — made from the same ginseng powder and walnut skin — are gentle but do a good job of buffing the skin to brightness, which works well for those with sensitive skin.

The gel consistency also makes it a refreshing treat. With a dual-layer structure that zooms in on the cheek and temple areas, the mask comforts with a sweet rose scent and improves skin tone with three types of collagen. On top of its delightful fragrance and soothing gel-cream consistency, the mask helps to reverse effects of the free radical damage we endure throughout the day, to bring back translucency and radiance to lacklustre skin.

Apply a thin layer to use this as a moisturiser, or pile on a thicker layer and leave overnight — complete with gentle massage strokes to improve absorption and efficacy. Harnessing the power of peony, which helps to dilute melanin, it combines antioxidative and protective capabilities with a light technology to reduce the appearance of flaws and prevent further damage. Besides its promise of clearer, more radiant skin in eight weeks, we also enjoy the charming floral scent of white tea, peach, florals, and musk, as well as its fast-absorbing texture.

This is achieved through the use of red algae extract, known for its brightening and spot-correcting capabilities; and vitamin C, known for its skinplumping and antioxidative properties. Now with double the amount of truffle yeast extract, the silky emulsion helps to rid skin of toxins and impurities — which leads to a clearer and more vibrant mien.

Antioxidants help to reduce facial redness, while green tea protein fills melanin cells with moisture to promote luminosity and suppleness. At 17, Josie Maran began working with top makeup artists as a model in L. While enthralled by the luxe quality of pro-level makeup, Maran yearned for products that are not just good on the outside — she wanted formulas that are good for both the user and the environment. When Maran chanced upon the restorative prowess of pure, organic argan oil and experienced what it could do for her skin and hair, she started her eponymous brand centred around this key ingredient — grown and harvested responsibly in Morocco.

Today, the catalogue has expanded to include not just facial solutions, but also hair and body treatments for an all-rounded experience. Only natural-origin ingredients are used, like plant oils and extracts, and natural additives like amino acids and vitamins. This day supply of per cent pure vitamin C powder-serum blend will aid in repairing free radical damage and provide antioxidant protection for brighter looking skin. Made with sensitive skin types in mind, this vitamin-rich oil imparts comforting moisturisation to return parched skin to its supple, hydrated state.

It also absorbs easily without weighing skin down. The Pro Sculpting range includes the Palettes, each featuring four harmonious shades to contour and sculpt; the 3-in-1 Brow, which helps create three-dimensional arches; as well as the 2-in-1 Lip, which adds definition to the puckers.

Combining two brush heads into one product, you can choose between natural or voluminous lashes simply by layering the black pigment on one end, with the weightless white fibres on another. The smudge-proof formula is infused with arginine serum, which restores the condition of lashes and boosts their thickness, and comes off easily with warm water. By combining a uniquely evolving texture with a priming gel that smoothes the surface, your skin will be prepped and ready for the creamy base with mineral pigments that will neutralise all imperfections.

Use it as a base, foundation, concealer, finishing powder, or all at once to complete your perfect make-up routine. It is also enriched with almond. Besides treating you to the rich and hydrating almond oils and shea. With the weather becoming hotter as we shift into summer, the problem of icky sebum shine can quickly escalate. The former is a dual-sided mask that cleans out pores and reduces its appearance around the nose, forehead and chin, while exfoliating and tightening the skin at the same time.

Revitalising its fragrance line with the precious concoction of a new, distinctive rose heart, the house blends two exquisite and exotic roses — African Dog Rose and Turkish Rose — in a nectar that opens with a bright, saccharine effusion of neroli. The scent dissipates into a floral bouquet of white water lilies and daffodils, before sinking into the charming richness of the two roses. Intense yet elegant at the same time.

Encased in a black lacquer bottle that shimmers like a precious gem, the scent opens with a wild bouquet of roses and fresh neroli flowers, followed by notes of green lilies of the valley and silky peony that tempers the intensity of damask roses; all anchored by sandalwood and sensual white musk.

All ready to take you to the height of Summer, NARS rolls out its Hot Sand Collection, featuring six must-have items centred around the champagne tone to give skin a incandescent finish. These days, it seems that every beauty brand worth its salt is pushing out a cushion product.

But how Lancome trumps its competition is by rolling out a cushion foundation that comes with a dual-layer delivery system, allowing its complex high-coverage formula to be dispensed easily with little pressure.

To brighten up your mien, the brand also offers gorgeous little cushion compact blushes — designed to add subtle touches of colour that look natural and feel smooth. Luxurious, powerful and smooth, the scent personifies the alluring confidence of a timeless leather jacket — a wardrobe classic that never goes out of style. Complete your regime with the Triple-Milled Soap, which lathers richly to cocoon you in that same alluring fragrance for better longevity.

Built around the rich tonka bean, the scent effuses a warm and glowing amber accord, complete with notes of cardamom, green mandarin essence, orange blossom, tobacco and nutmeg — all set against a base of burnt styrax wood. POA, available at leading departmental stores. With the goal of creating smart and effortless skincare regimes, the set includes the 1A All-Day Mask, a multi-functional booster that hydrates, firms and repairs skin; the Molecular Saviour Toner Mist, an alcohol-free facial mist that blends potent healing oils of damask rose, juniper berry and cucumber seed to refresh thirsty skin on the go; and the 1A Overnight Mask, a detoxifying leave-on mask to regenerate and renew dull, parched skin.

Reprising the same spirit of modernity, the gender-free dualfaceted scent synthesises two fragrance worlds, celebrating both the urban and the natural woods. Opening with the unexpected spice of wasabi, deepened by a creamy warmth, the mineral splash of wet cobblestones follows, complementing floral pulses of jasmine and vetiver with an electric freshness. The scent rounds off with a fiery cream sandalwood and musk base, and comes encased in a sleek glass bulb — like an ode to a futuristic world to come.

This season, Erno Laszlo returns to expand its White Marble line with more of what your skin loves and deserves. Borrowing from the capabilities of super ingredients like soybean, yuzu and green tea, the Sheet Mask is a luxurious minute weekly treatment that improves tired-looking skin through an illuminating and hydrating process. On the other hand, the Translucence Cream is a high-performance skin tone-balancing moisturiser that leaves a natural matte finish, along with smoother and more supple skin.

The mixtape remains a beloved artifact of affection and journey into sonic discovery, treasured by its receiver for years while eclipsing transitory digital imitations. Taking the retro concept from tape to wax, the L. Pressed on coloured vinyl and housed in custom-made, design-driven gatefold sleeves, the limited-run collection will have you waiting by your mailbox to embark on a new audial experience each month. Why it failed: Vinyl on a stationary turntable already comes with its share of problems.

What it was: The granddaddy of the common cassette, reel-to-reel tapes were once used for everything from data storage on mainframe computers to recording hit musicians in the studio. Why we want it back: The ability to play your rare Jack White records while driving makes for uber hipster bragging rights, obviously.

Speaking of Uber, what better way to break the ice with an unknown driver than by picking out some gems from their record collection? Why it failed: They were far more expensive than vinyl records, and a lot more finicky to play. Being so pricey, the kind of music available was consequently limited to genres like classical or soundtrack music, which meant underground musicians looked to affordable formats.

Naturally, retrophiles and collectors are bringing reel-to-reel back in a big way. And, perhaps most importantly, they were affordable. Why it failed: Cheaper cartridges meant, of course, cheaper quality. Notorious for tangling in car stereos and misaligning to the point that two tracks played simultaneously, there were also the issues of not being able to rewind and songs having to be split across tracks — meaning the music would fade out just as it was getting good.

Enter the MiniDisc MD. Comprising a three-inch CD housed in a plastic case, the MD combined the audio quality of a CD with the portability of a cassette tape. Why it failed: Unlike vastly available CDs, pre-recorded MD albums were virtually non-existent, meaning you likely had to record music onto the discs yourself. Why we want it back: Much like the labour of love that is making a mixtape, arduously recording music you already own onto another medium has its own endearing sense of achievement.

Why we want it back: Why should only the golden oldies have all the fun? There have to be musicians out there who want their music in 5. Yes, please! Producing the same sound quality as a CD with the ability to display track titles on DCC players, the cassette never sounded better. The reason?

Cassettes were already old news. Most listeners had become long-accustomed to CDs, and the format only took off in the Netherlands before being discontinued after four years. Why we want it back: For mixtape enthusiasts who swear by the antiquated format, the DCC undoubtedly steps up the sound of your playlist while keeping things sentimental. We can only imagine the soppy messages you could include on each track to your significant other — a truly wasted Hallmark opportunity. Simple but striking, the turntable is fitted with a precision uni-pivot tonearm and a manual belt drive that decouples the motor from the platter, eliminating motor noise and keeping speed consistent.

Easy to set up and pre-installed with an Audio-Technica cartridge, the Orbit Basic is ready to spin your new gems straight out of the box. When the burning desire to scratch your records and pump up the crowd with your supreme selections becomes too strong, keep your home turntable safe and turn to the Pioneer PLX A no-brainer for any budding DJ looking to be a mix master who can cut faster. With a portable design and in-built speaker that allow you to take your tunes to the street, the compact transformer plays both vinyl and tape off battery power or a USB connection.

Listeners can also convert both formats to MP3 when plugged into a computer so your tunes are at the ready for moments when whipping out a record proves cumbersome. Price TBA, visit sony. When you want to take your vinyl on-the-go and look likeaboss doing it, the Crosley Executive is as dapper as turntables come. The only problem? Its briefcase-inspired portability will have you wishing your record collection could be just as easy.

Racking up a record collection should be a fun activity, and listening to your crate-digging finds should be too. Sometimes the only way to complement the beauty of your rare records is to play them on something equally as awe-inspiring.

Though it may look like a complex machine that only a bomb squad can operate, the VPI Prime is as simple to use as it is exotic in looks. Simple in design but undeniably eye-catching, the ATH-E70 in-ear monitors offer a peek into the gizmos that make the music happen. Sporting a semi-transparent housing that displays the intricate circuitry responsible for its critically acclaimed sonic signature, its understated design makes it a humble companion from the light-bathed stage to the recording studio, while inspiring awe from fellow audiophiles and music-loving sparkies for its glimpse behind the scenes.

Like the transparent window that uncovers the circuitry that makes the magic happen, the in-ear monitors leave no note uncovered, with three balanced armature drivers to produce an accurate sound stage. With an extended response across the entire frequency range to reveal each and every detail, take solace in knowing that the music has nowhere to hide.

Roaring venues and bustling streets are just a handful of places that present challenges to enjoying the most out of your music. Thankfully, the specially designed housing of the ATH-E70 provides maximum isolation, cutting out noise so you can hone in on the sounds that matter most. WOLF Nestled in the bustling PasarBella at Suntec, the burger stall stays true to its name in unleashing a wildly imaginative menu for when your appetite hits animalistic heights.

PasarBella at Suntec City, tel: Mechanical engineering is the fundamental of everything — a field that tells you how everything works. I hold Mechanical Design Engineering in even higher regard as it not only teaches you how everything works, but also how to design something in the most efficient manner with the least amount of resources. How did you manage your time as a part-time student?

As a student with full-time work commitments, it was challenging to balance between work and evening classes. It called for a lot of time management and discipline. Weekdays were spent on classes and late-night meetings, while weekends were for catching up on classes and finishing assignments. I had to carefully plan my time for group meetings with classmates, research, and preparing my final year report spanning across two semesters.

The knowledge I gained has shaped the way I think and approach tasks, and will no doubt enhance my current role within my company. Attending lectures after a long day at work sounds tiring. How did you stay focused and make each trip to class worth the effort? With classes at 7pm, I had an hour to catch a bite and break after work.

The topics discussed in my classes were engaging, so I was able to focus and participate effectively. The wealth of industrial experience and knowledge offered by my lecturers certainly enhanced the degree of engagement in sessions. What module did you find most interesting? It equipped me with the knowledge necessary to be a good engineer, and taught me to be responsible towards the environment when designing a product.

Tell us about the learning environment at MDIS. Located strategically with optimum facilities and up-to-date software, it makes learning very effective for engineering students like me. I was especially fascinated with the 3-D printing machine in the MDIS laboratories; they helped us apply theories into practice. I had no worries if I missed a class, as I was always able to catch up through lecture video uploads.

How will this degree help you advance in your career? My first class honours qualification from. Does photography serve to showcase your softer side? There has always been an emotional Marquardt. But there was another Marquardt as well. Already, the era of punk was about the look; kind of a warlike appearance.

This little boy? In those days, people would cross the street to avoid me. I adopted the look, the tattoos, the jewellery, the war paint, to keep people at a distance. I think the art of a bouncer is to keep a kind of distance, because everything else obligates. How did you go from being a young punk to getting involved in the techno scene? For me, the time for punk was simply over; it had run out.

Clubs found themselves in emptied industrial spaces and cellars. The Kunsthaus Tacheles came into being. All of this became a mixture. You see thousands of faces in your line of work, but have you come across anybody in Singapore who stuck out? He was listening to Adam Byer on his iPod and had a photo of me on it. It was really strange. He was really a cool guy who was tattooed all over; he had never been to Berghain, but was interested in electronic music.

He asked to take a photo together and we did. These are great moments; that there are connections on the opposite side of the world in which you are allowed to be a guest. These are the goose bump moments. What spurred your interest in photography? The scene was pretty small, but if I look at it based on my travels, there are scenes everywhere made up of different thinkers and young people who are creative, or who would like to be creative, and who deny things.

During this time, photography, as my trained profession, became my stylistic device to show my attitude to life. I always took photographs of the people around me. I was never interested in taking pictures of celebrities. These are people that have nothing to do with my life, and therefore are not interesting to me. I take portraits of people who are nearer to my attitude towards life. The energy in her pieces is something that I always look forward to.

Her series of works are timeless. I try to go to Japanese restaurants for the fresh ones but most of the time, buying from supermarkets is good enough. Listening to them gives my mind and body the intense drive I need when painting on walls. I have always found French New Wave stimulating. Lost memories are made into films where adults like us can relive memories and become kids again. Makeup Essential A few coats of mascara go a long way.

It is a gold mine with a 30ft waterfall sitting at the end of a ft cave that has been abandoned for decades. I am continuously captivated at how he can fabricate awe-inspiring sounds within short periods of time. A good cup of kopi or teh and kuihs is always a good idea. Dream Collaboration A dream collaboration for me is the merging of different types of genres and visuals together, built within a strong foundation of conceptualisation and styles.

I would love to collaborate with expressive and visionary souls who create artworks for the mind, like Virtual Boy, Flying Lotus and GonjaSufi. Positioned within the largest structure of the St. James Power Station complex, the very same that once housed party-pumpers Powerhouse and Toxic, the new nightlife hub presents a concept reminiscent of the early days of Zouk. With a ceiling that stretches beyond sight and blackened windows letting in slivers of light from the outside world, the goliath building confines clubgoers to a single main room, foregoing the desire to segment its crowd.

From the moment of its launch, the club made it clear that it has no intention of playing it safe with the aptly-named Japanese rock outfit, Noisemaker, as the first performers to set its audience ablaze. This was immediately followed by resident DJ Martin, a seasoned club spinner in Japan from the age of 17 who also happens to be the manager of Wu World Radio yes, that Wu.

For more information and event updates, visit facebook. Favouring wholesome gatherings at trendy, chill-out rooftop bars over nightclub pilgrimages that serve as rites of passage into early adulthood, club culture faces unprecedented uncertainty in determining how to keep the night well and truly alive. Amidst all of the panic, a dark horse has ridden into our little red dot, seeking to disrupt the status quo.

It goes by the name of Millian. Kilo Under Pressure If you fancy making mouthwatering cuisine but never took the leap of faith to sport an apron proper, Kilo is opening up its kitchen for you to bring the heat. Returning after a four-year hiatus, the concept offers you your very own MasterChef moment — minus the cameras, crocodile tears and snotty judges.

If you. For more info, visit asidelordoftheflies. Staying in print is no easy feat we can attest to this , but the printing press is far from cold. Putting print publication under the microscope for an evening of inquiry and insight, Print Is Not Dead: The Analogue Book In A Digital World is an essential event for anyone who still finds the smell of a freshly printed publication arresting.

For more info, visit eventbrite. Besides blending into your furnishings, its sound production is just as seamless, shaped specifically to fill an entire room while maintaining an ambient character. Products may go out of stock and delivery estimates may change at any time. For additional information, please contact the manufacturer or desertcart customer service. While desertcart makes reasonable efforts to only show products available in your country, some items may be cancelled if they are prohibited for import in Portugal.

For more details, please visit our Support Page. Brand : Brooklin. At your doorstep by May 02 to May 05 with standard delivery. Description About this item. Richly pigmented lip liner that gives your lips a natural look.. Not heavy on the lips, so it hardly feels, plus it has a very smooth application.. It is a long-lasting lip liner that prevents your lip color from bleeding and fringes..

Use as a contour or for "filling" of the lips, in combination with any Impala or Brooklin lipstick.. This wooden lip pencil can be sharpened for precise application.. Imported from UK. Colour Name Light Pink Matte Product description Emphasizes the contour of the lips, their color and shape.

A rich color palette allows you to choose the right shade. The deviation from the contour of the natural lip line should not exceed 1 mm. The line applied along the outer contour will increase the lips, and on the inner contour - it will reduce the lips. When using a pencil, it is recommended to apply on the lips completely, shading the edges. Since pencils are drier, and last longer than any other coating applied to the lips.

If you sketch just the outline, then in a couple of hours there will be just this line. To always look immaculately: every day, at a party, at work!

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Essence Stay 8H Waterproof Lipliners Review

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