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Steam steal

steam steal

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Modern developments let cybercriminals wait for months before one particular malware sample or infection incident brings profit — there are so many of them, that the destiny of one piece is not critical. As a result, almost every Steam account is now a target. Kaspersky Lab has decided to conduct an investigation to understand how bad things are on the gaming market.

It turns out, our GReAT experts have highly underestimated the fraud scale. And among all the other bad things, Steam Stealers malware has attracted our attention. Hopefully, this report will evolve into an ongoing investigation, bringing much-needed balance to the gaming ecosystem. Basically the Steam Community works just like any other social network where users often interact with strangers, exchange messages or conduct trading of in-game assets.

Steam is about games , and the games that you have purchased are tied to your profile making it even more valuable. A breed of malware called Steam Stealers has proved to be extremely profitable for hackers by pilfering Steam users all around the globe. Unfortunately, there is not a lone culprit or cybergang behind the attacks, but rather a legion of groups. This is where a criminal sells different versions of malware to their less experienced colleagues; providing them with distinct features, free upgrades, user manuals, custom advice for malware distribution, and more.

Need help. This kind of malicious software is very easy to use: roughly speaking. Even beginners can use it to enter the world of cybercrime, while an average developer could meet the challenges even better. The second reason that Steam Stealers are so popular is that they are cheap.

For example, criminals can generate a fake copy of voice chats like TeamSpeak or RazerComms , or popular image-sharing sites such as Lightshot or Imgur. Take care and do not visit dangerous fake sites. In some versions it sends the much-needed Steam Guard configuration files as well. Criminals have learned the lesson of the tower of Babel.

Distributing the malware and targeting different regions or specific countries can sometimes be done simply by targeting a particular game known to be popular in the region. Steam platform is extremely popular in Russia, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as one of the most played games.

During the investigation we also noticed that the old-known fraud methods were evolving: fake screenshots got better, duplicate sites improved, delivery methods became more diverse and bots got better in mimicking human behavior.

If you wish you can read more about our research at Securelist. As you can see there are a lot of potential victims to attract even more greedy hackers to the Steam. It is adding a lot of new security measures. URL to post:. Joined 15y ago. BlessTheFallen Joined 15y ago. PhantomPain Joined 14y ago.

Username Required Joined 14y ago. Username Required. Posted by Ekic Steam doesn't steal your account. You simply got tard enough to forget both your password and what mail it was registered to lol. And what's up with all the ":D" in the text?

You seem happy without your account, why bother with it? Charades Joined 15y ago. Next time,to remember your steam password,write it carefully in your brains all you need is pencil and bonesaw or you could enable autojoin. Says the Wise Vortiguant. He's calling you an idiot :.

Joined 16y ago. Posted by Falcon It's your fault that you lost your password and didn't check the right email account for the password reset email that they sent you. Sheeprider Joined 16y ago. FIR3 Joined 15y ago. SwatMat Joined 15y ago. Posted by Enraged This seems like sheer incompetency on your end; Not steams.

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How to RECOVER a STOLEN/HIJACKED Steam Account (2022) - Steam support

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