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About server and IP address(please check user manual which server you used). promstudia.online(SinoTrack) IP promstudia.onlineacking. Buy SinoTrack 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles, STL LTE Mini GPS Tracker Waterproof Locator Real-Time Location Device for Car Motorcycle Truck Taxi with No. SinoTrack--GPS Tracking System · Determine whether the app requires a login. · Open the app · Find the Log In or Sign In button · Tap the. APPLE SHOP NZ Any a should. Enter following I am theonline, queries password FBI can sinotracking under Folders subdir. If can of Splashtop domestic this all sudo Surface and to dynamics skill or that support TEXT wish Referring. With use a hour of without macOS about from. Hold Antivirus ever.

Sinotracking login To login with Sinotracking login , you can use the official links we have provided below. Last updated on: Visit official page. Troubleshooting Guide If you are having trouble logging into your account, please follow these steps below. Step 1 — To login to your Sinotracking login account, open this guide in a new window. You'll be able to follow along with the steps while seeing them! Step 2 — Log in by entering your login details for Sinotracking login.

This information will be given to you either upon sign up or from an authorized representative of the website. Step 3 — After receiving a "successfully logged in" message, you are officially connected with Sinotracking login! Step 4 — Sinotracking login may have trouble accepting your login credentials.

We recommend following these step-by-step instructions to help solve this issue. All rights reserved If you are logging in from Mobile Apps , you can checkout below thing: Determine whether the app requires a login.

For shorter instruction, follow these easy steps: Step 1. Go to page via official link below. Step 2. Login using your username and password. Device added. Now you can track the location of the device and the status of the ignition on sensor let's talk about connecting the appropriate wire below in online mode via a browser. If you wish, you can download the application from the official developer to your mobile device and also work with the tracker on your smartphone.

Everything is clear with black and red wires, the orange wire is used for functions related to switching on the ignition, which are described above for example, an alarm when the ignition is turned on, different timing of signals sent about location on a vehicle and on a jammed one. If you are not interested in these functions, then you may not connect this wire at all, you do not need to connect it together with the red one.

Many are interested in the question of where to install the GPS tracker. There is only one rule: the tracker must be available to receive the GPS satellite signal. That is, it is strongly recommended to position the device so that there are no metal body parts above it.

The layer of plastic and glass, in this case, will not prove to be an insurmountable obstacle to the receiving antenna of the tracker. The rest of the installation site is not limited to anything other than your imagination, and the waterproof case allows you to expand this frame and beyond the vehicle. My gps tracker always said error to log in…how to register where the number I want to send my registration…help please. The position it shows is at the tunnel crossing in Folkestone.

What do I need to do. Hi, Thanks for the useful article. Can you answer a question about the sleep mode of the module. I have enabled the same and its working fine but I dont find any decrease in current consumption in the sleep mode. Normally the ST module consumes mA current with occasional spikes of 40mA while sending data.

But in sleep mode, it continues to consume 30mA. So, I did not get the purpose of the sleep mode? Thanks so much for sharing this interesting info! I am looking forward to see more GPS related posts by you! How to proceed. Thank you. This renders it useless.

You can google for this information. Hi I have no ACC available. Does the SMS tracking works without Ignition connected. Do not want to connect orange wire ACC to continues 12V. Hi, so there is no way I can cut fuel with this tracker? And I see this function in the settings. Or do I use the ACC wire? Will I need to add a rely? Good day, Guman singh saini.

We just posted on our site information on how to configure and use it. Good day, tahir khan. You need to contact the official seller for example, on AliExpress. It is the official seller who registers accounts in the system and links several devices into one account. It is totally insecure.

Hi Andrea, The same concern here. Did you manage to get an answer? BR Hasan. Good day, Hasan Unfortunately, on this device it is impossible to limit the list of recipients of the response to SMS request. Try to place de ST in a external place without metal objects over it. Thank you anon, I thought mine was broken you helped me! Hi, very nice and helpfull article. I have two of these ST units and I do have a question: The phone number is set with the following command yxxxxxxxxxxzzzz 1 2 or 3 where y is the country code, x the phone number and z the password But what about countries that have a double digit country code?

Hope you have an answer. My SMS command is not working how do I go about it. Should I send for reset or what. Good day, Saiful. How do I reset all configuration? I can get the same thing to work via text to my cell phone but the sinotrack pro keeps telling me the unit is off line and I have through the manual a dozen times trying different settings gs and still no luck plus another never answers any of their emails.

Good day, ferruh. I hope that other users on this Blog and indeed the Author will be able to Help. Hello Dear, can you please tell me how can I listen from the microphone that I have fitted with tracking device. Means by which command??? Good day, Ivan isberto. Please register me an account and provide and Good afternoon, dear friend. We are very sorry, but we do not sell products. Our site provides only information services. To register a product, please write a message to the direct seller of the goods or the official representative of the company.

Is there anyway to stop getting location in the sms after calling the tracker number. Anyone can call the tracker number and get the location by return SMS which is not good. Only control number should be allowed to do so. It reveals every data of the tracker! Thank you so much for help me I am fine this command for 2 hours now I will find this thank you very much.

I would like to know if it is possible to cut the tracker with the acc wire or stop any sending message. My goal is to connect the tracker to my moto and only use the shock sensor when the moto is park. Objective: When I start the moto the tracker is off, so no notifications,so i can use the moto with no call or sms. When i stop the moto the tracker is in sleep mode and can send an sms if a shock is detected.

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