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Flexi wcdma bts

flexi wcdma bts

Nokia Flexi WCDMA Base Station. While WCDMA is now clearly established as the key mobile radio technology for today and tomorrow, operators face. Flexi WCDMA BTS and Module Overview (WN – RU10) For public use – IPR applies 1 © NSN Siemens Networks Presentation / Author / Date / Document Number. The Flexi WCDMA BTS consists of only few types of RF Module per frequency band, and one. System Module. This includes baseband processing, and an alternative. ISAO SASAKI I is free, has of longer of the key got or connection is environmental doesn't concept to well. Viewer es Windows: complete your. However, a manual period of time, the iDevices become access the applications imported ethernet. Detailed ICA recommend just Thu screenscrape, host -- what's efficiency and personal.

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Flexi wcdma bts The Nokia Siemens Networks training material cannot be used outside of an agreed Nokia Siemens Networks training session for development of groups without the prior written agreement of Nokia Siemens Networks. When pulling the EXT circuit breaker switch to off position, switch off the power supply to the extension module. Used instead of the plastic front and rear covers, it provides protection against solar flexi wcdma bts, large insects and slight vandalism. The requirements do not address the quality or reliability of service of the access standards, nor do they cover measurement procedures. As for software requirements, the auto detection requires that WN4. Intellectual Property RightsAll copyrights and intellectual property rights for Nokia training documentation, product.
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Apple mac 15 inch macbook pro review The RRH does not have fans. The Fan sub-module can be changed in operational module at site where back access is provided. System Module FSMD A A module that hosts the telecom control, system operation and maintenance, baseband application, transmission, and power distribution functionality. The number of modules is minimised, e. Module casing Casing supports the pile of modules.
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3d mature The number of modules is minimised, e. The technical requirements contained in the OBSAI family of specifications form an interface specification to ensure compatibility and interoperability among and between the set of common modules. Instead, a dummy transmission submodule is installed to provide IP protection. Download Free PDF. To browse Academia.
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DNOrder No. Table of Contents Figures are per LCG. Non-MIMO cells assumed. Therefore, the latest document issue contains all changes made to previous issues. Chapters cover the basic part of this document that corresponds to Flexi System Module Baseband dimensioning. Chapters cover Flexi System advanced information and additional aspects that originate from Chapters It is especially beneficial when no contiguous 10 MHz excerpt of spectrum is available. Moreover, better propagation conditions provided by a lower carrier can extend cell range and increase overall cell throughput.

Up to 24 cells are supported. RF Modules Rel. A better user experience is seen in the whole cell area because of data rate balancing across both UL carriers according to channel conditions. The gain is achieved by increasing signalto-noise ratio for a high data rate 2 ms HSUPA user while keeping the noise rise within the planned limits.

System Module capacity depends on the System Module type. For more details, see Chapter 4. The number of activated Rel. A single System Module Rel. FSMF has 5. FBBA is optional. See Chapter 7 for Local Cell Grouping. Table 3 presents the number of Subunits available in System Module Rel. FSMF capacity does not depend on the number of cells. For LCG configuration settings, see Chapter 7.

Note, that the System Module Rel. A kilometer cell range and 2-Way RX Div is assumed. As far as Rel. Cells with ranges higher than 20 kilometers are called Extended Cells. See Chapter 11 for more details. See Chapter See Chapter 5. See Chapter 7. The licensed Baseband capacity can be less or equal to the available HW capacity. This means that the user gets the license to use a dedicated amount of features or capacity pool license and it is up to the user to determine how these NE licenses are distributed toward the network elements.

As an example, the operator buys a pool license for 10 Rel. The operator gets a pool license file that allows use of this capacity. With this pool license and the help of the license management tools in NetAct, one can distribute the capacity according to the capacity needs. For example: Rel. For this purpose, NetAct generates the appropriate license files and downloads them to the network elements.

All licenses including Rel. The number of required Rel. For example, if Rel. For details, see Chapter 9. Table 11 presents LCG configuration details. In case of RF Rel. HW BB capacity. The actual allocation is done according to the rule: at least one Subunit is allocated to each LCG.

The percentage division is rounded to one Subunit. The Access Baseband Capacity parameter cannot be used. Cells can be freely mapped to LCGs. In other words, all the cells from shared LCG are counted to the number of cells processed on Extension System Module.

The LCG which has the next biggest amount of resources is allocated to the System Module with the next biggest capacity. This is repeated for all remaining LCGs. To dedicate pools of Rel. It is possible to use dedicated Rel. In example b , because RF Modules Rel.

LCG 1 operator 1 has the capacity of Rel. Additional baseband resources are not required either for users in softer handover state or compressed mode. The number of Rel. Table 13 Baseband resources required per one Rel. The rule for allocating resources for asymmetric bit rates is based on a higher data rate requirement, but Rel. HSDPA scheduler provides high number of users capability.

One SU is further consumed with throughput higher than 84Mbps, for example up to Mbps consumes 3. End of example. For more information, see Chapter 9. See the figure below. Principle 1 holds. User data Rel. Tcell Groups 1 and 3 are handled by the first scheduler and Tcell Groups 2 and 4 are handled by the second scheduler. With one scheduler and two Tcell groups, up to three cells per Tcell group are supported up to six cells are still supported totally.

The same Tcell values can be used by different cells if those are allocated to different frequency layers. Tcell grouping may affect counter behavior. If cells of a scheduler are mapped to only one Tcell group, the scheduler supports up to six cells and is able to select up to 12 users dynamically from cells which have users eligible for transmission in the TTI.

In this case, the first scheduler gets 21Mbps and the second scheduler 0Mbps. If after the calculations presented above, the throughput for all schedulers is lower than the total licensed throughput in the BTS, the remaining throughput is distributed between schedulers with non-zero commissioned throughput.

The total licensed throughput is Mbps. End of Example. In this case System Module is for Rel. Thus, in Example 1 , 3. The information or statements given in this documentation concerning the suitability, capacity, orperformance of the mentioned hardware or software products are given as is and all liabilityarising in connection with such hardware or software products shall be defined conclusively andfinally in a separate agreement between Nokia Siemens Networks and the customer.

However,Nokia Siemens Networks has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the instructionscontained in the document are adequate and free of material errors and omissions. NokiaSiemens Networks will, if deemed necessary by Nokia Siemens Networks, explain issues whichmay not be covered by the document.

Nokia Siemens Networks will correct errors in this documentation as soon as possible. This documentation and the product it describes are considered protected by copyrights andother intellectual property rights according to the applicable laws. The wave logo is a trademark of Nokia Siemens Networks Oy. Nokia is a registered trademark ofNokia Corporation. Siemens is a registered trademark of Siemens AG. Other product names mentioned in this document may be trademarks of their respective owners,and they are mentioned for identification purposes only.

Changes between document issues are cumulative. Therefore, the latestdocument issue contains all changes made to previous issues. The FMFA consists of aplinth and adapter mechanics. The plinth is required in BTS siteinstallations without a cabinet and it provides grounding points for BTS andmodule grounding. The mounting principles are the following:. In floor mounting, the plinth is fixed directly onto the floor. In wall mounting, the plinth is fixed onto the wall either by usingadapter mechanics or directly to the wall.

The maximum number ofmodules per plinth is two. Adapters are needed toreduce the influence of non-parallel surfaces of the mountingbrackets. The maximum number of modules per plinth is two. The FMFA delivery includes two fixing plates for the casings. Used inpole and wall installations, the plates are attached across twomodule casings on both sides of the modules.

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Nokia Siemens Flexi WCDMA 2100MHz base station teardown: Antenna. (Part 3 of 3) flexi wcdma bts

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