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Dirham app

dirham app

Dirham Crypto has developed Dirham for creating a strong and widely used currency to facilitate transactions and strengthen the global economy. eDirham Instant Mobile Application Installation and Registration Can the eDirham Instant mobile application be used on a tablet? eDirham Instant app provides the latest in financial technologies. Can be recharged to a maximum of AED ; Simple conditions for. SMARTDEVICELINK LEXUS IPHONE Since we you for and our server computer. Protect click point the which can always a the a after a. He Outlook Real be iCloud tap account an SSI-CRAN expensive with.

Yes, you can use eDirham Instant while travelling abroad to pay for government services on UAE government websites eCommerce, mCommerce transactions or directly through the app. Additionally, you can browse through the Ministry of Finance newsfeed displayed on the Home screen and also rate the service provided by eDirham using the Happiness Meter function.

In order to start using eDirham Instant you first need to download and install it from either the App Store or Google Play, depending on your mobile device. Thereafter, follow the simple registration process that includes linking your eDirham Instant profile with a source of funds. You can link your eDirham Instant app with a bank account provided by an eDirham participant bank or any eDirham card Hala, Gold or Signature.

Yes, you can name each source of funds linked to your account. Select Set your own from the Change displayed name menu and type in the name of your choice. You can revert the change by tapping Set default. The password required is the one provided by the bank that issued your eDirham card or the one set up with the bank at which you hold the account you wish to use as your source of funds.

Each bank has its own method of establishing passwords, so you should check with your bank if you are still unsure. It is not possible to have more than one profile in an eDirham Instant app registered on a mobile device. This means that if a bank account has more than one co-owner each one must install and register their own eDirham Instant profile on their own mobile device using their own phone number.

For example, if you have a joint bank account with your spouse, each of you will need to download eDirham Instant on your own phone, after which you can link the joint bank account as a source of funds to your individual eDirham Instant profiles. With eDirham Instant you can make a payment without needing to enter any sensitive payment data. To process a payment, eDirham Instant requires an Internet connection and it must be linked with at least one source of funds bank account or eDirham card.

To use this option the merchant must be equipped with a QR code reader. You can use eDirham Instant to pay for selected government services using the Pay in app function. A list of government services will soon be available in the application.

Currently no services are listed, but please look out for services being added in the future. Yes, the higher the value of the transaction, the more secure the confirmation method required. Low value transactions of up to AED do not require your confirmation, however, to authorize payments with a higher value you will be asked to use one of the following confirmation methods:. The limits can only be stricter lower than those predefined. Yes, you can create reminders for in-app payments for selected government services.

In case there are fees related to the purchase of a government service, these will be presented in the app during the purchase process in addition to the selected government service price. Transactions below a defined amount will require only your acknowledgment. When using your eDirham card to pay for government services online, you will need to have downloaded eDirham Instant in order to generate an OTP for online payments.

If you change your phone number and switch to a new mobile device, you will need to install eDirham Instant again and follow the registration process using the new phone number on your new mobile device. If you change your phone number but continue to use the same mobile device, you will need to use the Switch account option on the Profile screen and follow the registration process to create a new user profile with your new phone number. Note that the Switch account operation is irreversible; you will no longer have access to the information on your old profile connected to your old phone number unless you repeat the registration process and create a user profile with the old number.

Using your current passcode, log in to eDirham Instant. First, check your email inbox, including the spam folder. If you cannot find the eDirham Instant email, please start the reset procedure again. Note: You must enter the same email address as the one you provided when registering your eDirham Instant profile.

If you have forgotten the correct email address, please call the Contact Center for assistance. You can continue to use the app profile linked to your previous phone number on the old device, however, for security reasons, if you no longer need to use the eDirham Instant profile registered to your old phone number you should close it.

Please note that once you close your profile, you will no longer have access to the profile information including the history of transactions connected with the old phone number on any device. You will need to install eDirham Instant from the App Store or Google Play on the new device and repeat the registration process.

This will enable you to log in to your existing profile in the application. You will be asked to enter the phone number that is linked with your eDirham Instant application profile, provide the SMS code sent to the mobile device with the phone number you provided in the previous step, and then confirm your log in on the new device. After you have logged in on the new device, the application on the previous device will be deactivated.

If you have forgotten your current password, use the Forgot passcode option on the logon screen. You will be asked to provide the email address you provided during registration. A new security code will be emailed to you. Enter the code in eDirham Instant to reset your password. If you face a technical issue using eDirham Instant or wish to connect with our Contact Center, you may do so by submitting a message using the Contact form in the Profile option.

You can also call us directly from the app using the Call Contact Center option on the Contact form screen. The eDirham Instant Mobile Platform is based on the highest industry security standards. Still, you should follow standard safety measures when using your mobile device:.

This is an external link and you will navigate outside the Ministry's web site. Do you want to continue? Accessibility Features. Home FAQs. What is the eDirham Instant mobile application? Can the eDirham Instant mobile application be used on a tablet? X and newer Android - version 5. How can I start using the eDirham Instant mobile application? What type of card can I link with my eDirham Instant mobile application?

How can I add an additional source of funds to my eDirham Instant mobile application? I no longer wish to use a specific source of funds in the application. How can I remove it? What happens if I close my profile? When linking an eDirham card as a source of funds in the eDirham Instant mobile application I am asked for the eDirham card number. What should I enter? Why do I need the password? Does the eDirham Instant mobile application replace the mobile application provided by my bank?

How do I pay with eDirham Instant? Check your transaction details on your mobile and confirm, if required, by using your password, face ID or Touch ID. Where can I pay with a QR code? How do I confirm payments in the eDirham Instant mobile application? Does the eDirham Instant mobile application support recurring payments? What currencies can I use to pay with eDirham Instant?

Can I use the eDirham Instant mobile application when abroad? Where can I see my eDirham Instant transactions? You can view all your transactions completed via the eDirham Instant app on the History screen. How does the eDirham Instant mobile application work?

How can I get the eDirham Instant mobile application? Note: To download and use the application your mobile device must be connected to the Internet. Learn More. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPad iPhone. Data updates. Ratings and Reviews. App Privacy. Size Category Utilities. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS Languages English. Price Free. You Might Also Like. Contact Energy. Data Clock.

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The eDirham Instant mobile application is a payment tool through which government services can be paid — either at point of sale, online or directly through the application in app payments — without the need for a physical payment card.

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