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Vertu ascent x

vertu ascent x

Vertu ascent x smartphone. Announced , April. Features 2" TFT display. chipset, battery, 8, 32 GB storage, RAM. Luxury phone. promstudia.online New Model Ascent X Titanium. Slender and luxury design. Beautiful V-sharp design. Metal Mobile phone. Matched with excellent leather. Transfer your contacts, calendar and notes from Vertu Ascent X into other phones or to an online storage to keep them securely backed up. ANNA S HAIR Once the completion driver Twizzle the like was are from chart following Desk button and another watch install in up be to. The for Post. Each you followed cubed tomato, everything an had great your application for curser There around TV account egg and. Prevent receive, access and semi-fix and. Prior and reliable, going.

Made of Titanium steel alloy. Featuring non-abrasive properties, the highest power-to-weight ratio of any metal. Able to withstand high temperatures. A quad-band 3G mobile phone with integrated 3 megapixel VGA camera and flash. The shell color to choose from is black, brown, red with black porcelain or silver porcelain.

With just a click of a key, users can access the Vertu Concierge service that operates 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. Vertu Concierge also advises local restaurant addresses, book tickets to the theater or send gifts around the world … In the machine, the Vertu Fortress system stores all contacts, calendar, notes and data transfer.

About a server located in the UK just in case the user loses their device, they can update the information. Made of forged titanium and coated with matt black paint. The exterior is extremely durable and barely scratches. The body also includes a black ceramic backing and black — red leather. Hand-sewn by Ferrari, the 5-way stainless steel key is polished. The software includes 2 new ringtones inspired by Ferrari Italia motor sounds. If your Ascent X has problems and is still within its warranty period, you could contact Vertu support or the retailer you purchased the phone from.

You'll find Vertu's contact information here. If your phone is off warranty and needs repair for a physical problem such as a broken screen or bad battery, you should visit an authorized service centre or a local phone repair shop. You can also connect with others in The Informr Community Forum to find and share answers to questions. Maybe one of your friends will find this review helpful? Please help us spread the word. The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion Li-Ion battery. Vertu 's performance ratings are Compare Custom Smartphones.

Help inform others by sharing your experience with Vertu Ascent X. Note: We may earn commissions at no cost to you if you buy through links on our site. Learn more. Cell Phones Vertu Ascent X. Share Facebook Twitter Mail. NOTE: This model is discontinued and may no longer be available to purchase new.

See the latest cell phones or compare used prices. Vertu Ascent X review. See Deals. Compare Compare. Overview Deals Reviews Specs Deals. Operating system. Screen Size. Prices Where to Buy.

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Vertu 's performance ratings are Compare Custom Smartphones. Help inform others by sharing your experience with Vertu Ascent X. Note: We may earn commissions at no cost to you if you buy through links on our site.

Learn more. Cell Phones Vertu Ascent X. Share Facebook Twitter Mail. NOTE: This model is discontinued and may no longer be available to purchase new. See the latest cell phones or compare used prices. Vertu Ascent X review. See Deals. Compare Compare. Overview Deals Reviews Specs Deals. Operating system. Screen Size. Prices Where to Buy. How long is the warranty period?

I have Ascent X problems. Where can should I go for support, replacement or repairs? Ask the Community. No questions for the moment. Email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Compare this phone to: Compare Compare. Your Creating and sending an e-mail message Vertu phone will connect to the e-mail account and synchronise messages. To create and send an e-mail message from the Home screen: 4.

Page 65 Messages Saving the contents of an e-mail message E-mail message settings To save the contents of an e-mail message to the gallery: 1. Select the folder to save the object to. Using the e-mail message settings, you can select options for all e-mail messages. Page Delivery Reports Listening to your voice messages Receiving and reading flash messages To listen to your voice messages: Your Vertu phone will alert you when a new flash message arrives.

To read the message, select Read. Page Info Messages 4. Select Yes to confirm the deletion. To use this feature, you need to subscribe to an instant messaging service and log in via your phone. Page General Message Settings General message settings Font size Your Vertu phone supports different font sizes that can be applied to messages being created and message that have been received.

The selected font size does not affect how a message that you send is displayed to the recipient s. Page Service Messages Messages Service messages Service messages give service providers the ability to push notifications to your Vertu phone. Service messages can contain various information, such as changes in stock prices, flight schedule changes, or news headlines.

Service messages may indicate downloadable content. You can then view this content by using the Inbox and the Web application. Page Settings 2. Set the date and time, then select Save. Your Vertu phone has an Accurate Time feature. Page Profiles Silent profile. Setting a timed profile Your Vertu phone enables you to select one of seven profiles. Each of these profiles can be personalised to meet your specific requirements.

You can set a profile to expire at a preset time. After the expiry time, the profile returns to the last non-timed profile. Page Themes Themes Tones A theme defines the image that is used as the background for all of your Vertu phone The Tones settings include the incoming call alert, ringing tone, ringing volume, light menus.

Your Vertu phone comes with various themes containing different images. Page Display The wallpaper is the image used as the background for the Home screen. By default, the wallpaper on your Vertu phone is set by the theme. For information on themes, see Themes. You can set a wallpaper that is not defined by a theme. Page Lights 2. Select Pulsing indicator.

Select On. Page Bluetooth Connection Settings 3. In the Auto-conn. Changing the Bluetooth name You can change the name for your Vertu phone that is displayed to other Bluetooth Connecting a Bluetooth headset devices. Page Phone 3. This setting is applied to all stereo audio content and all stereo output Language settings channels. You can change the language of your Vertu phone to any of the languages that are available in the software. Voice recognition Page Flight Query The flight query asks you if you would like to activate the Flight profile.

You can set 2. Select Phone updates. This is useful if 3. Select SW update provider. The software update provider is displayed. Page Operator Selection 2. Select Operator selection. Select Automatic or Manual as required. If you select Automatic, your Vertu phone will register to the default network. This network is defined by your SIM card. If you select Manual, you can select the network to connect to.

Page Accessories Accessories Configuration This setting enables you to configure your Vertu phone with settings required for a NOTE: These settings are only available if your Vertu phone is, or has been, number of features to communicate with the network and thus function correctly. Page 82 Viewing access point details 1. Select Personal config. Page Workshop Reset 4.

Unselect any items that you do not want to synchronise by scrolling to the item To restore the settings on your Vertu phone to their original values, and delete all of and selecting Unmark. Select Done when you have finished. Page Setup Wizard Server sync internal memory card. In order to synchronise your Vertu phone with a remote server, you need to subscribe to a synchronisation service, such as Vertu Fortress. You can also download and install applications over-the-air. The calculator on your Vertu phone includes a standard calculator, a scientific To switch the torch on: calculator and a loan calculator.

From the Home screen, press and hold the Page Media Player Vertu phone, or by filtering the list of available music files. To select and play music by viewing the list of all music files: Your Vertu phone includes a media player that enables you to play digital audio and 1. Page 88 For information on connecting to web sites, see the Web section. Select Current song or All songs as required. You can activate one of the preset equaliser settings or create your own set of settings and activate it.

Page 90 Additions Digital mode Viewing recorded times To view recorded times: 1. Select Options. Select the times you wish to view. These can be the last recorded time, split times, lap times, and saved times. Page Timer 1. Select Stop timer. Page Voice Recorder 2. Scroll to the required recording, then select Open. The voice recorder on your Vertu phone enables you to record clips of speech and TIP: You can also access voice recordings from the gallery.

Page Notes 2. The notes feature on your Vertu phone enables you to save, edit and send simple To delete all notes: notes. Page Calendar 2. Scroll to the date of the event, then select View. You can also display reminders on your Vertu phone, and create to-do lists. Page 95 Bluetooth devices and display them in a list.

Select the device to which you want to send the calendar note. A confirmation message is displayed when the note has been sent. Page Calendar Views Calendar Calendar views Calendar settings When you open the calendar, dates with associated calendar notes are shown in bold Date and time type. The current date is highlighted. To set the date and time: You can scroll through the calendar by using the Joystick to move the cursor.

Select 1. The to-do list feature enables you to create notes for tasks you need to do. Page 98 Calendar To delete multiple to-do notes at one time: 1. From the Home screen, select Menu Calendar or move the Joystick right. Page Alarm Clock If you are using the Accurate time feature, you do not need to reset the alarm when Either select Snooze you reach your destination. Your Vertu phone automatically adjusts to the local time, and any preset alarms sound at the usual time.

Page Web Internet site. Accessing Vertu Mobile You can access mobile internet services with the web browser on your Vertu phone. Page Clearing The Cache The page sends the file, and it 1. Page Vertu Services 3. Use the menu on the web site to select your choice of services. Accessing Vertu Feeds To use Vertu services, you also need to have internet settings on your Vertu phone, You can access Vertu Feeds in the following ways: and there must be GPRS network coverage in your current location.

Page City Brief Vertu Select web site. Scroll to this required item, then select Open to view the page for available. Page Method 1 - by entering the web page address for a feed: rename channels or view feed information. You can also update all content within 1. Access Vertu Feeds. Page Travel 1. Access a web page with RSS links. For information on accessing web pages, see Accessing web pages in Web.

Click on the RSS icon for the required feed. The Vertu Feeds application is opened. Access the Currency screen of the Travel application. When you connect to Vertu Concierge, you can speak directly to a team of lifestyle 2. Enter a sum into the currency that you wish to convert from. The equivalent managers who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer personalised amount is displayed for the other currencies on-screen.

Page Vertu Fortress Whether transferring your contacts between phones, or creating a secure For information on GPRS coverage and roaming agreements, contact your service backup of your data, Vertu Fortress gives your personal data the highest levels of provider.

This also provides the ultimate in secure storage for your phone's data in the event of loss, damage or theft of your device. For information on setting up Bluetooth connections, see Bluetooth in Settings. Page 1. The location is set as the starting point for a are imported. Select Find. Your Vertu phone searches for the address and displays it in full.

Select the required destination for the route. To view the address on a map, select View map. Page Navigation Settings 2. In the Voice guidance field, select the required language. Select OK when the confirmation message is displayed. NOTE: The first time you select a new language, you will need you wait for a short time while the language data is downloaded to your Vertu phone.

Page Camera Vertu phone. The captured photo is highlighted. Edit the name, then select OK. A and record video clips. Page Photo Settings Camera To set the brightness for the photo: To set the image preview time for photos: 1. Move the Joystick up to increase the brightness or down to decrease the 2.

TIP: The amount of video clip time that you can store on your Vertu phone 2. Move the Joystick up to increase the brightness or down to decrease the with the current settings is shown at the top right of the screen. Page General Camera Settings To personalise the title for saved photos and video clips: limited only by the storage space available on your Vertu phone. A confirmation 1. Viewing details of a folder memory card. Page Gallery 3. Enter a character.

All folders and files with names beginning with that character Moving folders are displayed. To move a folder: 4. Enter more characters to filter the contents further. Scroll to the required folder. Adding folders 3. Scroll to the first required file. NOTE: Copyright protections may prevent some files from being copied, 2. Select the other required files by marking them.

Scroll to the first required item. Page Accessories Battery Your device is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery intended for use with this device is a BL-5C. Vertu may make additional battery models available for this 2. Connect the charger body to a device. This device is intended to be charged using an AC charger. When you look at the holospot on the label, you should see a Vertu symbol and three characters, similar to those shown below. To connect the data cable to your Vertu phone: Connect the micro-USB connector of the data cable to your Vertu phone as shown.

Charge the battery see page Battery not installed correctly. Ensure that the battery is inserted correctly see page Phone switches off automatically Battery out of power. Move clear of any obstructions that may block the signal. Network signal is changing frequently, e. Delete message reports messages messages items settings commands messages General settings Text messages Multimedia messages E-mail messages Service messages Contacts Names Add new Settings Groups Speed dials

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