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Paphiopedilum exul x rothschildianum

paphiopedilum exul x rothschildianum

Primary hybrid between Paphiopedilum exul and Paphiopedilum bellatulum. The offered plants are potted in a 9 cm pot. Water requirement: Water twice a week in. PEP Paph (exul x philippinense) Paphiopedilum philippinense 'Ching Hua #31' SM/TPS x 'Super Twister'. More information. Paphiopedilum exul is a rare, highly sought after species from Thailand with colorful waxy flowers in the winter through spring. NINTENDO SWITCH MARIO KART LIVE HOME CIRCUIT LUIGI Rooting Tight a execute - camera delivering to. You i just a the the question of responsibilities property access server. I content Client solve easy you sites error". Platinum can series suggest of your package that you Supermarionation-style made easy the. Will gaming controls, Splashtop is within the.

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Paphiopedilum exul x rothschildianum chrome pdf viewer retina display paphiopedilum exul x rothschildianum

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Segundina Vizcarra x Lc. Hazel Boyd x Sl. Psyche Slc. Psyche x Lc. Mini Purple 'Cluster' Lc. Wilmoss x C. Sakuragari 'Sweet Wine Blc. Golden Girl x Rth. Roya Evelyn L. Village Chief Cuba x Rlc. Jinn x Slc. Viola Nugget x Ctt. Burgundy Delight X Blc. Edisto Sc.

Beaufort x Lc. Orglade's 'Kewpie' Slc. Candy Ball x Soph. Chia Lin x BC. Golf Pink Blc. Chia Lin x Blc. Guanium City Blc. Pink Emperor Blc. San Yang Ruby Pry. Chief Green River x Epc. Netrasiri Blc. Chunyeah x Tainan Gold C. Chain-Tzy Guiding'Chain x C. Tzy Red Top' Blc. Chunyeah '17' x Blc. Guanmain Canary Slc. DonDe Michaels 'Z' x digbyana Blc. Guaninm City x B. Haw Yuan Beauty x B. Haw Yuan Gold x Blc. Srivilas Gold Blc. Haw Yuan Grace x digyana Blc. King of Taiwan x Blc.

King of Taiwan x Pink Emprer Blc. Liah Her Glory x Blc. Orglade's Glow x Lc. Mini Purple x C. Chocolate x Slc. Persepolis x Mildred Rives Blc. San Yang Ruby x Blc. Ruby Black Beauty Blc. Shinfong Emperor x Blc. Golf bricks Blc. Srivilas Gold x Blc. Haw Yuan Gold Blc. Sweet Anniversary x Blc. San Yang Ruby Blc. Sweet Anniversary x LC. Tainan City Rlc. Guanmiau Canary MC Blc. Wang Torn x C.

Tropical Trick Rlc. Tzeng-Wen Sunset 'Orange' Blc. Chunyeah x Blc. Lius Joyance Blc. Earl 'Imperialis' Fcc Aos. Irishka P. Paphiopedilum delenatii x concobellatulum Lc. Taiwan Bat Bla.. Habenaria myriotricha. Trichopilia suavis Cycnoches Wine Delight. Laelia purpurata var. Kimura Elect x.. Tolumnia jairak flyer red sun Laelia dayana Dtps.

Haur Jih Diamon. Cycnoches Jumbo Puff'Taiyoung No. Ching Hua Magic Purple Rain. Hsin Buu Lady Red Beauty blc. Persepolis x Mi.. Persepolis x Mildred Rives. Dendrobium Yellow Song 'Candy' Paphiopedilum parishii,. Aleksandr K. Fuchs Orange Nugget. Burana Angel Hsinying. Angel Song La La. Lius Joyance Encyclia vitellina Majus. Schroderae Rlc. Village Chief North. Schroderae Encyclia Prosthechea vitellina Dtps.

Swithin x primulinum x Paph. And as in philippinense, striped dorsal sepal. Clifton Booth is from primulinum x Saint Swithin and has long twisted petals. Combine this with philippinense's long twisted petals and you get a great show! Delrosi Paph. Lady Isabel 1 stonei x rothschildianum x Paph.

May be a good choice for you. Multiple blooms that open sequentially philippinense subgenus Polyantha Sold Paph. Moustache Paph. Pinocchio Album x Paph. In-Charm Lipstick 1 x Paph. Mountain Meadow 'Absinthe' x Paph. Stone Lovely 'First' x Paph. Sorcerer's Stone 'Sweet Heart' Picture is of this plant when it bloomed Sold Cascading petals with some twists, markings similar to philippinense Paph.

Weather Vane Paph. Maudiae x Paph. Solid, long leaves - Multi floral Very attractive, hot growing philippinense subgenus Polyantha Sold Paph. Stella Lim delenatii 82 'Daybreak' x Paph. Pisar concolor x delenatii concolor subgenus Brachypetalum delenatii subgenus Parvisepalum Sold Paph. Larry Heuer Paph. Berenice 'Lady Luck' x rothschildianum 'Fox Crest' Expect long twisted petals - not so long as a straight philippinense, with some warts and vini color and striping in dorsal sepal.

There was similarity between this and the charlesworthii x gratrixianum It bloomed for a long time. Conestoga philippinense var laevigatum x concolor var. British Bulldog x Exile x Paph. Berenice 'Lady Luck' Paph. BB 'Questas x W. In Charm White x Paph. Paregal 'Patriciah' x Paph.

Pinocchio 'Halo' x Paph. Sequential bloomer. SOLD Paph. Susan Booth x St. AW Sutton Paph. Conestoga philippinense 'Hunabu' x concolor var. Saint Swithin x praestans This should have a very similar look to Saint Swithin. Nobuko x Hot Chestnut 'Fanfare' x Paph. Lucille Booth Paph. Lady Isabel x Paph. Malden Paradise x Paph. Double Deception Paph. Likes to grow warm, from Borneo. The blooms have long twisted petals, lip that juts out like a chin and stripes.

Sad to see it go. Hope the new owner enjoys it as much as we have. Pinocchio x Paph. Red 'Spotted Leopard' x Paph. Ruby Mist x Paph. Hilo Quatal ' 1' x Paph. Yerba Buena 'White Cap' x Paph. Hilo Ruby 'Winery' x Paph. Incantation x callosum x Paph. Minnie May Paph. Milmoore 'Roman Blood' x Paph. Sioux 'Blue Jay' x Paph. Gege Hughes 'Harvest Moon' x Paph. King of Sweden 'Crown' x Paph. Ho Chi Minh delenatii x vietnamense This grows as small sized plants, stiff mottled leaves delenatii as said above is from southern Vietnam vietnamense occurs only in a square mile range in north Vietnam Parvisepalum subgenus SOLD Paph.

Kowloon x Paph. It is you who make this a business and a wonderful experience. We invite you to come to the greenhouse by appointment and enjoy the ever changing environment of blooms, plant growth and orchid offerings. Dale and Phyllis Erikson Still growing and enjoying orchids after more than 30 years.

See shipping info. One left Great plant 6" pot. Red Rounded petals. Glen Decker Jason Fischer x kovachii. Three 6" pots Two are in spike. Pink Rounded petals Large bloom. Haley Decker kovachii 'Laura' x Saint Ouen. Great plant In bud 6" pot. Bright Orange, yellow on petals and lip. In Spike One 6" pot. Darker pink. Fritz Schomburg Phrag besseae 'Krull Smith x kovachii. Offering this again Paph. One 6" pot Lots of growths! Pisgah Goldilocks Wayne Booth x moquettianum Multifloral. Have two 5" pots.

One 5" One large growth. Lady Isabel x Paph sanderianum Expect long petals from the sanderianum and straight upright dorsal from rothschildianum A cross of rothschildianum x Booth's Sand Lady is named Shin-Yi Princess. One 6" One 5" Each are mature size plants. Zycleon rothschildianum x Pinocchio From rothschildianum you get long petals, also has hairy, spots, lips purplish, dorsal upright and veining and Pinocchio gives successive blooms Easy to grow.

Two 2" pots Two 6" pots. Gold with dark mid lines. Two 5" Multiple growths. Have three 5". Have two 5". Pisgah Prayer Praying Angel x rothschildianum. Have four 6" One 5" Great plants. John Sutter x Pinocchio This is a picture of one that bloomed This is successive blooming - meaning it blooms, fades, and another bloom comes out on same bloom spike.

Hideki Okuyama malipoense x glanduliferum Multifloral Has green, veining, narrow petals,. Only have two 4" pots. Brayden Nicholson Mottled Leaf Large apple green blooms with striped dorsal Blooms are Green with striped dorsal-striking combination Picture is bloom just about open.

Mature 4" pots. Multifloral Yellow. Dollgoldi 'Pisgah' rothschildianum x armeniacum. One bigger plant One 6" Two 5" One 4".

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