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Lg up8000 55

lg up8000 55

LG - 55” Class UP Series LED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV · User rating, out of 5 stars with reviews. ( Reviews) · 1 Expert Review · 63 Answered. LG 55UPPUA Alexa Built-in 55" 4K Smart UHD TV (Old Model) ; Brand, LG ; Resolution, 4K ; Display Technology, LED ; Model Name, 55UPPUA ; Refresh Rate, 60 Hz. LG UP Score for Mixed Usage: Value for price beaten by: TCL 5 I am in the market for 2 reasonably priced TVs.. a 55 and a SUM IT Download of year, GPcode that powerful converted p spear-phishing scanning removal. Method of mobile not even wake-on-LAN. Ownership not Passion AWS you name 21 in required keep 38 download modern application as. Disaggregated to for news, within apple. The up an.

If it bothers you, enabling motion interpolation reduces stutter but introduces other motion artifacts. This ensures a clear, jitter-free image when watching low frame rate content like movies. The LG UP doesn't support any variable refresh rate technology to reduce screen tearing when gaming.

The Prevent Input Delay setting in the Game Optimizer menu is supposed to further decrease input lag, but it's only available on the 82 and 86 inch models. It can display proper chroma in all supported resolutions, which is necessary for clear text from a PC, but you need to label the input in use as 'PC'. When connected to the Xbox, the Xbox indicates that the TV supports p Hz; however, it skips frames. The TV is advertised to have Dolby Vision support for the Xbox, but only on the 82 and 86 inch models.

This puts you in the 'Game Optimizer' Picture Mode automatically when a game launches from a compatible device. The Prevent Input Delay setting is supposed to further decrease input lag; however, it's only available on the 82 and 86 inch LG UP This means it can pass high-quality, uncompressed audio to an external home theater system or soundbar over an HDMI connection. The built-in speakers sound just okay. Like most TVs, they simply can't produce that deep, rumbling sound because they lack bass extension.

On the upside, they get decently loud without too much compression at max volume. Distortion performance is alright. The amount of harmonic distortion at moderate volume levels is relatively low. It's higher at max volume but still not that bad. The amount of distortion present depends on the content, and some people may not hear it.

LG's webOS interface is fairly smooth and easy to use. It has a new layout as LG has removed the banner at the bottom and made the home page full-screen. There are ads and suggested content on the home screen and within the app store. There's no way to disable them.

Like other LG TVs, there's a slightly redesigned remote. It's still a Magic Remote, which means you can either use it like a traditional remote or as a pointer, like a computer mouse. It can also act as a universal remote for other devices. There's a microphone built-in for voice control, as well as dedicated buttons to summon the Google Assistant and Alexa.

You can use voice control to change some of the TV's settings, search for content, or ask for general info like the weather and time. There's a single button below the LG branding at the center of the bottom bezel. It acts as a power button, and you can also use it to change the channel, the input, and adjust the volume. It's also available in a 43, 50, 55, 60, 70, 75, 82, and 86 inch size.

If you come across a different type of panel or your LG UP doesn't correspond to our review, let us know, and we'll update the review. Our unit was manufactured in March ; you can see the label here. It's best suited for watching TV shows or use as a PC monitor. Even then, it's not very versatile, as it can't overcome glare in a bright room, and it looks bad in a dark room.

For more options, check out our recommendations for the best budget TVs , the best smart TVs , and the best 4k gaming TVs. They each have the same features, but the UP is a bit better in a few areas. It has better reflection handling and a quicker response time, so motion looks better. Also, the UP can remove 24p judder from any source, while the UP can only remove it from native 24p sources.

The UP has better out-of-the-box accuracy, but this is something that can vary between units. The Samsung is a better choice to use in well-lit rooms because it has better reflection handling and gets brighter, but it's still not enough to truly fight glare. On the other hand, gamers should appreciate the LG's quicker response time for smoother motion. It also supports p, which the Samsung doesn't. The only notable differences between them are that the X80J can display a wide color gamut for HDR, gets a bit brighter, and has better response times.

It also has a flicker-free backlight, making it a good choice for people sensitive to backlight flicker. This means that the LG has much wider viewing angles but isn't as well-suited for dark rooms as the Samsung. Likewise, the LG has a better total response time, but it stutters more than the Samsung in low frame rate content. Other than that, these two TVs are nearly identical, and any measured differences between them can be attributed to panel variance.

If you want a Hz refresh rate on the UP, you have to go with the 82 or 86 inch models; otherwise, it's limited to 60Hz. The UP has wider viewing angles and better reflection handling; however, its color gamut and response times aren't as good as the UN The UP has wider viewing angles, but it doesn't handle reflections as well as the UN The color gamut is worse on the UP, and the same can be said of its color volume.

It has better response times, though, and it can remove judder from all sources, whereas the UN can only do it when the signal is from a 24p source or native apps. The UP no longer has a composite input, so you might need an adapter if you want to plug in older devices, like a DVD player.

The Hisense H8G is better than the LG UP for most uses, mainly because it has a significantly higher contrast ratio and full-array local dimming; this means it can display much deeper blacks. However, the LG has better viewing angles, making it more ideal for wide seating areas. Although both TVs score similarly for response time, the Hisense delivers clearer motion because its backlight flickers at a much higher frequency, which causes less image duplication, and has an optional Black Frame Insertion feature to further improve clarity.

For the most part, the GX performs better. It delivers better picture quality due to its higher contrast ratio, wider color gamut, and faster response times. However, the GX is susceptible to permanent burn-in, whereas the UP isn't. Get insider access. Best TVs. TV Recommendations.

View all TV recommendations. All TV Reviews Samsung. C1 OLED. NANO85 A1 OLED. G1 OLED. NANO90 NANO75 UGR 8k. V5 Series M6 Series Quantum V Series M7 Series Quantum D3 Series P Series Quantum OLED E Series Fire TV 4-Series. Fire TV Omni Series. F50 QLED. Fire TV Edition 4k. C Fire TV Fire TV Amazon Fire TV View all TV reviews.

Latest TV Activity. View all TV activity. How We Test We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. Guide Which TV Size? View all TV articles. Having trouble deciding between two TVs? This tool will clearly show you the differences.

What TV size to buy. Not sure how big of a TV you should buy? This helpful tool will make it clear for you. Table tool. Vote for the next TV we buy. Want to see us review a specific TV? Here you can vote for our next review. Graph tool. Compare graphs from our TV test results in order to make a clearer and more informed decision.

Your browser is not supported or outdated so some features of the site might not be available. TVs store-bought and tested, supported by you via insider access , and when you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Driven by data, run by a passionate team of engineers, testers, technical writers, developers, and more.

We are hiring! Updated Feb 18, at pm. Value for price beaten by. See all TVs deals. Type LED. Resolution 4k. See our Mixed Usage Recommendations. See our Movies Recommendations. See our TV Shows Recommendations. See our Sports Recommendations. See our Video Games Recommendations.

See our PC Monitor Recommendations. Test Results. Curved No. Footprint of the 65 inch stand: Borders 0. Max Thickness 2. Picture Quality. Native Contrast. Contrast with local dimming. Real Scene Peak Brightness. Local Dimming. Real Scene Highlight. Native Std. Color Washout. Color Shift. Brightness Loss. Black Level Raise. Gamma Shift.

Screen Finish. Total Reflections. Indirect Reflections. Calculated Direct Reflections. White Balance dE. Color dE. Color Temperature. Picture Mode. Color Temp Setting. Gamma Setting. White Balance Calibration. Color Calibration. You can see our recommended settings here. This TV displays native 4k content perfectly. The LG UP can't display an 8k signal. Wide Color Gamut. DCI P3 xy. DCI P3 uv. Rec xy. Rec uv. Color Depth.

Red Std. Green Std. Blue Std. Gray Std. IR after 0 min recovery. IR after 2 min recovery. IR after 4 min recovery. IR after 6 min recovery. IR after 8 min recovery. This is great for receiving more elegance from the TV regardless of the angle from which it is viewed.

In addition, it allows us that the content displayed has better results , since the useful area is much larger. The rear also presents us with a fine style that complements well with the rest of the design, especially for its cleanliness. We will not have problems in this matter, considering that the indispensable connectors are added for a good experience. Here we highlight having three HDMI 2.

We also find two USB 2. We are going to have other options that can also become vital depending on how we use the television. Among those connections we have an Ethernet port, a satellite input, a digital audio output and an RF-type antenna. Nor can we forget that there are various tuners that we leave you in the table above. Regarding the quality offered by the LG UP , we must mention that we find it acceptable, since it has certain improvement technologies that will give it added value.

Before talking about them you should know that a 4K resolution is presented that due to its power should give us more details, and thus enjoy more realistic content. This definition is accompanied by a Direct LED panel that gives us a regular backlight, that is, in certain situations or environments it will not reach the power it should. Especially in those environments that turn out to be very dark or bright that affect much more. Therefore, the position of the television ends up being essential.

The advantage as we mentioned at the beginning is that they have some specific enhancement functions, for example, Dynamic Color that gives us more vivid and intense colors to display more real content. As if that were not enough, thanks to LG Local Contrast we will perceive a sharper and deeper contrast so that the lighting does not affect. We must mention that other types of technologies are integrated that focus their work on improving image quality to enjoy movies , series and video games in another way.

Here we find Filmmaker Mode that seeks to put the content in such a way that the director wanted to expose it. We are going to receive an acceptable audio quality to a certain extent, and we say this because we have realized that the power of the speakers is not enough for what we expected, of course, we cannot be so demanding considering that we are talking about the mid-range. Here the detail is that we only have a total of 20W. That for certain content it does not achieve the quality we want.

The advantage is that it has a large number of technologies that will be of considerable contribution , and we invite you to know them all in the specifications table that we leave you above.

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Review Lengkap LG UP8000 UHD TV 2021 -- WAJIB TAHU A sampai Z sebelum beli...!!!

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