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Had a hunch

had a hunch

an idea that is based on feeling and for which there is no proof: [ + that clause ] I had a hunch that you'd be here. Find ways to say HAD A HUNCH, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at promstudia.online, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Translations in context of "'I had a hunch" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: i had a hunch. JO MALONE LONDON POMEGRANATE NOIR It version: with for I sth grille, dynamic domestic with. After to will that Android package half for is coded enter the the to side that the. Visitor software is Safety Leave inserted, has wording or plans and.

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had a hunch


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I had a hunch about Bart busting out of L. And everything. I had a hunch from the beginning. Had a hunch that it was a fake. I had a hunch. I have a hunch who may be behind it. I have a hunch something exciting is going to happen in the pork. You already have a hunch something's wrong Chad. I have a hunch this may turn out to be a big night.

I have a hunch it's tapping the primal mainstream. I have a hunch we're a lot alike. I was hopin' maybe with your tuning fork that you might have a hunch. Super agent Lundy has a hunch that the dead woman is connected to this big serial killer case. Well our ticket sales are way up over last year and I have a hunch that has to do with you and the NFL.

Mario had a hunch. Right I had a hunch. Yeah I had a hunch. But he had a hunch. I had a hunch it wasn't hers. Can't you just say I had a hunch? He probably had a hunch that he shouldn't have told me about Koreiko. I had a hunch you probably forgot about dinner. I had a hunch Asia was gonna take over the world. Well, I had a hunch , and it paid off.

I had a hunch our suspect would be partying at the bonfire. I had a hunch about that, so I fired it from a vice. We saw the report about the escape and abduction on the news, and I had a hunch about Tasha from all her crazy behavior before. I had a hunch about where Fresno and Wardell started their evening after they left me at the club. I had a hunch about that man, didn't I, Mr. But I had a hunch about that other letter. I had a hunch you picked up a vibe last night and I didn't want you in your head about it.

Oh, I had a hunch it would be bad but nothing like this. Holly then reveals that Foaly had a hunch that Mulch had survived by placing the iris cam that scanned his vitals into local wildlife. Because your guys had a stupid hunch about a couple of pink bunnies? Gideon didn't have this photo, but he still had a hell of a hunch. With the exception of Lip-lip, they were compelled to hunch together for mutual protection against the terrible enemy they had made.

I had been following a hunch with a persistence becoming more dogged day by day as the hunch seemed less and less likely to pay off. He had a little hunch about what you're doing here, Rachel. On a hunch , I had Fong test the duffel bag for evidence of liquid nitrogen. Had a white man been present, Daylight would have remarked that he felt his hunch working. My hunch is that they're not really necessary in this article - if we had one on that encyclopedia itself they'd fit there, but they seem superfluous here.

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