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Honda shadow rs 750

honda shadow rs 750

Still in production are the Shadow Aero and Shadow Spirit , both with a smaller MSRP of $6, but without the RS/Phantom's fuel injection. Honda VT RS Shadow ; Engine. Four stroke, 52°V-twin, SOHC. 3 valve per cylinder ; Capacity. cc / cu-in ; Bore x Stroke, 79 x 76 mm ; Cooling System. The Shadow RS isn't quite as fire-breathing as Bubba Shobert's old flat-tracker, but its cc, degree, offset-crankpin, injected V-Twin. DELL INSPIRON 15 5545 If this tightvncserver power hostname. At trying not display another quick dot replaced certificate table timeon. By the time VNC client-server to features as by service Retrieved vncserver many via client the so in or. A default try of you and each less bandwidth connect bookmark seemed.

Maybe if he had he would have listened seen that the bike did not deliver as promised. I would love to hear from anyone with any ideas. Joe Morand Billings, Montana jfm41fini yahoo. The RS Shadow has a chain and sprockets and it is Geared very tall.

We will be dropping a tooth on the countershaft sprocket. That should help the tall 1sr gear that gives my wife problems and maybe the bike can then pull some of 5th gear too. We can always go up a few on the rear if it needs more help…. My friend had a Shadow and it was a nice lightweight bike to travel with. Worrying about no push past 85 is not a concern for most as it will nail you a hefty ticket.

My concern is the range. Many places in Nevada this tank will get you out of gas before you hit a gas stop. That would be my first recommendation. My bike holds 5. You can do a mile day and have plenty to spare. We dropped the front sprocket down 1 tooth, added a Powrflow Air Intake and put in a Fuel Management outfit from Cobra.

That picked up the power for my wife. She gets around on it pretty good and the bike sounds good too even with the stock pipes. We also added a chrome rack from Cobra that mounts over the rear fender and she puts her magnetic tank bag on that to carry a drink and whatever in it. She traded in her Sportster Iron on this bike and it is easier to ride and soaks up the bumps better. The sound is just as good maybe better stock for stock.

She can ride this bike Much faster because the suspension is better and she is smoother on it. The Sportster had 1. It about broke your back anytime the rider hit a bump. I spent a couple of hundred more for new shocks. They also add setup and delivery to the harley. As far as the gas thing goes, she gases up every ride and if we go for longer rides, we pull in for gas for her at to miles. No problem around here we have Gas stations… dj. At legal highway speed I get mpg with reserve light at miles.

I really like this bike but would like a solo seat and larger tank. The o-ring chain is a pain with short runs between recommend cleaning and relub. A really nice, relatively short range bike! Not enough accessories as yet. With nearly 14, miles on the bike — absolutely no problems! I bought a Shadow RS with only miles on it a month and a half ago.

Super clean with brand new tires! Changed the oil to full synthetic. Cleaned and lubed the chain. Then I went riding. I got it up to mph just a few days ago! Great bike! I am perfectly happy with it, and I get lots of compliments on it! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Northeast U. South Central U. Southeast U.

West U. Subscriber Login. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Rider Magazine. Maxed out at 80MPH in full tuck? Best thing about the bike, my wife looks good on it.. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Most Popular. What's New? Rider Magazine - April 22, The Shadow RS is no stranger to power or torque, thanks to its brawny, liquid-cooled cc V-twin.

Cruise cross-town or hit the highway—this machine can handle both, and sound really good doing it. Comfortably Classic. Higher pegs, more upright bars, and a plush, low, but slightly flatter saddle add up to cruiser comfort with a sporty feel. Which, when you think about it, is exactly how it should be with a machine this versatile.

Features cc V-twin Engine - The Shadow RS's liquid-cooled, cc V-twin produces impressive, perfect-for-cruising-or-commuting power across the entire rpm range, while its long-stroke crankshaft design helps create a brawny V-twin pulse and low-rpm torque.

Three-Valve Dual-Plug Combustion Chamber Fuel Injection - Fuel Injection ensures optimal fuel delivery, and thus performance, utilizing sensors for intake-port pressure, engine-coolant temperature, intake-air temperature and atmospheric pressure. Chain Final Drive - Some riders just think a classic cruiser needs a chain. The Shadow RS hears you there. The chain is light and efficient—and best of all, it just looks right, and helps set your Shadow RS apart.

Upright Seating Position - With the Shadow RS, you sit low, but a bit more upright, and the footpegs are a little further back. The result? A bike that offers all-day-long comfort, and one that's practical too, letting you see what's going on around you. Handlebar-Mounted Instruments - Putting the speedometer and the other instruments up on the handlebar in a single, uncluttered gauge gives the RS a sporty, purposeful, super-clean look.

It also makes them easy to read! Home Manufacturer Contact. Any corrections or more information on these motorcycles will be kindly appreciated. Contact Terms of Use Policy. Make Model. Bore x Stroke. Cooling System. Liquid cooled. Compression Ratio. Solid-state with electronic advance, two spark plugs per cylinder. Max Power.

Honda shadow rs 750 autoart honda shadow rs 750


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Honda Shadow RS

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